10 Ways To Have Dream Induced Lucid Dreams: DILD Tutorial


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Dream induced lucid dreams, or ‘DILDS’ for short are dreams in which someone becomes Lucid RANDOMLY and without much planning. Something TRIGGERS the person to become lucid. Here’s everything you need to know.

Here’s some ways it could happen:

  • You’ve randomly done a reality check in a dream and it’s worked and made you lucid
  • You’ve tried to read some text in your dream and realized something’s not quite right
  • You’ve seen something in the dream which isn’t quite right
  • You’ve had an echo of a ‘thought’ like an affirmation from a MILD or something you were thinking about before going to sleep
  • You see a dream sign which causes you to ‘know’ you’re dreaming
  • There are some other ways as well, which we’ll cover..

There are more but hopefully you get the idea. It’s something that happens within a ‘normal’ dream which causes a change in your awareness causing you to become Lucid. It could be thought of as the most ‘natural’ lucid dreaming technique when compared to other extreme ones such as the Wake back to bed or the Supplement induced dreams.

How to have a DILD (10 ways to get started)

The DILD (dream induced lucid dream) is NOT a specific technique on its own. Rather, it’s a METHOD of becoming lucid, and there are different ways it can work.

Here are 10 simple ways to have a dream induced lucid dream:

1: Through doing reality checks

By doing reality checks during the day as often as you can, you increase the chances of having a dream initiated lucid dream. It would look like you just doing a reality check in a dream and then suddenly saying to yourself: ‘I’m dreaming!’. It’s probably the most natural way to have a lucid dream.

2: By recognizing dream signs

Dream signs are recurring symbols or items that you see in your dreams. They’re usually you subconscious mind trying to show you something, but for us lucid dreamers, you can use them to become lucid. If there’s an object that KEEPS popping up again and again in your dreams, you can recognize that, and tell yourself ‘Whenever I see that object again, I’ll know I’m dreaming’.

3: Raising your subconscious awareness

Another great way to have a DILD is to just train your subconscious mind to become lucid more. Every time you’re lucid in your dreams, shout out to the dream itself: ‘Please help me to become lucid faster next time’. Do this every time, and eventually the dream itself will induce your lucid dream for you!

4: Listening to brainwave entrainment (binaural beats)

Binaural beats are a powerful way to have more lucid dreams, simply by playing a special soundwave through your headphones as you fall asleep. You can get started with these or you could look at my list of all the best binaural beat websites. The way they work is by playing a slightly different frequency in each ear, causing your brain to change it’s state to match the two tones in the middle (your head).

5: Meditating and focusing on lucidity

Meditation can be used to have DILDs at will. You can either use a guided lucid dreaming meditation technique or you can just meditate to be more aware in general. By meditating for just 10 minutes a day, you massively increase the chances of having a random dream initiated lucid dream that night.

Meditation statue near a sunset

6: Mnemonics and mantras

The mnemonic induced lucid dreaming technique can be used to have random lucid dreams. Because the MILD is based on repeating mantras and telling yourself ‘I will lucid dream’, it often leads to lots more random lucid dreams or DILDS along the way! It’s a very simple technique to learn, and you can get started tonight!

7: Hypnotizing yourself

Hypnotizing yourself is a great way to have DILDs, but don’t worry you’ll be in full control of this, and you won’t be stuck in a trance like state, as the movies are so fond of making you believe! This is a powerful and very simple way to have a DILD. Here’s how to get started:

  • Lay on your back as you’re about to fall asleep, and don’t move any muscles
  • Imagine yourself walking down a staircase, with each step making you more relaxed
  • As you go down each step, slowly, tell yourself something like ‘I will become lucid’ or ‘I’m going to control my dreams tonight’
  • Eventually you’ll be in a lucid dream and you’ll be VERY aware of it!
  • You could try counting instead of the stairs, so just count slowly from 1 to 100, but in between each number say ‘I’m dreaming’ (1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming, 3 I’m dreaming, 4, I’m.. ACTUALLY DREAMING WOW!)

8: Using the WBTB technique

The WBTB method is a technique in its own right but it’s a great way to have a dream induced lucid dream as well. when the WBTB is NOT combined with the WILD, it’s just a form of DILD. I know these terms might be starting to mix together now, but let me explain:

When you wake up in the early morning to do a WBTB, you’re normally meant to just go back to sleep, and naturally drift into a lucid dream. That makes it just another form of dream INDUCED lucid dream, because it’s natural. When you MIX the wbtb with the wild, it becomes something else. Here’s a quick video about the WBTB:

9: Using a lucid dream mask

There are so many lucid dreaming masks and devices now that it’s hard to know which ones work! That being said, there are a few that will really help you induce lucid dreams naturally. The best ones are the ones that sort of ‘lull’ you to sleep and track your brainwaves.

10: Become a natural lucid dreamer

After a few years of practicing lucid dreaming, you start to have more DILDS naturally. This is as a result of you simply being better, more experienced, and having a stronger ‘lucid subconscious’. It’s just like any skill that you practice, eventually you’ll be good enough that you can do the basics of it with little or no effort. This is one of the reasons I naturally lucid dream a lot without really trying. See this video for more:

Can experts have DILDs every night?

Maybe not every single night, no one’s perfect but skilled lucid dreamers are able to do this technique without much effort at all, it’s something that you get better with practice. You can get to a point where almost every day just triggers you’re lucidity naturally and you’re able to control the dream without much effort at all.  It’s certainly a level to work towards and with practice, you’ll get there.

Doing it faster

I have created a technique which is very effective, brand new for 2019 actually. It’s called the 90ILD technique and it let’s you lucid dream in 5 minutes or less. Check it out!

Tips for having a DILD

DILDs are sort of the ultimate goal for lucid dreamers. It’s a natural way of lucid dreaming, and you can do it without much effort, after you’ve built up the skills. Here are some tips and tools to make it easier


  • Get a good dream journal to write down your dreams signs. It’s important to realize your dream signs
  • Listen to binaural beats like these as you fall asleep. They’ll help massively. (If you do that, please keep a dream diary near you, because you’ll want to be able to write down your lucid dreams in detail, they’ll be good!)
  • This technique is not really a technique at all. Don’t be stressed about this one, it’s one of the methods that builds up naturally over time. It won’t work first time probably, so be patient. This is what natural lucid dreamers and skilled dreamers can do! This will be YOU soon!
  • People report having lots of natural lucid dreams as a result of reading my beginners guide to lucid dreaming, because it goes into such detail about what it feels like and how to do it. You might find that useful!