Using Binaural Beats For Lucid Dreaming: A No-Nonsense Tutorial


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Binaural Beats (like these) are a type of sound which stimulates and changes your brain state. This can help you lucid dream, relax, think better, sleep better and MUCH more. Here’s everything you need to know.

This can create different effects in people, and noticeably, can help to induce lucid dreams! There are various types of these strange beats, and they each affect brainwaves in slightly different ways.

Some can give you increased energy and vitalize you, whereas others can relax and slow down your heart rate etc..



If you just want a no-nonsense binaural beats store, check Blisscoded sound out, there are free samples there! I started using these and after about 5 minutes, I felt INSTANTLY different. Listen to the sample!

I’m not kidding, after a few minutes of listening to these audios, I felt NOTICEABLY different, and I’m not just saying that.

I’m not even entirely sure how they work, just that they DO work.

I’ve not seen anything quite like it to be honest.

Alright, back to the post:

For lucid dreaming we want to be relaxed, but at the same time, aware, and we want our brains to be active while our body sleeps. Binaural beats were created by a German scientist called Heinrich Dove. They’re excellent for lucid dreaming, but they can just as easily be used for Meditation, Inspiration or any other state.

Or you could try these:

  • Ennora: high quality, lots to choose from. They offer things other than just lucid dreaming as well!
  • Acoustic brainwaves: A fairly new package but very powerful and works fast.
  • The unexplainable store: Big packages with lots of different sounds. Great support.
  • Blisscoded sound: Technically not binaural beats, but they produce many of the SAME effects that binaural beats do. These are based on ‘sacred geometry’ and the golden ratio that occurs throughout nature.

How do they work?

They work in much the same way that a tuning fork works – With a tuning fork, you strike the metal prongs against a hard surface, and they both vibrate, although they vibrate at different frequencies, they merge together to produce one sound in your brain. 

Binaural beats are two different frequencies played at the same time, in a sort of ‘back and forward’ vibrating fashion. This oscillation of sound creates an effect on the brain which allows it to enter various states.

It’s like if you constantly dripped something into a pool of water. Eventually, the ripples would take over the entire pool, even though the actual drip is tiny compared to the pool.

How binaural beats work

By having these two slightly different tones playing in either ear, your brain sort of slowly shifts to MATCH the frequency that they’re both making, which puts your brain into that state. If you’re playing 80HZ frequency in your left ear, and then 90HZ in your right ear, the result should be that your brain experiences a combined sound of 85HZ.

Sample binaural beats audio track (Theta waves)

Here’s a video we created with a Theta soundwave for lucid dreaming induction, enjoy! 

What are the different types of brainwaves?

Here are some of the most common/well known brainwaves and their HZ (Hertz; the measurement for frequencies).

  • Gamma: Above 4oHZ: This state is linked with higher mental function like critical thinking and perception
  • Beta: 12-40HZ: This state is linked with being logical, aware, alert and awake. People with beta brainwaves in the higher end (towards 40hz) are typically more stressed
  • Alpha waves: Between 6 and 14HZ. This state is linked to relaxation, reflecting on things, problem solving, and creativity
  • Theta waves: Linked to dreaming, light sleep, creativity, heavy relaxation and calmness
  • Delta waves: Between 0.5 and 4HZ. Very deep sleep, linked to growth hormone release

You can get binaural beats designed to move you into ANY of those states. The most common ones are beats or tracks that move you into the Alpha or Beta state for relaxing during the day or when you first wake up. We’ll be focusing on a different state.

If you want to try a few samples, these binaural beats are VERY good.

What is the best binaural beats frequency for lucid dreaming?

The best brainwave state for lucid dreaming is the Theta stage, which is 4HZ-8HZ frequency. This is the stage you’ll want to target and get into as you’re performing a lucid dreaming technique such as the WBTB, WILD, SSILD, or FILD.

Benefits and side effects of listening to binaural beats

There are some side effects, warnings, and also some great benefits to listening to binaural beats and brainwave entrainment products. I’ll summarize them here:

Benefits of binaural beats

  • Increased coginitive function
  • Better chance of having lucid dreams
  • Better and more relaxing sleep
  • Deeper meditation and relaxation
  • Increased mindfulness and positivity
  • Improved physical body healing
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels
  • Higher spiritual consciousness and ability to lucid dream

Wow. No wonder the best and most effective binaural beats packages are not free. That being said, with benefits like those, I’d be very happy to pay for them!

Side effects of binaural beats

Despite study after study finding that they really do help cognitive function, relaxation, lucid dreaming and much more, there will always be people saying that they don’t work or that they couldn’t get results with them.

It’s the same with almost any product, especially the ones we know less about. Here are some reported effects or dangers:

  • Overuse. If you use them all day, every day then you might experience mild headaches
  • Over using them at night: Using them every single night and listening to them ALL night can cause difficulty in sleeping
  • Listening to them too loud: They don’t need to be played really loud in order to work. Be sensible and set your headphones to a decent noise level

How to use binaural beats to lucid dream

These types of beats are great for controlling your dreams. As mentioned before, it’s a frequency which is created from two different sounds in your brain. The effect this has on the brain is to slow it down, allowing you to reach deep states of relaxation and meditation. This is perfect for controlling a dream and entering a deep relaxed state.

To use binaural beats to lucid dream, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you’ve got a dream diary to write down which beats worked best for you, and which ones didn’t. This will make it much easier to look back and sort of ‘review’ what beats worked well for you and what didn’t
  • You need to have successfully performed a WILD or a WBTB before ideally. Read up about those techniques first, as you’ll need to use them with your binaural beats
  • Set your alarm to go off 6 hours after you’ve fallen asleep to target your REM sleep. This is the part of your sleep where lucid dreams are the most likely
  • Wake up, turn off your alarm, and play your chosen binaural beats through your STEREO headphones while relaxing. Don’t move a muscle as you’re falling back asleep
  • Go back to sleep, performing a WBTB/WILD while listening to your binaural beats.
  • Enjoy your lucid dream!

Make them work better with mind machines

Mind machines like the Kasina are special devices which can combine visual stimulation through goggles with binaural beats through noise cancelling earphones. This creates a VERY powerful effect and can almost instantly put you into a trance state (which feels deeper than just listening to binaurals on their own). See our list of the best mind machines!


You might be thinking, why bother using binaural beats to lucid dream, if you’re going to be using the SAME techniques to lucid dream either way. You’re still going to have to put in the work and get up early in order to lucid dream, using most techniques.

This is a fair point, and it was probably one of the first questions I had when I first heard about brainwave entrainment and what it can do. Here’s my answer:

The truth is, lucid dreaming can be hard. It might take you MONTHS of practicing before you manage to have regular lucid dreams using common techniques like the wake induced lucid dream, but binaural beats make it 10X EASIER by guiding your mind into the state you’d otherwise try desperately to get into! (It’s also a lot easier with the lucid bootcamp, I’m just saying)

Some things to remember

If this is your first time doing this, you might not get it the first time. It might take you a few tries to really get used to falling asleep with binaural beats playing in your ear. Don’t worry, and stay positive about it! Here are some other tips:

  • They only work with stereo headphones, because they rely on your being able to play two DIFFERENT frequencies (one in each ear)
  • If you have heart problems or any sort of medical condition which might affect your sleep, breathing, or brain, consult your doctor before trying them
  • Be patient and give it your best shot!

Are binaural beats dangerous?

As these types of beats can change your brainwaves, they have been known to (very rarely) cause seizures in people who are already susceptible to that kind of thing.

They can also interfere with your heart rate, as they directly influence your breathing and how relaxed you are. People with heart problems or a history of seizures shouldn’t really use them. If you don’t have a history or heart problems or seizures etc, then you should be fine!

The BEST binaural beats for lucid dreaming

The issue with this is, there are LOTS of different providers, makers, and creators of brainwave entrainment on the internet. There are also LOTS of scam artists, fake beats, and binaural beats that simply DON’T WORK and don’t do anything. Here is a list of the BEST and most effective binaural beats that will actually help you lucid dream


  • Ennora: high quality, lots to choose from. They offer things other than just lucid dreaming as well!
  • Acoustic brainwaves: A fairly new package but very powerful and works fast.
  • The unexplainable store: Big packages with lots of different sounds. Great support.
  • Blisscoded sound: Technically not binaural beats, but they produce many of the SAME effects that binaural beats do. These are based on ‘sacred geometry’ and the golden ratio that occurs throughout nature.
  • Compound the effect and go deeper with mind machines like the Kasina meditation device

Learn how to use binaural beats

If you want to learn more about how to use binaural beats to do incredible things, watch this short video I made. You’ll learn how you can use them more effectively, how to KNOW if the binaural beats you’re using are real or fake, and how to DOUBLE their effectiveness.