Claridream PRO Review 2024: New Lucid Dreaming Supplement From WOLD


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Claridream PRO is a brand new lucid dreaming supplement from World of Lucid Dreaming which I’m very excited about. This is probably the best way to make your dreams more VIVID. I’m super excited to be talking about this so let’s get into it!

So why make your dreams more vivid?

Well, how do you know what you’re missing?

I remember the first time I tried making my dreams more vivid, I was BLOWN AWAY but just how rich, detailed, and immersive a really vivid lucid dream can be. This is usually achieved with supplements, and optimising the neurochemistry in your brain.


And anyone can do it!

So, how does Claridream work, and how can it help you make your dreams more vivid?

Claridream PRO is essentially a dream enhancement supplement, and the ingredients included are very powerful. In fact, they suggest that you only take it about twice a week or less, because the ingredients are so potent.

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Claridream PRO bottle

In short, it works and it’s a powerful blend of dream enhancing ingredients packed into an easy to swallow pill. In this review we’re going to go through how it works, and how to get the most out of it.

The supplement was actually crowdfunded online in 2016-2017, and brought to life by many of you out there (lucid dreamers and future lucid dreamers). It’s exciting to see how a crowd can bring an idea like this to life fairly quickly.

How does Claridream PRO work?

Claridream PRO makes your dreams more vivid by both increasing the release of GABA in the brain, while also reducing the breakdown of ACH (Acetylcholine). The latter actually makes it more likely you’ll have a lucid dream as well, but that’s not the main focus of this supplement. 

So specifically, how does it do that? 

It works using two different pills. Much like DreamLeaf, you take one just before going to sleep, and then another during your REM sleep period in the early morning (you’ll need to set an alarm).

I made a short video explaining it a bit more if you’re not a big reader: 

The first pill increases the release of GABA, and the second pill reduces ACH breakdown in the body. Combined, those two things will mean you can:

So much like many lucid dreaming supplements, you’re still going to have to get up early to take a pill of some sort in the early hours of the morning, but it seems to be worth it, and you’ll have great lucid dreaming experiences as a result.

Its worth noting at this point that this pill isn’t designed to specifically induce a lucid dream, it’s more intended to be a dream enhancing vividness pill. To lucid dream tot he best of your ability, it’s much better to take a two pronged approach:

This way you’re getting the best of both worlds, and you’re learning how to lucid dream AS WELL AS taking a supplement which gives you the best chance of having vivid dreams that you actually remember.

What’s Claridream DEEP?

Claridream DEEP is a spin off of the original supplement which seems to be a supplement for deeper sleep, like a sleeping aid. On the site it says Claridream DEEP is coming soon, but we’re not sure when that will be just yet.

I’ll update this page as and when it happens.It appears to be a pill containing high levels of Mugwort which as we know, has great lucid dreaming effects.

As you look as the site, you’ll notice several things you can click on. 

Claridream pro review

Discount codes, and how to save money on Claridream PRO

The best prices can be found here, and you can save even more money by selecting the bigger bottles (more capsules). They’re obviously more expensive, but it works out that you actually save 20-30% of the price compared to if you’d got 3 bottles at the normal price.

So, what’s the verdict? 

Claridream Pro review summary

To summarise, this is an incredible supplement with a bright future. It combines powerful ingredients that are known to enhance lucid dreams, and the presentation of the supplement is very exciting. I think Claridream Pro will become a solid part of any lucid dreamers supplement collection/stack.

I personally had much more vivid dreams, even in the first few nights of using this.

Remember with Claridream PRO you can: 

  • Increase the vividness of your dreams so you have better dream experiences and memories
  • Make your dreams clearer, more focused, and easier to navigate through
  • Experience MORE as a lucid dreamer and feel better
  • We’ve arrange a lovely discount for you, so why don’t you be one of the best lucid dreamers out there!

Also, I have to say this:

Remember to compare this to other lucid dreaming pills as well, to see what’s the best one for YOU. Everyone’s different, and this might or might not be the perfect one for you. The ingredients are really solid, but always do your own research first!