Calea Zacatechichi For Lucid Dreams: The Ultimate Dream Herb


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Calea zacatechichi is possibly one of the most interesting herbs for lucid dreaming out there. It’s a fairly mysterious herb and there’s a LOT you should know about it This guide is not going to be short so feel free to bookmark it if you need to.

The herb is called ‘calea zacatechichi’ or ‘Calea Z’ for short and is known as the dream herb, or the leaf of god. It has many surprising effects on dreams and can give you MORE lucid dreams, that are MORE vivid and real feeling. There are various ways of ingesting this herb and we’ll cover each one in detail here.

What is calea zacatechichi?

Calea Z is a herb of leaves which when ingested, have certain effects on your dreams. It’s actually be PROVEN to increase dream clarity and vividness, as shown in this study.

A tea made from calea z leaves

Effects of calea zacatechichi

There are many reported effects and experienced you’ll notice when taking this herb.

Some of them are less common, while others almost everyone reports.

One of the effects lots of people report is an increase in dream clarity and realism. Here are some others:


Increase in dream number

You’ll notice that your dreams happen more often, or at least you notice more dreams.

It will feel like you’ve had loads of dreams when you wake up in the morning.

You haven’t really had THAT many more, but you notice them more because calea helps you remember more dreams, and they feel more vivid.

You’ll also have a better ability to remember those dreams when you wake up.

This great combination of effects means you can have more dreams, remember them better, AND they’re more vivid! 

More intense imagery when falling asleep

Calea provides way more imagery when you’re falling asleep. You’ll notice crazy colors, shapes and lines blending into one another as you’re falling asleep. This is one of the first things I noticed when It took this herb a few months ago. I smoked it, and noticed lots of pretty imagery as I was going to sleep.

Also, as some of you may be wondering, it DOESN’T increase the risk of experiencing sleep paralysis, so you can go to bed not worrying about that scary paralysis stage.

Random lucid dream inception

One of the best things about calea zacatechichi is it’s ability to randomly induce a lucid experience. It does this more times than not, and it’s a great reason to buy it! It’s not expensive and there’s no harm in just trying it.

More dream clarity and vividness

You’ll notice that taking calea zacatechichi will give your dreams much more clarity, and they’ll be much more vivid. This is an effect reported by almost everyone who takes it, and its effect varies from person to person. Some people report vivid, wild hallucinations when falling asleep, others just report an increase in imagery.


The dreams you’ll experience on calea will be noticeably more REAL feeling, and everything will have a certain stability to it. You’ll be lucid as you’ve been before, but it will feel different. You’ll feel like you’re IN the dream and nothing can take you out of it, except you. You don’t need to worry about getting too excited and waking up, because the herb gives your dream more stability and realism.

Strangeness and alien worlds

One effect of calea zacatechichi if that your dreams might have a slightly more weird vibe to them. You’ll notice yourself landing on alien planets, seeing strange people, animals and things that you might not normally dream about. Especially if you normally have fairly ‘bland’ or boring dreams, you’ll notice a huge difference in the pace and tone of your dreams.

Calming effect when falling asleep

The dream herb is a natural sleep aid and can help those suffering with insomnia. Lots of people report not being able to lucid dream because they suffer with insomnia, and this herb is a possible solution for them. It helps you fall asleep naturally while at the same time, increasing the chances of your becoming lucid.

Is it legal?

Calea Z is fully legal almost everywhere in the world and can be easily bought online in various forms. I’ll go over all the forms and ways of taking it soon. Don’t worry about the legality of this though, it has a negative view as people who smoke weed are sort of bunched into the same group as calea z users but it’s definitely legal.

Effects while awake

If you take this when you’re awake, there are not really any effects that you’ll notice, other than maybe feeling a bit more relaxed, tired, and sometimes if you close your eyes you’ll notice a few hypnagogic imagery on your eyelids as you would if you were trying to go to sleep.

Using calea zacatechichi for lucid dreaming!

What we’re all here for. We know calea is a great herb, we know it’s cheap and easy to get but how do you actually USE it to have lucid dreams? Well, there are MANY ways of taking it, but before we get into those, let’s just talk a little about how it’s going to work, and the MINDSET you need to bring to this experience.

Take it, alongside other techniques

Before taking this, you should be aware that like any lucid supplement, herb or pill, it gives dream support mainly. Nothing can DIRECTLY induce a lucid dream as I’m sure you’ve been told before. This is not much different but it WILL give you the effects we’ve talked about today.

Just be aware that it’s always very important to practice lucid dreaming techniques regardless of what supplement or pill you’re taking. Especially if you’re spending money on books, courses, supplements and things like that, you want to make sure you’re making the most of it.

You COULD just take the dream herb and hope for the best, without doing ANY other work or practice in the background, but it just wouldn’t make any sense. You’d be limiting yourself. Make sure you still with your dreams down, you still do your reality checks and you make the most of the resources available to you. Here are some ways you could take calea zacatechichi:

Tincture after 6 hours sleep

The best way I’d suggest starting out with this, is to take some of the tincture after about 6 hours of sleep. You COULD take it right before bed but the effects might not be as potent. It’s best to take it JUST before or during your REM sleep in the early morning! You could certainly combine this with the CAT technique for some great results!

Smoking calea zacatechichi

One of the most common ways of taking the dream herb is just by smoking the leaves in a roll up cigarette. Just like you’d roll up tobacco and smoke it, or cannabis (if that’s your thing) you can use the dried leaves of calea and smoke that.

Smoking the dream herb

People have reported that the is the easiest or best way to take it but sometimes the smoke can be quite harsh depending on the quality of the leaves and how well you roll it, what filter you use and other things. Just be careful.

It might be worth investing in a small water filtered bong if you’re planing on smoking this, so you can filter and cool the smoke before inhaling it. This is the best way of ingesting it and getting the substance to directly enter your bloodstream.

Is calea zacatechichi easy to grow?

Lots of people who take calea zacatechichi say it’s easier to just grow the leaves yourself, and then use them in a tea, or smoke them. This saves buying the leaves again and again and waiting for them to arrive, and it’s like a little ritual you can perform.

Having the plant in your room can make it feel more special and adventurous as it’s like you’re part of the growing process and see the leaves from start to finish as they enter your bloodstream. You can get the seeds here and it’s easy to grow them!

Calea Z pills and capsules

Another way of ingesting calea zacatechichi is swallowing a pill or capsule. This means no waiting to tea to boil, no rolling up the leaves and having to go outside to smoke them (or inside if you smoke inside), just pop a pill and go to sleep. You can get those fairly easily.

Calea zacatechichi tea

Brewing the leaves into a tea can taste really bad, but can be effective for getting the active ingredients into your system. Despite how bad it tastes, if you can get used to it or counter act the bad taste somehow, it’s a relaxing way of taking it!

Everyone likes a relaxing cup of tea every now and then, and so if you can stomach the bad taste, this could be a good way for you to take it. Just brew the leaves into boiling water and then filter out the leaves as you would with teabagless tea.

A great way to counter act the bitterness of the tea is to suck a sweet while drinking it, or eat a couple of strong mints before drinking it so your taste buds are slightly numbed and have the minty taste on them.

Mixing it with other substances

A few words should be said about MIXING calea Z with other substances. Sometimes this is a bad idea, and sometimes mixing it with other things can boost the effects and give some interesting side effects. None of this is medical advice and you take full responsibility if you choose to do or not do anything mentioned on this website.

One thing I will say is that mixing substances like this is a very personal thing, and as I said it’s down to the choice of the individual what they choose to mix it with. Some people will experience different effects to others, this is just a basic summary of some REPORTED effects of mixing. Enjoy!

Calea zacatechichi and cannabis

Mixing dream herb with cannabis has been said to sort of supplement the effects and make things seem that bit less negative. The combination has been said to make you more relaxed, and after a while, even has mild hallucinogenic effects.

It’s also said that mixing strong weed and calea z can make things a little bit hazy. Maybe this is because the effects sort of cancel each other out and make your vision and thinking blurry.

Calea Z and mugwort

Mixing dream herb with Mugwort has some surprising effects. Because you can already get dream support and an increase in vividness from EITHER of these two leaves/herbs, mixing them can boost this effect.

In fact, mixing different types of dream inducing herbs is not a new idea. Mixing natural dream supporting herbs can sometimes boost the effect of both. It’s a case of 1 plus 1 making 3.

Calea zacatechichi and alcohol

It’s not recommended to mix calea zacatechichi with alcohol of any sort. Alcohol is a REM suppressant and calea is very much a REM enhancer, so the effects of these two substances will not mix well.

It’s not suggested that you mix alcohol with ANY lucid supplement, and the ONLY way booze is ever a good idea for lucid dreaming is if you’re trying to have a REM rebound experience. That being said, some have said that soaking the leaves in vodka and then drinking that before bed gives vivid dreams, although this is not confirmed.

Calea zacatechichi and melatonin

Mixing calea z and melatonin could be a good idea, as melatonin is a good thing to take after you’ve had 6 hours of sleep. I’d suggest trying this out with a tiny dosage of both just in case things don’t mix well with you but in theory, this would be a good combination.

Dangers and side effects

There are a few negative side effects to this but these don’t happen to everyone. SOMETIMES this herb causes vomiting, especially if you’re not prepared for the bitter taste of the tea. The tea really does taste bad, but you can counter that with mints, or just by taking it in a different way.

The smoke can also be quite harsh and so if you’re not used to smoking or smoking harsh substances, please use a water bong or you could feel quite nauseous when you inhale the smoke.

Is calea zacatechichi dangerous?

Calea zacatechichi can be a bit rough if you’re not used to it or expecting it. Just be prepared that you MIGHT throw up at first, and you might feel dizzy and need to sit down. These effects usually pass and so after that, it’s not really dangerous at all.

Much like cannabis, you can just stop when you feel you’ve had enough, and even then, calea z effects are so mild that you probably will just go to sleep and have some nice dreams!

Can calea get you high?

Despite what you may have read, this herb cannot get you ‘high’. It is a sleep aid and provides vivid dream support but the WAKING effects are usually no more than just a mild relaxant and sometimes you’ll see imagery when you close your eyes.

Mixing it with OTHER things however as explained above, can produce different results but these are usually the result of the other substance it’s mixed with. If for example you take calea with cannabis, of course you’re going to get high, but that’s because of the cannabis.


Some people (hardly any though) report having mild headaches after taking this. This probably is a result of the tea being too strong, or the smoke being too harsh though. Some people are more susceptible to headaches than others.


Using calea z for lucid dreaming is a good idea. It’s going to give you more vivid dreams, you’ll remember more of them and they’re going to feel more real. What’s not to love? some things I would suggest using/getting along side this are:

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