We’ve collected the most powerful lucid dreaming supplements on the market, and explained what they do, and how they work.

They can be in the form of tablets, pills, or even liquid, and leaves that you smoke. Anything which alters the way you experience dreams can be considered a lucid dreaming supplement.

Before you try any of these, remember that you do so at your own risk, and you must research and make sure you know all about the supplement you wish to try. Most of them are harmless, but just in case, read our Disclaimer for more information.

The best lucid dreaming supplements list ever

There are many different pills and supplements available, and they all affect dreams in slightly different ways. We’ll explain some of the basic ones, and the most common. There are literally hundreds of them out there, and it’s very important to know as much as you can about them before you use them, if in doubt, don’t use it.

1: Calea Zacatechichi

This is a small Mexican plant which when the leaves are ingested produces powerful dream effects. It increase the clarity of the dream, makes it feel ‘more real’ and makes the dream last longer. It’s also know as the Dream Herb, Leaf of god, Bitter Grass etc. It’s said to taste disgusting when drunk in a tea, and that when it’s smoked, the smoke is very dry and rough.

It’s been said that the best way to take Calea Zacatechichi for dreaming is to crush the leaves and smoke them through a water filtered bong, preferably with ice to chill the smoke, making it smoother to take in.

2: Vitamin B6

This is a vitamin supplement which is said to be able to make your dreams more vivid, and mainly improve dream recall.¬†It’s sometimes know as the ‘dream pill’ because it’s very effective at improving your dream recall, and helping you to remember what you dream about.

3: Galantamine

Galantamine is probably one of the more harsh supplements you could try. Still worth a go but bare in mind it can be a bit rough on your body and people report feeling a bit sick sometimes on this one. Our guide to using this is coming very soon.

4: LucidEsc

Lucidesc is An effective, natural lucid supplement designed to help you become lucid when you sleep. This is actually a great one for anyone because it’s not harsh on your body and it works very well!

My lucidesc review explains a lot more about how it works and how to use it best. I tried it for a few weeks and kept notes on the best ways to take it.

Lucid dream supplement lucidesc by Vividream

5: Melatonin

Melatonin has the power to affect lucid dreams in a huge way. This is more of a hormone but I felt it fitted in here. It’s the hormone that makes you feel tired at night and can be used to have deeper and more vivid dreams when taken at the right dosage. There are almost no side effects as it’s a naturally produced hormone. It’s very cheap as well!

6: Mugwort

Mugwort is actually more of a herb but I’d like it to be on this page. It can be used to make a ‘dream pillow and other lucid aids. Very cheap, not as effective as other supplements however. Dream pillows are a powerful way of using herbs like mugwort to make it easier to fall asleep, and easier to lucid dream.

7: Choline bitartrate

Choline can give you better dream memory but it has other benefits as well. It is more of a memory boosting supplement that has strong links to lucid dreaming. It can be found very easily on Amazon and using it is very easy.

8: DreamLeaf (The red and blue pills)

These beautifully designed pills are modeled on the colours from The Matrix. Containing active and powerful lucid dreaming ingredients, they’re a very good choice for beginner lucid dreamers!

Dream leaf pills

9: Claridream PRO from World of Lucid Dreaming

This fairly new supplement is a great dream enhancement pill. It’s designed to make your dreams more vivid, easier to remember and more powerful and profound. Very interesting ingredients in this one, such as Red tiger lilly extract! You might want to read my review of Claridream PRO before buying.

Claridream PRO bottle

How to use these supplements to have more lucid dreams

In order to actually have more lucid dreams by using these pills, herbs and supplements, you’ll need to be doing a few things. Please don’t assume that you can just take a pill and instantly lucid dream perfectly. It doesn’t quite work like this but it doesn’t matter, because what I’m going to suggest isn’t actually that crazy!

Learn to lucid dream BEFORE using a pill

Before even taking any pill, you should at least know how lucid dreams work, and how you can induce them. Learn at least a couple of techniques and make sure you’re open minded to the whole thing. If you’re not open minded, taking a pill won’t work for you because lucid dreaming is all about being open.

Learning to lucid dream with pills

You need to believe you can control your dreams, and it’s hard or impossible to build a habit if you don’t believe the skill even exists. If you learn to lucid dream first, you’ll have MUCH better results using pills and supplements! Take my word for it, I’ve been a lucid dreamer for several years and this tip will save you lots of frustration.

Keep practicing WHILE using supplements!

Lots of people take lucid pills and then sort of stop practicing things. This isn’t the best way to go about it. Ideally, you should experiment with supplements for sure but ALSO keep practicing things like reality checks and certainly writing your dreams down.

Expect dream support not induction

No pill can 100% GUARANTEE a lucid dream when you take it. If they could, that pill would be very expensive. What supplements CAN do however, is provide dream ‘support’. This means they optimise your brain and make it more LIKELY that you’ll lucid dream.

They also make it more likely that when you do become lucid, the dream will be that much more vivid, that much longer, and that much more enjoyable. Just be aware of this and don’t EXPECT a pill to give you an instant lucid dream. That being said, taking even the entry level supplements will give you noticeably more vivid dreams.

There’s a big chance that even without practicing, by taking some of the things listed on this page, you’ll have a lucid dream. I’m just a big believer that if you want to get into this lucid dreaming thing you should at least try and learn it naturally instead of resorting to only using pills.

That was a lot of writing, long story short, experiment with these supplements, and ENJOY YOURSELF! Lucid dreaming is and always should be, a whole lot of a fun.

Where to get these dream pills

For those of you who skim read this, its fine, I get it! I skim read too sometimes. Here is the supplements mentioned and where to get them. The links open in new tabs.


  • Calea Z (dream herb): Improved dream vividness, recall, increased chance of lucid dreams
  • Vitamin B6: Dream recall booster, improved memory and cognitive function day and night
  • Galantamine: A harsh lucid dreaming inducer, research before trying please
  • LucidEsc: A custom lucid supplement with many of these other supplements and ingredients in it anyway
  • Melatonin: More vivid and bizarre dreams. A natural hormone/sleep aid
  • Choline bitartrate: Increased dream recall, cognitive function, dreams more likely to be lucid
  • DreamLeaf: A powerful blend of everything that can help you lucid dream
  • Claridream PRO: A dream recall and vividness supplement
  • Any of these supplements work REALLY well when combined with binaural beats by the way