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I’ll Help You MASTER Lucid Dreaming

You don’t need another ebook.

Or another course.

You need a community, where you can grow and ask questions.

Let me show you reliable, proven techniques and methods for lucid dreaming, so you can control your dreams faster.

I’ll help you MASTER lucid dreaming, and go far beyond what you thought was possible.

The Lucid Tribe will help you do 4 things:


Lucid Dream whenever you want: I teach proven, effective hybrid techniques that work in the overwhelming majority of people, and they work FAST. You’ll be able to actually decide when you want to control your dreams


Remember more of your dreams: Powerful blueprints and lessons on how to remember up to 5 times as many dreams every morning, with very little effort


Experience your fantasies in your dreams: How to actually experience your fantasies in your lucid dreams, and come back with the beautiful memories


Use lucid dreaming to ACTUALLY improve your real life: Proven ways to use lucid dreaming to improve at REAL LIFE skills, enhance your sleep, motivation, creativity and more

How Does It Work?

I’ve put together an exclusive community and coaching experience for you, that gives you access to all my best content for one super low monthly price.

It’s constantly updated, improved and added to.

You can stay as long as you want, and sign up in as little as 30 seconds. There’s even a 30 day ‘lucid or it’s free’ moneyback guarantee.

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What You Actually Get

Exclusive Private Videos

I’ll make regular exclusive videos just for members, answering YOUR questions, and coaching you through what you’re struggling with!

Learn The Techniques

Access to a growing library of lucid dreaming video trainings, ebooks, techniques, tricks, tips, stories and worksheets.


Access to my ‘never released’ lucid dreaming video course, going into detail on advanced concepts like superpowers and dream hacking.

Connect With Other Lucid Dreamers

Private exclusive lucid dreamers community and network, so you can ask questions, make friends, share tips, and get motivated to really master lucid dreaming.

Boost Your Dreams With Our Music Tracks

Access to a growing library of high quality binaural beats, subliminal tracks and audio meditation tracks for lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Join The Lucid Tribe Now, And Master Controlling Your Dreams

Lock in the low monthly price for life, and get started right now. If you purchased everything here separately, it would cost you over $2500, but you can get it all for one monthly price of:

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$9 Per Month

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m Stef, the man behind HowToLucid, and lucid dreaming is my PASSION.

I love learning and teaching this, and I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now. My work has been featured in some pretty big places (see below), and my articles on lucid dreaming have reached well over 6 million readers.

My YouTube channel has now over 12 million views, and every day I get emails and messages from people just like you, thanking me for helping them have their first lucid dream.

I’ve spent 10+ years learning about, practicing and teaching lucid dreaming.

My approach combines several of my passions, including biohacking, habit formation, neuropsychology, neuro linguistic programming and personal growth. I like to combine these things together to give my work and methods a unique spin, that gets results fast.

I’ve always been obsessed with figuring out how things ‘tick’.

As a kid I would take apart my toys just to learn how to build them again, or to figure out what makes them work. This obsession evolved into a passion for personal growth and improving my body and mind.

As I grew and learned, I also developed a more spiritual and philosophical side, which led me to question things like ‘why are we here’ and ‘what happens after death’. That’s a topic for another day.

Through lucid dreaming, I believe we can access and unlock parts of ourselves that are otherwise hidden…

When I was younger, I actually suffered with overwhelming shyness and anxiety. I felt worthless and just had literally no confidence. I felt shy to even start conversations with people, and I was very worried about my appearance.

I actually changed all of that.

I started learning how to lucid dream, after having my first ‘accidental’ lucid dream as a young child. From then, I tried to learn s much as I could, but there was a problem.

I would learn something, let’s say a technique or a method, and apply it. I’s practice it and get some results maybe one or two lucid dreams. But then?


It’s like everything only worked for the first few tries, and then stopped. I later found this is because it was just a ‘placebo effect’ and not a reliable framework for lucid dreaming.

After about 5 years of teaching lucid dreaming, I set out to create the PERFECT system that would help almost everyone have reliable lucid dreams.

In my search, I came across many methods and teachings.

I examined thousands of books, articles, studies and stories.

I researched ancient cultures and civilisations, and stumbled upon several very interesting things.

The first being the worrying trends in technology and attention span in this decade. (But this can be reversed and fixed fairly easily, with some simple tweaks)…

And the overwhelming records of ancient peoples finding it VERY EASY to lucid dream!

What were they doing differently? Why did people struggle more now?

I eventually figured it out, but it gave me a big shock.

Got Questions?

Why A Membership?

This makes it sustainable to constantly update and upgrade my ebooks, courses, content and tracks. It means I can give you better content and materials, PLUS you can get access to everything for a much lower price.

If you were to buy everything included in the membership individually as a ‘one time’ payment, it would cost over $800. This way, you can support me AND get a better deal, plus become apart of a private lucid dreamers community.

What If I Want To Cancel?

You can cancel at any time for any reason, with 2 clicks. There are no ongoing contracts other than you pay every month for as long as YOU want to stay. You can leave whenever you want.

Can I Join Next Month Instead?

Yes but the price will be increasing soon. This is the best time to join, to lock in this low price for life and get started sooner. We often procrastinate on things we know we need to do. It’s often better to take action sooner. You’ll actually be happier that way!

How Do I Join And View the Content?

Click any of the ‘join’ or buy buttons on this page. You’ll be taken to a short order form, which only takes about 15 seconds to fill in. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be instantly redirected to the members area! Don’t’ worry, there’s no weird application form or process, I’ve made it VERY simple and fast to get in.

Will This Help Me Lucid Dream?

YES! In fact, it will help you more than any ebook or course. Because you’re able to ask questions and get a video response or coaching on specifically what you need help with, you’ll get ‘stuck’ a LOT less.

Things change and inside the members area, I give you the latest and BEST techniques, research and ideas for lucid dreaming success.

What If I Can Already Lucid Dream?

If you already lucid dream, this is STILL the best place to be. You’ll get all kinds of bonuses, ebooks, templates, plus access to a growing binaural beats and subliminals library.

I’m always updating the content, adding new breakthrough techniques or findings, and presenting the most effective and groundbreaking ways to experience lucid dreaming.

Even if you’re having 2 lucid dreams a night and you can remember your dreams in insane vivid detail, it still makes sense to join.

Do I NEED This?

A membership is a really powerful tool actually, to help you master lucid dreaming. Having a community where you can ask questions is really useful. I’m constantly updating and adding new content and techniques, methods and tools to your members area.

This is MUCH more effective than an ebook, or video course. If you’re ready to dive in and master lucid dreaming, this is highly recommended.

I Can’t Afford Monthly Payments

I’ve tried to offer this membership at such a low price that it’s still sustainable for me to create content and update it, and it’s also as affordable as possible. If you’re not able to join or continue the payments, that’s fine as you’re able to cancel at any time.

It makes a lot of sense to join and see what’s inside, though. You’ll love it! If you aren’t ready to join, you can watch our free youtube videos and read our blog.

What If I Lose My Access?

If you lose the page or email, you can message us or email us as we’ll send you access again. When you join, you’ll get redirected to the members area to make an account quickly. You’ll also get sent an email which has the links. It’s very difficult for you to somehow lose it! But if you do, just get in touch!

Can I Get A Refund?

Yes! You can join, check it out and see if you resonate with it. If you don’t like it, you can get a full refund up to 30 days from when you join. No questions asked. You can also cancel at any time for any reason, there’s no weird contracts or terms. Just stay as long as you like!

How Can I Contact You?

You can get in touch with me at

Join The Lucid Tribe Now, And Master Controlling Your Dreams

Lock in a low lifetime price today. When the price rises in the future, you’ll still have this low price you see today. Even when we add loads of new content and the library grows to hundreds of videos, tracks and bonuses.

If you join today, you’ll ALWAYS only pay the low price you see below.

$9 Per Month

Surprise FREE BONUS: ALL Our Ebooks On Lucid Dreaming

You’ll also get free access to all our lucid dreaming ebooks and templates:


5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming: Learn the fastest way to get started with lucid dreaming and setting up your mind for success (I also share my personal lucid dreaming story and background here).


Superpowers Guide: Detailed guide on over 15 unique lucid dreaming superpowers and dream hacking techniques you can use to explore your subconscious mind and gifts.


Reality Checks Guide: Ultimate guide to getting your reality checks to ACTUALLY show up every time, so you have more lucid dreams with no effort.


Dream Recall Guide: Remember 5 times as many dreams, in more vivid detail, every morning using this simple blueprint.


Dream Meaning And Interpretation Video Course: How to understand what your dreams actually mean. Interesting your dreams messages is a HUGE life success hack.


Sleep Hacker Blueprint: Proven and EASY ways to get better sleep and wake up with more energy, feeling stronger and more refreshed (Even if your sleep right now SUCKS)


100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams: Unique ‘menu’ of over 100 unique things to try in your lucid dreams that you’ve probably never heard about or thought about. This MASSIVELY increases your motivation to learn and practice lucid dreaming.


Lucid Dreamers Morning Routine Template: My actual morning routine I use to have twice as many lucid dreams on autopilot.