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What is is a website/brand created to help people lucid dream, improve themselves, and sleep better.

It started off with just a few articles, and grew to what it is today. Now it’s a popular lucid dreaming brand, with over 115K YouTube subscribers, 20K Instagram followers, and hundreds of thousands of monthly readers! The ultimate goal of this brand is to help as many people as possible sleep better, feel better and of course lucid dream more. 

Why was this site created?

  • Stefan – I started this site to help teach the world to control their dreams. Lucid Dreaming is a proven way to become ‘self aware’ in your dreams, allowing you to control them. It means you can do all sorts of interesting things in your sleep, like fly around the dream, teleport and explore your subconscious mind.
  • You can also use it for more ‘real life’ issues, for example to stop having nightmares, improve your confidence or practice things like job interviews and other situations. It started as a hobby/passion, and over the course of one or two years I built this site and developed a growing audience of people learning how to lucid dream.

Is Lucid Dreaming easy to learn?

  • Stefan – It’s simple but not easy. The skills and things you need to do are easy to learn, but it takes a bit of practice and determination to have your first lucid dream. Some people get lucky and have one the first time they try, others take a bit longer.
  • Once you’ve learned how to do it, you’ll be able to do it for life. And that’s really the best part about all of this, you can learn these techniques for free in most cases and then you can use them for life. 

More information about the Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

Over the years I discovered various techniques, tricks and ways of making lucid dreaming easier to learn.

I got hundreds of emails from people asking various questions, and I’ve learned a lot.

So I decided to come up with a way to help new lucid dreamers learn to lucid dream as quickly as possible. 

The best way I found was to have a ‘bootcamp’ or a calendar.

This would tell people exactly what to practice on each day for 30 days. By the end of this it’s guaranteed that most people will have had their first lucid dream.

It works so well, because most books can be ignored, most courses can be put to one side; but this requires effort. 

A printed calendar that’s on your wall with days to check off when they’re done, is MUCH more motivating and easy to follow. Plus the methods and ideas I share in the Ebooks that go with it are very effective and concise.

I’ve compacted most of my knowledge into this lucid dreaming bootcamp and it’s helped thousands of students lucid dream already. You can read the reviews on the page from people who’ve gone through it. 

My story

I’ve always been a dreamer.

Since a very young age I was able to remember vivid detailed dreams, and interact with them through lucid dreaming. My first ever lucid dream luckily happened as a bit of an accident. I was confined to my room (I’d been misbehaving or something like that) and I didn’t have a phone or a laptop so I was pretty bored.

I had a lot of bottled up energy but nowhere to release it. So, I just went to sleep to make the time pass faster. Next thing I know I’m in a dream world wandering around thinking ‘where the hell am I?!’.

I knew it was a dream, but I couldn’t fully control it. That I later discovered, was a lucid dream. Of course I woke up pretty quickly after that and then spent a few hours wondering what had just happened. This became the start of a lifelong fascination with the mind, psychology and yes, lucid dreaming. 

You can read more about me here.