How To Fall Asleep In 5 Seconds Flat (Real Military Tactic)


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Can you fall asleep in five seconds flat? Even if you’re not tired? In this post, I’ll show you how.

Do you ever find yourself WANTING and needing to fall asleep, but you can’t?

Maybe you’re TIRED, but your mind and body just won’t seem to fall asleep?

This is a problem.

I’m often asked by people, especially video gamers or people that maybe work night shift or step late, how can I fall asleep faster and more easily specifically?

People want to fall asleep within 5 SECONDS.

So I will explain exactly how to do that in this post.

The Military Technique For Falling Asleep In 5 Seconds

This is a technique the military actually use because the military often have to fall asleep, firstly, very quickly, but also in stressful situations, maybe they have like a really intense physical activity session or a watch or something, or even like a battle or something stressful.

And then they need to fall asleep quickly, ready to wake up early again the next morning.

And they need to do this all very efficiently, and without feeling tired the next day.

So they have developed, or they use this technique that I’m going to share with you right now to fall asleep in just a few seconds.

Let’s dive in:

1: Relax Your Upper Body

The first thing you need to do is just to relax your entire upper body, specifically your face and your mouth. We carry a lot of tension in our neck, in our mouths and in our shoulders.

So focus just firstly, on those things and relax them really deeply.

By the way, after I’ve explained this military technique, I’m also going to share with you some other things to make it even more effective.

Some things you can do during the day, and also before you go to sleep as well. But let’s just carry on with the technique for how to fall asleep in five seconds.

So you relax your face, your shoulders, your muscle.

And then you want to focus on dropping your shoulders down.

Subconsciously we hold our shoulders up.

And even when we’re sleeping or going to sleep, your shoulders will subconsciously move in order to mirror what you’re thinking about. Let’s say if you’re imagining, you’re trying to go to sleep and you’re thinking about all these different things.

Sometimes I visualize climbing things, right?

So I might subconsciously my shoulders will start moving really small movements as I’m visualizing climbing something. So you need to really consciously focus on dropping your shoulders down, really relaxing your shoulders, keep your face relaxed.

You’re breathing deep and regular. And then you want to focus on your chest. So it’s sort of like stages that you can go through each stage.

So you focus first on your face, your muscles, then your shoulders, you drop your shoulders down.

2: Exhale Everything From Your Lungs

Then you exhale everything from your lungs as much air as you can. You exhale and get rid of that air. And then once you’ve done that, you focus on your lower body, your legs.

We actually do move our hips in very small movements.

I don’t know if you guys do this, but it’s been found that people very slightly move their hips, as well as their shoulders.

When they’re sort of thinking about things, when they’re trying to fall asleep, maybe you’re visualizing, running, you’re visualizing walking, or even just having a physical reaction to something that you’re thinking about.

Let’s say, if you’re thinking about a conversation with someone you don’t like, you will subconsciously move your body in tiny ways to move away from the conversation or you’ll tense up when you visualize or imagine them saying something you don’t like or that with no you, so once you’re focused on relaxing your lower body and your legs.

3: Focus On A Relaxing And Peaceful Scene

You’re going to focus on visualizing a relaxing scene for just 10 seconds, just for 10 seconds. That’s all.

And you’re probably thinking, well, hold on this title said how to fall asleep in five seconds, don’t worry:

You will fall asleep in five seconds, once you’ve done these things.

So the total processing time and the total sort of time for you to do this technique is roughly two to three minutes. Okay? You can spend a few seconds on each stage, but it’s still going to get you to fall asleep pretty quickly, very quickly, I would say. So you focus on relaxing scene.

This could be a beach, I personally like to focus on walking through a forest.

You know, one of those forests where the trees are really, really far apart. So you can kind of, you’ve got lots of space to walk around. You can see birds flying, really peaceful.

So picture a scene that you would like to walk through and then visualize yourself walking through that scene really slowly, just for 10 seconds.

That’s all you need to do it for. You’ll be able to fall asleep pretty quickly after your intense video gaming session. I don’t know if any of you are video gamers, but, and now once you’ve done all of that, now the final stage, this is where you can fall asleep in just five seconds.

4: Repeat A Mantra Or Phrase Again And Again

Now, you need to repeat something over and over to yourself. Things like ‘I am asleep’ or stop thinking. Those two things you repeat over and over again, roughly 10 to 20 seconds, as fast as you can think or imagine them.

And you’ll find that you fall asleep pretty quickly.

Usually within five seconds, maybe it will take you two minutes to fall asleep. It really depends on a few different things, but I’m going to get into, as I said in a minute, some tips that you can do in the daytime to make it even faster.

And that is the technique the military use, to fall asleep basically in five seconds or less. And sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes it takes two minutes, sometimes five minutes.

It really depends on a few things, but here are some ways to make it even more effective and to make yourself fall asleep, even faster. So it starts with a daytime practice.

How To Make This Sleep Technique Even More Effective

What are you going to do during the day? And also leading up to when you fall asleep in the evening, this is really important. Pay attention here because this will make a big difference to how fast you can fall asleep. So firstly, you will grow. You need to do a few things.

Only Use Your Bedroom For SLEEPING

Firstly don’t do anything other than sleeping in your room.

If you can.

So don’t work in your room, doing video game in your room. If you can, if it’s possible, because this will subconsciously train you to associate your room with sleep.

That’s really important.

Make Sure The Room Is Silent And Dark

Next thing you want to make sure that when you are trying to sleep, there are no lights, no LEDs on in the corner. No weird sounds no whirring noise from your computer and everything is quiet and dark.

Really important that it’s quiet and dark and then make sure that you’ve blocked out all of the light from the door. There are no cracks of light that are going to show. If someone else in your house, you know, comes and turns the light on outside, you don’t want that light to then shine through into your room.

And then something which a lot of people overlook is to ensure that underneath your bed, there is nothing blocking airflow to your mattress.

Make Sure You Have NOTHING Under Your Bed

Your sleep quality is massively dependent on your temperature throughout the night. If you’ve got lots of junk under your bed, it is stopping the air flow coming up through your mattress and basically regulating your temperature.

That’s why beds are raised above the ground, because they are designed to allow air flow through the slats of the bed, through the mattress to keep you cool.

If you’ve got loads of stuff there, it stops the air flow you overheat and the best case scenario, you don’t have a very good night’s sleep. Worst case scenario you overheat and wake up.

So that’s the bedroom setup done.

Now, there are some tips that you should also focus on.

Don’t Eat Big Meals Before Bed

So this is specifically in the few hours before you go to sleep, you don’t want to eat anything big or heavy and you don’t want to have any stimulants kind of goes without saying, but you know, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, these things will keep you awake.

And then right as you’re going to sleep, and if you’re having trouble falling asleep in, let’s say, if you’ve woken up at 2:00 AM, I don’t know what time you try and fall asleep.

Let’s say if you’re trying to sleep in it’s two or 3:00 AM, you know, you’ve got to be up for school or work in the morning and you’re just trying to fall asleep. Basically do not look at the time.

In fact, put your phone FAR away from your bed.

So you can’t even check the time, even if you wanted to.

Because every time you check the time and realize you’re not sleeping yet, it’s going to be more stressful. And you’re going to realize the stress is going to keep you up longer because you’ll be having this loop going on in your head where you check the time you realize it’s late.

You realize you should be asleep by now.

You panic.

And then you realize even more awake. Now I can’t fall asleep and it’s sort of like a vicious cycle that keeps on going on.

So put your phone away, make sure you can’t see the time and just lay there motionless.

Tips For Falling Asleep In 5 Seconds

If you need to, just go through this cycle, the military technique, the five second technique again and again, until it works, it might not work the first time, but keep trying it and also pay attention to the next day.

As you go on, let’s say, if you have trouble falling asleep every day, you can do these things the following day to make it more likely that you’ll fall asleep then.

I have written before about ways to fall asleep faster, and different methods for improving your sleep which you might find interesting.

Sleep quality and sleep habits are SO important for your health, long term benefits, and for lucid dreaming. It’s important to make sure you always fall asleep and wake up at roughly the same time, every day.

Even on weekends.