These Bizarre 5000 Year Old Egyptian Lucid Dreaming SECRETS Can Help You Control Your Dreams Fast!

Are You Familiar With The ‘Dopamine Cycle’?’

The chances are no matter WHAT you try, you just can’t MASTER lucid dreaming.

You can’t have regular, reliable and vivid lucid dreams every week, even if you stay up late or do 10,000 reality checks in a day.

Maybe you’ve even tried expensive lucid dreaming devices, supplements or coaching, and just been left with a few sleepless nights, and a ‘half remembered’ dream?

What if I told you that your technique ISN’T the problem?

It’s probably a mixture of mindset, subconscious programming, and daily habits (especially relating to technology and ‘dopamine stimulation’).

A LOT more people are starting to become aware of a HUGE problem:

Firstly, modern technology has massively decreased our attention span year on year, for the last few decades.

This has meant we:

Get distracted very easily
Find it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep
Very rarely lucid dream (even if we try)
Constantly crave a ‘fresh hit of dopamine’ from social media
Find it hard to stay motivated to learn something new

So right from the start, we’re at an enormous disadvantage, compared to 100 years or so ago.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians and Indian cultures found it incredibly easy to lucid dream, and there are many references to lucid dreams throughout historical records.

They were so ‘in tune’ with the lucid world, that they would use them regularly for guidance from a Higher Power, signs, and subconscious ‘dream work’…

But, let’s go back to the present day…

It actually gets worse:

Most lucid dreaming courses or books completely ignore the problem, and try and teach induction techniques on TOP of that ‘broken’ mindset and framework.

It’s no wonder very few people manage to have RELIABLE lucid dreams…

You’re trying to build a ‘house’ on top of quicksand.


It took me a very long time and a lot of pain/money to figure this out, but I learned a LOT along the way. I did eventually figure out a very unusual but powerful system to fix this problem, and have regular lucid dreams…

But it’s not what you’re expecting.

In fact, It’s probably very different to anything else you’ve heard about lucid dreaming.

Ever Wondered Why The Egyptians Found It Easy To Lucid Dream?

Or why children find it easier than adults to have lucid dreams?

You probably haven’t heard of this,

In fact, unless you were alive 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, the chances are you’ve not tried what I’m hinting at here. It’s very well hidden, and I haven’t found any modern ‘lucid dreaming coach’ teaching these methods.

What’s that?

I know. You’re laughing, or saying ‘here we go’.

I would be skeptical too, actually.

And that’s actually what’s going to help you get this method to WORK for you, believe it or not. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This didn’t just come from nowhere. When I first started teaching lucid dreaming about 10 years ago, I taught what you probably already know.

The same basic techniques, with a few variations.

And that was great, but the problem is the vast majority of results people got were essentially placebo effect.


People STILL struggled to have regular lucid dreams, whenever they wanted.

Why Literally Everyone Can Have Regular Lucid Dreams Again, Even In This Modern Era (If You Do This)

Well, almost everyone.

Everyone who’s willing to practice a few ‘strange’ exercises for about 14 days.

You’d be surprised how many people are so affected by the ‘dopamine trap’ I’ll talk about soon, that they can’t even do that.

They can’t even practice something for 8 minutes a day for 14 days.

But if you think you can ‘fight back’, and stick to this for 14 days and spend about 3-8 minutes per day, then you WILL lucid dream.

There’s one other important thing to note:

This will only work if you’re actually sleeping.

If you’re affected by some sort of sleep disorder that actually prevents you from sleeping, then this probably won’t work for you.

But conditions like that are INCREDIBLY rare, and it’s highly unlikely you’re in that group.

Who Am I? (The HowToLucid Story)

I’m Kai Riverstone, the man behind HowToLucid, and lucid dreaming is my PASSION.

I love learning and teaching this, and I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now. My work has been featured in some pretty big places (see below), and my articles on lucid dreaming have reached well over 6 million readers.

My YouTube channel has now over 12 million views, and every day I get emails and messages from people just like you, thanking me for helping them have their first lucid dream.

I’ve spent 10+ years learning about, practicing and teaching lucid dreaming.

My approach combines several of my passions, including biohacking, habit formation, neuropsychology, neuro linguistic programming and personal growth. I like to combine these things together to give my work and methods a unique spin, that gets results fast.

I’ve always been obsessed with figuring out how things ‘tick’.

As a kid I would take apart my toys just to learn how to build them again, or to figure out what makes them work. This obsession evolved into a passion for personal growth and improving my body and mind.

As I grew and learned, I also developed a more spiritual and philosophical side, which led me to question things like ‘why are we here’ and ‘what happens after death’. That’s a topic for another day.

Through lucid dreaming, I believe we can access and unlock parts of ourselves that are otherwise hidden…

When I was younger, I actually suffered with overwhelming shyness and anxiety. I felt worthless and just had literally no confidence. I felt shy to even start conversations with people, and I was very worried about my appearance.

I actually changed all of that.

I started learning how to lucid dream, after having my first ‘accidental’ lucid dream as a young child. From then, I tried to learn s much as I could, but there was a problem.

I would learn something, let’s say a technique or a method, and apply it. I’s practice it and get some results maybe one or two lucid dreams. But then?


It’s like everything only worked for the first few tries, and then stopped. I later found this is because it was just a ‘placebo effect’ and not a reliable framework for lucid dreaming.

After about 5 years of teaching lucid dreaming, I set out to create the PERFECT system that would help almost everyone have reliable lucid dreams.

In my search, I came across many methods and teachings.

I examined thousands of books, articles, studies and stories.

I researched ancient cultures and civilisations, and stumbled upon several very interesting things.

The first being the worrying trends in technology and attention span in this decade. (But this can be reversed and fixed fairly easily, with some simple tweaks)…

And the overwhelming records of ancient peoples finding it VERY EASY to lucid dream!

What were they doing differently? Why did people struggle more now?

I eventually figured it out, but it gave me a big shock.

What DID The Egyptians Do Differently?


You’re probably wondering ‘what’s the secret’?

The real problem is often NOT your technique.

It’s actually another issue that no amount of techniques, articles, reality checks, supplements or uncomfortable masks is going to fix.

It’s your ‘inner game’.

Specifically, your subconscious motivation and reward circuits, and ‘dopamine cycle’.

Travel in your mind for a second, to ancient Egypt.

There were no smart phones, internet connections, computer animated action movies or virtual reality headsets.

Your brain back then would have produced a healthy amount of dopamine as a reward for pretty basic things like eating, working, exploring, and taking some time to relax or meditate.


Now our average attention spans are literally less than 7 SECONDS.

It’s probably a lot lower than that, and It’s declining every single year with the rise of new, highly addictive and stimulating social media apps and platforms.

When was the last time you meditated for over 90 minutes?

Have you ever?

I’m not saying you have to do that to lucid dream, but this sort of practice was very common 5000 years ago. In fact, it was weird NOT to do that.

And herein lies the main problem.

Your brain is ‘fried’ with an overly stimulated dopamine pathway.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that stimulates the feeling of WANTING to keep doing something.

It’s the reason you keep scrolling through Instagram, or keep refreshing your Facebook feed to see if there are any new comments or notifications.

But it’s also the SUBCONSCIOUS reason you aren’t able to lucid dream easily.

In the last decade especially, there have been billions of dollars spent by big tech to essentially ‘addict you’ to their platforms.



The more time and energy you spend on platforms like that, the more money they make. So the task has been given to artificial intelligence.

The AIs often just get trained and told a few basic things:

1: Get people to spend more time on the platform

2: Get people to keep coming BACK to the platform as often as possible

The ‘AI’ pays almost NO attention to what that would do to your mental health, attention span, motivation, emotions, or really anything else.

Much LESS attention is paid to the effect it has on your ability to focus, or do things like, say, lucid dream.

Now, the ‘dopamine cycle’ is one part of the problem, but it’s actually pretty easy to fix.

There are several little pieces to what I call the ‘modern brain puzzle’.

Things that just weren’t a problem 5000 years ago.

You can see some of this playing out in children today.

On average, children or people under the age of 15, find it MUCH easier to lucid dream than adults do. It’s because at that age, their dopamine system has not been damaged too much.

This is of course changing now, as more and more children are having access to smartphones, but it’s an interesting point.

Your brain is ‘fried’ with an overly stimulated dopamine pathway.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that stimulates the feeling of WANTING to keep doing something.

It’s the reason you keep scrolling through Instagram, or keep refreshing your Facebook feed to see if there are any new comments or notifications.

But it’s also the SUBCONSCIOUS reason you aren’t able to lucid dream easily.

In the last decade especially, there have been billions of dollars spent by big tech to essentially ‘addict you’ to their platforms.



The more time and energy you spend on platforms like that, the more money they make. So the task has been given to artificial intelligence.

The AIs often just get trained and told a few basic things:

1: Get people to spend more time on the platform

2: Get people to keep coming BACK to the platform as often as possible

The ‘AI’ pays almost NO attention to what that would do to your mental health, attention span, motivation, emotions, or really anything else.

Much LESS attention is paid to the effect it has on your ability to focus, or do things like, say, lucid dream.

Now, the ‘dopamine cycle’ is one part of the problem, but it’s actually pretty easy to fix.

There are several little pieces to what I call the ‘modern brain puzzle’.

Things that just weren’t a problem 5000 years ago.

You can see some of this playing out in children today.

On average, children or people under the age of 15, find it MUCH easier to lucid dream than adults do. It’s because at that age, their dopamine system has not been damaged too much.

This is of course changing now, as more and more children are having access to smartphones, but it’s an interesting point.

In fact not only does the dopamine problem affect your ability to lucid dream, it also affects your ability to WANT to lucid dream (consciously and subconsciously).

Specifically I’m talking about your motivation and focus.

And you guessed it, there’s your number one cause of problems when trying to meditate, practice techniques like the WILD, or recall your dreams.

It’s like trying to balance a spinning plate on a pencil, while ALSO trying to watch 50 TV screens, at the same time.

Just won’t happen.

Your mindset, at least at certain times, has to be focused and distraction free.

Finally Revealed: How To Effortlessly REVERSE These Problems, And Start Having Regular, Beautiful Lucid Dreams Whenever You Want!

So how can you reverse the ‘dopamine problem’ and several of the other issues modern life has created?

By the way:

This is NOT about destroying your phone and going back to live in a cave.

There are actually several powerful habits you can install, that will let you KEEP using your phone, laptop etc, but without these harmful effects.

Here’s the simple solution to more lucid dreams:

1. Reverse engineer your life and remove distractions, manipulation, ‘dopamine hijacking’ and harmful blue light exposure from your daily routine (along with some other ‘problem patterns’)

2. Get inside your subconscious brain and rewire yourself to WANT to practice lucid dreaming, and to effortlessly do reality checks at the right time, without even trying

3. Learn powerful ‘all day awareness’ and ‘lucid living’ techniques that give your brain superpowers in the fight

4. On top of THAT foundation, learn the most effective techniques and concepts, use our tools to stay motivated, and experience lucid mastery within 14 days.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper:

First, you have to ‘reverse engineer’ the problem.

This can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing, but we’ve laid everything out step by step for you.

If dopamine addiction is part of the problem, we have to break that addiction first.

Then comes your mindset, and your motivation pathways.

You need to actually feel GOOD when you practice these things. I see so many people saying they’re struggling to remember to do reality checks, or they just don’t want to wake up at ‘weird times’ to practice.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to.

It will feel good, and you’ll ENJOY practicing these things.

Next, your subconscious mind. It’s SO important to fix your internal beliefs about lucid dreaming, because the chances are you have ‘internal blocks’ about becoming lucid.

They’re easy to pick up, but a bit harder to ‘unlearn’. The system shows you how to ‘unlearn’ them, and install new, powerful and self affirming beliefs into your mind. This gives your brain lots more motivation to keep trying.

Now, one of the most common things I hear people say is that they can’t REMEMBER to keep doing reality checks. It’s linked to the dopamine problem we mentioned earlier, but it’s also connected to a few other psychological principles that we’ll get onto.

We’ll give you a new framework to ENJOY reality checks, remember them without any annoying reminders, and actually get them to SHOW UP in your dreams, 9 out of 10 times.

And then finally, we’ll build the most effective techniques, methods and concepts on top of that new, strong foundation. Of course, I’m simplifying this here, but that’s the outline.

Very informative and detailed course for beginners as well for the advanced. Unique content from his own experience and perspective”


“Yeah of course i’ve been trying to reality shift for about 8 months now and when i found out about your videos on shifting through lucid dreaming i thought id give it a try since i lucid dream unintentionally and pretty often. when i lucid dreamt, i would become lucid but it was difficult to take control of myself and everything else around me. but howtolucid and Kai’s techniques like reality checks, and how writing things down can help. in maybe a week or two i was able to lucid dream and shift!! yes i actually shifted i still can’t believe it. and i wanted to say thank you because i wouldn’t have done it without your videos”


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“I also wanted to tell you that literally just watching your videos is basically giving me some super power into lucid dreaming, been traveling within my home flying & doing weightless acrobatics & last night I remembered your story about getting stuck so I went ahead & flew through the wall like a ghost & thankfully did not get stuck but did become heavier in weight making it much harder to take off in flight until I kinda just gave in & was like, okay let’s just dream now & left the lucid experience alone until tonight… For real though not sure if others are actually getting anything as quickly from your material as I am but it’s pretty cool, you definitely are on your path….”


“Hey I just wanted to say after I watched the emergency technique video on the course I tried it the other night, and wow I had so many crazy vivid dreams through the night and on my last 2 hours before I had to wake up for the day I had my Second! Lucid dream! That’s so awesome to me because I was expecting it to literally take a few months before my second one but It was in the matter days! So yea that’s awesome I’m excited to keep doing the course!”


How I Created A Framework To Reliably Lucid Dream


So as you can see, there are several ‘moving parts’ here.

Several little things that need fixing, before we can even think about practicing a technique or doing a reality check.

Back when I first started teaching this 10 years ago, without realising it, I was teaching techniques that weren’t that effective.

Or at least, they weren’t effective UNLESS you’d first fixed these problems and had a strong foundation. Once I became aware of the dopamine problem and some other ‘brain viruses’ people had, I searched for a solution.

And amazingly, I couldn’t find ANYTHING.

Well, I couldn’t find anything in the lucid dreaming space.


I found a few courses that taught you how to fix the dopamine cycle and optimise the subconscious mind, but they were about $2000 or more and not really focused on lucid dreaming at all.

At the time, I was living at my parents house and had no real ‘rush’ to move out.

I didn’t have a regular job at the time either, and I was FASCINATED by this lucid dreaming world.

I had a lot of free time, and a lot of DESIRE to learn and find a solution…

So I set out to create the ‘ultimate’ lucid dreaming system.

Something that would give other people the incredible benefits of lucid dreaming that had changed my life. I knew I wanted it to be based on fixing that foundation problem, but a few other things came up as well.

I eventually came up with the first version of the Breakthrough system, and sent it to a few friends to try out.

The results were very good, and many of them had their first lucid dream and went on to have MORE lucid dreams…

But over half of the people I sent it to, didn’t use it.

They forgot, or watched a few videos and then went on to try other things or live their life.

The problem?

I’d created a solution that was very time consuming, and in many parts, ‘boring’ unless you were as nerdy about lucid dreaming as me.

So I destroyed it!

I went back to the beginning, and created a new system that was not only focused on fixing the underlying problem people have with lucid dreaming…

But that ALSO made it fun, easy to learn, and fast.

I had also been learning about the ‘Pareto principle’ at the time.

The idea that 80% of your results will usually come from about 20% of your ACTIONS.


So I created the new Lucid Breakthrough system with that in mind.

I condensed the videos down to 5-10 minutes each, and created ‘done for you’ templates, workbooks and exercise plans that would help you stick with it and enjoy doing it.

The result was a system that the VAST majority of people actually stick with and use.

And of the people that DO use it, it’s very likely you’ll lucid dream 2-4 times a week after 14 days of practicing and going through the course.

After many years, thousands of hours of research, and probably thousands of pounds invested in training and studying, it was ready.

What You’ll LEARN In The Lucid Breakthrough Course


Learn exactly WHY you’ve struggled to lucid dream before, and what causes a technique to work or FAIL, so you can avoid making those mistakes again, and ACTUALLY lucid dream fast


How to UNLOCK lucid dreaming so you can easily decide when you want to experience this. Decide to experience the impossible and do things you wouldn’t DARE to do in waking life


How to stay focused and motivated enough to ACTUALLY lucid dream and learn the skill for LIFE (even if you’re lazy and don’t have much time of effort to put into it) PLUS The one thing that’s helped more of my students than ANYTHING ELSE, and how you can apply this in your life today


What lucid dreaming REALLY is and how it works in the brain, so you can better understand how it works and what you’re trying to achieve


​How to work out how long it will take you to have your first (or NEXT) lucid dream so you can set your expectations right!


The REAL way to do reality checks that you’re not doing yet! Learn how to get INSIDE your reality checks, and BURN them into your mind so they always show up and make you lucid


The BEST times to do reality checks to make sure they help you get lucid, and WHY most reality checks you do WILL NOT show up in your dreams! (Unless you do this thing)


How to get your reality checks to show up in your dreams on ‘autopilot, so you can effortlessly realise you’re dreaming without having to set weird alarms and wake yourself up early (You’ll learn The CRITICAL mistake you’re making with your reality checks)


The difference between ‘short term’ and ‘long term’ techniques, and how to use BOTH in the right way to lucid dream on autopilot, in a way that IMPROVES your sleep quality


​A technique I created that’s so effective, it can give you up to 4 lucid dreams in one night (but it makes you tired the next day, that’s the catch for that one!)


What your first lucid dream will FEEL like, so you can get inspired, motivated and excited to continue learning. I’ll also show you how to KNOW for sure whether you’ve had a lucid dream or not


How to have ‘EMERGENCY lucid dreams’ with a guaranteed technique (the catch is that it’ll make you tired the next day, but it WORKS) so that you can take lucid dreaming for a ‘test drive’


​How to easily stack the ‘odds’ in your favor, so that your brain and environment HELP you lucid dream, and it’s easier TO lucid dream than not to lucid dream. (This will save you lots of time and wasted effort at night)


Why you need to keep track of things and how to keep a dream journal the right way (Doing this right will give you a 50% boost in the number of dreams you can recall, and they’ll be more vivid too!


Fix your BROKEN mindset about lucid dreaming, and change the beliefs you can’t see (Your subconscious beliefs that are holding you back)


​Lucid dreaming TECHNIQUES MASTERCLASS: In depth tutorials on WBTB, WILD, 90ILD and more where I share unique twists and upgrades for these techniques to make them more effective


How to use my lucid tracking template to get really ‘nerdy’ about your lucid dreams, and KNOW EXACTLY what’s stopping you from having reliable lucid dreams (also, a free template is included in this course for you to fill in and use)


​5+ simple and powerful techniques to REMEMBER more dreams in less than 72 hours, in incredible detail, so you’ll never miss another lucid memory again


The crippling ‘Lucid dreamers momentum trap’ – Every day that goes by it becomes LESS likely you’ll lucid dream unless you do this one thing! (I’ll show you how to change that in just a few hours)


​How to put it all together, and what to practice every day (With a focus on DIFFERENT and UNUSUAL ways of doing what you’ve been trying already so you’ll lucid dream)


Tame the sleep paralysis fears: Learn how to never be afraid of sleep paralysis or nightmares again (and how to turn them into beautiful ‘golden’ lucid dreams)


Plus lots more secret stuff like Keeping your mind awake during WILD, making lucid dreams last much longer, and how to turbo charge your personal and spiritual growth

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Lucid ‘Optimisation Journal’ Tracking Templates


Save MONTHS of making mistakes by knowing EXACTLY what you’re doing right or wrong. A custom journal template asking you direct questions that will help you lucid dream, and focus more on recalling more of your dreams. This is to go along with the course and make it more likely you’ll stick with it!

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Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers

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‘Hack’ your subconscious and ‘brainwash yourself’ to lucid dream. A beautiful lucid ‘graphics pack’ with phone lockscreens, reality check reminders, desktop and laptop wallpapers and lucid dreaming quotes. ​This will really help keep you motivated and remind you to do reality checks! These are the graphics I made for myself and I still use them. I thought you might be able to use them as well!

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2: If you find the exercises annoying, too difficult, or you don’t know EXACTLY what to do to have lucid dreams on autopilot, you can get all of your money back and keep the course. 

3: If you’re having a bad day, you don’t like the sound of my voice, you can get your money back and keep the course. I want this to be an absolute no-brainer for you. 

I believe you’ll love this course SO much that you won’t ever need to use this. See for yourself. 

This Lucid Breakthrough course is absolutely amazing! I enjoyed watching all of the videos that Kai Riverstone made for those of as who are lucky enough to take part in the course and I was very impressed with his simple explanations.

There is so much content available within every single module. Videos, links to other articles, lists of various helpful things, free e-books (hundreds of pages long) and guides on supplements etc.

What gave me my “aha” moment was when Kai Riverstone explained that the way that most of us do our reality checks Is not completely right. Now that I have understood what I actually need to do, I have been more aware in my every day life and am remembering my dreams more often. Due to this, I feel that I will be more likely to become Lucid more often.

The item that’s has played a large role in helping me is the Journal Tracking Template that is given to us with this course. Even though I was writing my dreams down in my phone, I prefer the way that this template tracks allows me to track my dreams. It is far easier for me to just wake up and type everything in.

Thank you so much for creating this. It has put me into such a good routine now and i know that it will help a lot of other people too! – especially newbies.

Thank you 🙏”


“yes! ive been trying some of the things out so i can give an honest review and i think its helped me. after i almost shifted with lucid dreaming, i stopped remembering my dreams completely. but ive been using the binaural beats and doing more reality checks and i had two dreams last night that i completely remember. i think it helped me get back on track with dreams and ill be lucid dreaming again very soon, i know it”


“From what I’ve been through so far, I can safely say that you are skilled at articulating your process in a practical and easily understandable manner that I have thoroughly enjoyed thus far.

I can definitely see that there is alot of passion and compassion behind the material I have gone through 😊. I have had very little difficulty lucid dreaming from a young age, so seeing some of what you speak about confirming and relaying the experiences I have come across innately in my own exploration is an incredibly promising aspect of your work in my opinion, it not only indicates the dedication you have to practicing what you speak about but it also affirms my faith that you teach directly from personal experience and understanding of the lucid dream state and the infinite possibilities available to anyone who undergoes this journey of self exploration.”


“Hey Kai Riverstone! I checked out your lucid dreaming course, and I think it’s very detailed and formative. I love that each topic is organized into separate modules and that you’ve structured the course in a step-by-step process.

I also feel that the additional resources, like your iPhone app, dreaming supplements, binaural beats, and ebooks/guides are great offerings! The app is perfect for anyone learning to lucid dream, and I feel it has all of the essentials for staying committed to building the foundation for lucid dreaming. I also love how customizable the app is so you can personalize it to your own lucid dreaming needs. Lastly, I also really like your PDF about 100 Things To Do In A Lucid Dream and added some new ideas from it to my Lucid Dreaming To-Do List!”


Hey! I had my THIRD lucid dream last night! This is all in the span of a month! Because I been doing what your course said. That’s awesome! Who knows I might be able to have them all the time soon!”


This course is one of a kind! As far as I’ve seen, this is the most thorough and digestible explanation of lucid dreaming. Kai Riverstone explores every aspect of what could be holding you back from achieving your lucid dreams. I know for me, once I started this course I saw a significant improvement in my dream awareness and my ability to understand reality checks. The techniques and materials this course provides dramatically changed the success I was having with remembering my dreams.

With this course, I was able to instantly identify why my reality checks weren’t showing up in my dreams. The module on reality checks was SO helpful; there were methods I learned in this course that I have not seen mentioned in any videos I’ve found on lucid dreaming before. These methods were the ticket to my success. Kai Riverstone is very thorough in every explanation; with this course, no stone is left unturned! I would recommend it to ANYONE who is struggling with lucid dreaming, or if you’re just wanting to simply learn more about how to make your ability to lucid dream more reliable! 10/10 stars!”

Anna Rice

“The course was overall very concise and practical. All the most useful techniques were covered, as well as general advice. The course helped me re-evaluate my lucid dreaming practice. The journalling exercises were particularly motivating, and I started recording my dreams in more detail, thus my recall improved a lot


“I am really impressed by the Lucid Breakthrough Course so far. The videos are of a great length, they’re concise and to the point, meaning it definitely feels like something you can commit to for a sustained period, which is so important for a skill that requires practice (in order to be able to do it regularly and reliably, at least!) There are great summaries beneath each video and PDF notes for each module, which really help you to navigate quickly and keep on track.

I’m finding the course to be motivational without being unrealistic, which is what excites me the most: these goals feel that perfect balance of attainable and exciting. There are also so many extra resources to explore,, from documents explaining the basics to practical templates to ebooks that give you inspiring ideas of new activities to try in your lucid dreams. The possibilities really feel endless. I’m really enjoying the course so far and can’t wait to develop my abilities and be able to lucid dream reliably and with more clarity!

“The Lucid Breakthrough Course is the course for anyone who hopes to be a better dreamer. Kai Riverstone shares his years of expertise and enthusiasm in this very thorough, in-depth comprehensive how-to guide that is tailored to those who may have struggled in the past to achieve their first lucid dream, or to master habitual lucid dreaming.

As someone who has been interested in lucid dreaming for years but hasn’t been able to experience regular lucid dreams, I’ve found that the course has provided a fresh, new and eye-opening approach re-learning what was once familiar. It’s only been a week but I’ve already made drastic progress after determining what I was doing right and wrong, and being able to fine-tune my lucid dreaming skills. The pdf summary notes and materials following the lessons are practical and includes an immersive myriad of links to related content and resources to explore.

Participants would come away from this course knowing exactly what to do in order to build a foundation for long-term sleep health and effective lucid dreaming habits.”


“Great work Kai Riverstone! Your Lucid Breakthrough Course is targeted, well thought out, thorough, and concise. It’s a HUGE timesaver and can definitely help a lot of people. Compiling all this great information, into an easy to digest layout, is no easy task, and you did wonderful! The videos are short and to the point. There are audio files so you can listen on the go. And the documents and templates you have in there are great! I’ll be making use of the 100 Things To Do In Your Dreams book! Haha thanks for that”

Matt Chong (Lucid Explorers)

Got Questions About This?

What IS The Lucid Breakthrough Course?

It’s a high quality video course (with free audio version included) teaching you why you’re not ALREADY lucid dreaming. It’s designed for people who have TRIED to lucid dream already, learned techniques and how it’s SUPPOSED to work, but nothing seems to be working.

It’s often a few simple problems, but it’s also usually a lack of understanding about HOW these things work. Let me take you by the hand and explain in GREAT detail how it all works, and what you’re doing wrong.

Can ANYONE Learn To Lucid Dream?

Yes, anyone can learn to lucid dream, and this course has helped all sorts of people learn the skills to lucid dream easily. In fact, that’s the main benefit of the course; ANYONE can apply these tips and lucid dream within 2 weeks, or you get your money-back!

Do I Need To Print This Out Or Buy Anything Else?

No, this is a video course, with audio recordings and PDF ebooks. However, you might want to print out the affirmations and the dream journal template.

But you don’t have to because you could just copy the TEXT of the affirmations to your phone, and use the template as a guideline for writing in your journal. The MAIN product here is the video and audio recordings, which of course can’t be printed.

Does It Matter How Old I Am?

It doesn’t matter how old you are. As long as you’re still sleeping and dreaming, you can lucid dream. Even if you don’t THINK you’re dreaming, you probably are, you just might not remember those dreams. Either way this will work for you

What If The Course Doesn't Work Or I DON'T Lucid Dream?
I haven’t had one person tell me it doesn’t work yet, but if it doesn’t give you lucid dreams (and you’ve followed the steps) then I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. You can get a full refund for up to 30 days, and you can even keep the course along with all the bonuses.

The refund proccess is also super simple, and most of it is automated. You can simply reach out to support using the link you’ll get when you purchase, select ‘I would like a refund’ and it will be approved and processed within 24 hours. This is to make sure you feel comfortable and happy taking action today.

I know how annoying it can be when you buy something and then it turns out to dissapoint you, and getting a refund is tricky. I’ve made sure that if you do want a refund for whatever reason, it’s very easy, fast and frictionless. 

Is This A Physical Product?
No, the Breakthrough Course is a video and audio course, with downloadable PDF bonus files as well. You can choose to download the audios, PDFs etc, but there’s nothing PHYSICAL you’ll get in the mail. You’ll get instant access to all of this, once you’ve entered your payment information.

This is actually better than a physical set of DVDs, because I can constantly update, improve and add to the members area, and you’ll get access to all of that at no extra cost. I’m constantly adding new videos, content, resources and materials to the members area.

How Is This Different To My Other Ebooks Or Courses?

The Breakthrough Course is essentially like me personally coaching you. If you’ve watched videos, read articles, bought ebooks or courses and NOTHING has worked for you, you need special help. The chances are you need to APPROACH it in a different way. This course is that different approach. 

I’m very proud of this program, and it’s based around the MOST effective, proven lucid dreaming techniques and research. Long story short, it really works, and you can trust that it will help you RELIABLY lucid dream, when other things have failed. 

How Do I Pay And Access The Course?

When you click ‘buy’ on this page, you’ll be directed to a payment page. Once you’ve entered your payment details, you’ll THEN instantly be taken to a download page where you can download your products. You can pay with any debit or credit card! In case you lose the page, or close the tab, you’ll also be emailed a direct access link which you can access at any time, on any device. 

What If I Have Questions While I'm Going Through The Course?

Any questions or problems you have with the video course, you can email me at contact @ and I’ll reply ASAP. Quote your order number please when emailing me questions and expect about 4-6 hours for a reply but it’s often a lot faster. I’m here for you, to make sure you succeed and lucid dream. 

The Way I See It, You Have 3 Options Right Now…



Close this tab, ignore what you’ve read here and ‘bury your head in the sand’. Pretend you don’t want to lucid dream, it’s not worth the time, and just ignore it. You’ll probably come back to this moment in a few months though, when you realise what you’re missing out on!



Try and figure it all out yourself.
Piece it together from videos, articles, and spend months or even years trying to work out how to do it, and how to keep yourself motivated enough



Follow my proven system that’s already helped thousands of lucid dreamers. Follow the steps, and have lucid dreams within 20 days. Take advantage of my research, knowledge and systems, and start experiencing incredible lucid dreams within one month.

So take the red pill, and start exploring your mind tonight.

This could be the best decision you make all year.

Start lucid dreaming in the next few nights, and experiencing the IMPOSSIBLE!