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Thank you for deciding to promote my Product/s. Here you will find a selection of advice, tools and promotional materials to help you with your campaign. This is a great Lucid Dreaming affiliate program, and I want you to be a part of it!

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What Is The Offer?

The main offer is a Lucid Dreaming ‘Bootcamp’ mini course, which teaches people how to become aware of the fact that they’re dreaming, WHILE they’re dreaming. This means they can control the dream and experience anything. It has real world benefits and feels amazing, and anyone can learn how. 

The Bootcamp breaks it down into very simple steps and makes it easy for ANYONE to learn how to control their dreams. We also offer a higher priced video course and various mini courses/ebooks but the MAIN offer is currently the Bootcamp.


Why You’ll LOVE Promoting It

  • Email Sequence Boosts Your Earnings so that you’ll automatically earn more over a period of 30 days or more
  • Average $ Per Conversion for affiliates Of $35.31 and rising!
  • Earn Up To $321 Per Sale!  We have 3-4 upsells with a potential order value of $450+
  • 75% Across The Board Commissions – Even on all upsells and downsells (and order bumps)
  • We’re Always Improving The Funnel to improve conversion rates and average order value

Affiliate Email Swipe Files

Below, you can find a selection of emails that you can literally just copy and paste, with all of the links already in there. You just need to change the links for YOUR affiliate link, and you’re good to go. These emails have been tested to provide the best conversions rates/click through rates.

To get YOUR unique link, log into your Clickbank account, (It’s completely free to sign up, and takes 1-2 minutes) and then go to the ‘marketplace’ tab found at the top of the page. Type in ‘howtolucid.com’, and then click ‘promote’ or ‘apply to be an affiliate’, when you find my listing. 

Best Practices

The best way to promote your link is to NOT spam, and to promote it in a natural and ‘flowing’ way. When I say ‘spam’ I mean sharing it thousands of times in thousands of places.

Just share it once or twice in each place you decide to share it. There are lots of great ways to share your link, but the most important thing to remember is this: The more people see your link and click on it, the more money you’ll make.

Places To Share Your Link

Here are some places you could share your affiliate link, but please don’t spam it or post it somewhere it’s not welcome. Make sure you’re allowed to post in these places and it’s not going to annoy people.

  • Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Forums about lucid dreaming
  • Social media bio link (TikTok, Twitter etc, this works well!)
  • Your email list
  • Your website (see the guide below for setting one up, if you don’t have one)
  • Send it to your friends, or share it on your personal social media profiles

Promoting It On Your Own Website (If You Have One)

A great idea is to share your affiliate link on your website if you have one. If you don’t have a website, it’s very easy to set one up. You can easily get started with a simple website (which you could share lucid dreaming stories and articles on) in very little time.

1: Domain Name And Hosting

To start a website you’ll need web hosting. Think of a ‘domain name’ for your site. This is what the site’s going to be called (this one is howtolucid.com for example). Then sign up to Bluehost and you’ll get your domain name FREE when you buy hosting there.

Bluehost offer very cheap web hosting and all this is, is a place where your website files can be uploaded. It’s like a server that holds all your websites files.

2: Build A Website

Add pages and content to your site. I suggest installing WordPress on your site, as it’s VERY easy to get started (this site is built with WordPress) and you can easily learn how to use it using their massive collection of help articles.

3: Add Your Links

Share your affiliate link in your articles naturally as if you were just talking about a friends site or product. The best conversions are when the link isn’t an OBVIOUS product link. Just mention it as if you were talking about something related that’s useful.

4: Send An Email

If you have an email list already you can download our email swipe files and just send a proven selling email to your list! This is probably the easiest way to get started or to just test the market and see how your audience responds to the offer.

Banners And Graphics

I’m going to be adding some high quality banners and visual graphics you can use to promote my products to this page soon, but until then please feel free to create your own using the images on my site. I don’t mind, as long as you’re promoting my products in an ethical way.

Ask Me For An Interview!

A great way to get your audience to buy the Ebook through your link and therefore make you money is if they trust you and can see that we’re friends or at least connected. If you’d like to review the Ebook or even record a Skype/YouTube interview with me personally for your site, let me know by getting in touch. I’d be happy to do this and network/make friends in this way. I care about your success!

Don’t Spam!

Just a note to say, don’t spam. If you promote this in a way which goes against Clickbanks guidelines, you’ll be banned and won’t be able to promote the product. Do it the right way and we’ll both make money.. Do it the wrong way and there’s no point; you’re wasting your own time. Follow the guidelines laid out above!

Share It Because You Like It!

The most important thing is that you’re sharing this because you’ve hopefully tried the products yourself and believe they’ll help people. The more people you share your link with, the more people you’ll HELP lucid dream and the more money you’ll make. Your success is also my success.

Remember, enter your email in the box so I can personally help you and answer your questions, but ALSO you need to sign up with clickbank like I explained in the first few paragraphs, that’s how you can get your unique link to start sharing! Good luck!

Instagram Story Highlight Slides

If your account has over 10K followers, or you’re able to create stories on Instagram with a ‘swipe up’ link, we’ve created a series of story highlight slides you can create a highlight with, that presell the course.

Affiliate Email Swipe Files

Below, you can find a selection of emails that you can literally just copy and paste, with all of the links already in there. You just need to change the links for YOUR affiliate link, and you’re good to go. These emails have been tested to provide the best conversions rates/click through rates.