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This is where you can find most of the things I talk about in my podcast. There are links to various things here like courses, ebooks, courses, tools, supplements and other random things. 

This is our lucid dreaming podcast page! Watch this video below, first!

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General resources and notes mentioned will be listed here:

Notes, tools and links to things mentioned

  • Learn more about me and howtolucid (Our other social media platforms are there too)
  • The Lucid Dreaming BOOTCAMP: Our most effective course on lucid dreaming guaranteed to make you lucid within 2 weeks or your money back. Read reviews and learn how it works.
  • Mind Lab Pro: The nootropic I use to focus and lucid dream more. Highly recommended and very good ingredients on this one!
  • Our free lucid dreaming app: This is a great way of remembering to do reality check reminders and writing your dreams down. Only on Iphone at the moment!
  • Our patreon page: If you’d like to support us and help us grow this website and give you guys more content, consider donating a dollar or more a month!
  • Our custom lucid dreaming journal: This is a perfect thing to write your dreams down in, and comes with beautiful lucid dreaming quotes and tips!
  • The best lucid dreaming supplements: A huge list and comparison of the best lucid dreaming pills or supplements. Check it out because there are DISCOUNT links for most of them, so you can save money!
  • The best mind machines: Mind machines are devices that help you meditate and get into relaxed trance like states. See our comparison of the TOP mind machines out there and get a generous discount as well
  • Lucid dreaming techniques: The best lucid induction techniques and how they work explained in detail
  • The best binaural beats: The binaural beats that you WANT compared and reviewed in detail

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