The Best Lucid Dreaming App In 2021 (Reality Check Reminders, Journal And More)


After a lot of hard work, I’ve finally released my first Lucid Dreaming APP for Iphones And Android phones. It helps you remember to do reality checks and write your dreams down, and it has a bunch of cool resources, tutorials, guides and more inside. Oh and it’s free. 

What is the app?

We’ve created an app that can help you with lucid dreaming by doing the following:

  • Reminding you to do reality checks
  • Letting you write down your dreams, dream signs, and search BACK through the dream journal to see which dreams were lucid, and when
  • An offline version of every major lucid dreaming technique tutorial, acronym, and information.
  • Links to various lucid dreaming products like supplements, meditation machines and more, with discounts for app users
  • An easy to read feed for our website (if you want to read the latest articles directly in app)

We’ll be adding more features as well, so for now please subscribe to our email list (The box probably popped up somewhere already, or just bookmark this page!) and download the app, to make sure you get the updates!

Here’s the latest video I made about it.

I give you an over the shoulder walkthrough of how it works: 

How it helps you lucid dream

It works by sending you notifications to do a reality check. Reality checks are the foundation of lucid dreaming and help you become aware in your dreams, but most people FORGET to do them throughout the day. This means sadly most people don’t have regular lucid dreams.

This app aims to change that by reminding you at either set intervals, or randomly up to 60 times a day to do a reality check, and ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’.

You can even customise the text that the notification actually shows you, so it’s really user friendly and hopefully fun and easy to use. There’s a lot more I want to do with it but that’s the basic features for now.

Why it’s the best lucid dreaming app out there in 2021

Well, a lot of the other lucid dreaming apps I saw were fairly good in terms of how they LOOKED but they weren’t great to use as a user, and they also didn’t help me become lucid more often.

I think once you’ve gotten into the habit of doing a reality check every time you see the reminder, you’ll really start to have more lucid dreams.

The thing is:

That’s why I think ‘howtolucid’ or ‘lucid reality’ is the best lucid dreaming app out there, is because it really does help you become lucid more often. It focuses on helping you build the habits you need to actually get lucid, and it REMINDS you to build those habits. 

It works with Apple watch for notifications as well, and it SHOULD work with other smart watches that are paired with your Iphone, but if it doesn’t work with your current setup, don’t worry I’m getting to it. 

I tried to listen to what you actually wanted and I’ve been speaking to people online and offline to figure out what people need in a lucid dreaming app and what actually would help them.

This is a fun project and it’s far from over yet. I have plans for growing the app, user base and adding more exciting features. The one thing you won’t see on the app, is ads.

I rely entirely on your support from things like Patreon, and I’d like to offer this free to make it more fun to use and without ads. If you like this idea, or want to support me, please consider becoming a Patron there. 

Why you should dream journal in the app

Well, there are of course other options and I’ll admit the main focus of the app WAS the reality check reminder and having something I could give you guys all the links and tutorials in an easy to read way. The dream journal app was a big part of it but it’s not the BEST dream journal app.

That being said it makes sense to have your dream journal in the same place you configure your reality check reminders and that sort of thing, so I did that too. There will be support for night mode and custom backgrounds in the future but I really just wanted to test out the absolute minimum features first, and get settled in the app store.

It’s a new place for me to share my ideas and help you guys so it’s going to take a little while to get used to being there and updating the app and so on.

Hopefully you like it, and if you do enjoy the app please go ahead and leave a quick review on Itunes, or if you’re on Android, it really means a lot and it helps me know what you want! 

FEEDBACK About This App!

If you want to get in touch and let me know about a bug, technical error, something that could be improved or something like that, I made a form to summarise all of the feedback. This is the best way to let me know, and it means I can see what MOST people are having a problem with. 

Make sure to download it and review it!