Advanced Lucid Dreaming Techniques: Not For Beginners


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Lucid dreaming has limitless potential, and after 7 years I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Here are some advanced lucid dreaming techniques, ideas, tricks and experiments for you to try.

We’re going to look at some advanced lucid dreaming techniques for diving deeper into the lucid dream. This page is for those of you who have had some success with the basics of lucid dreaming, and can use dream stabilisation to stay in the dream longer. There are lots of things you can do to explore the dream further.

You can learn more about yourself and experience things you never thought were possible. The longer you lucid dream, the more you realise just how profound it really is. There are so many different techniques, ideas, methods and ideas you could explore.

Before you attempt any of this!

Before trying any of these things, please learn how to lucid dream normally first. Get to the point where you can remember at least one dream per night, and at least once a week or every two weeks, you’re having a lucid dream. Here are some things to help you, before attempting advanced stuff: (They’ll open in new tabs)

Advanced lucid dreaming techniques

Feel free to bookmark this page and refer back to it. Clicking on a link to a post will open a new tab. Before doing any of these, it’s highly recommended that you know how to lucid dream normally first. Trying to do these things when you can’t lucid dream will just be frustrating for you.

1: Getting around faster with dream portals

Dream portals are a way you can travel around the dream scene without having to actually move around. You can find these portals almost anywhere, but there is a bit of a knack to finding ones that are going to work. They can be used escape nightmares or to actually create a new dream scene entirely.

Flying in a lucid dream

Dream portals are sometimes tricky to master, because they sometimes take you to somewhere random that you didn’t want to go. You have to really expect that you’ll end up where you’re trying to get. Read more about dream portals.

  • Find something in the dream that can be entered like a doorway, window or hole in the ground
  • Before entering it, imagine where you’d like to go vividly
  • Tell yourself that you’ll end up there when you enter the portal
  • Enter the portal and EXPECT to end up where you wanted

2: Stabilising the dream by doing math problems

When you get on to deeper dreaming you’re going to want to make sure you don’t just ‘wake up’ too early. Doing simple maths problems in a dream is one easy way to keep your mind engaged and keep yourself in the dream for longer.

Start by just doing simple maths problems like 2+2 and use it as a tool to keep yourself focused and alert in the dream world. I have a whole post about maths in a dream for those who are interested.

  • Start by getting lucid and doing a reality check
  • Once you’re lucid and want to make the dream more stable, do a simple math problem
  • This can be something as simple as 1 + 1
  • Do the math problems in the dream when you feel the dream starting to collapse or get darker

3: Stopping time in a dream


You can actually slow down or stop time in a lucid dream quite easily. Of course, when you’re stopping time, all you’re really doing is changing your preemption of how fast time is passing. That being said you can still use this technique to slow the dream down and feel like you’re doing more in the dream.

4: Playing instruments in a dream

With a little technique, you can actually play any instrument in a dream really easily. Because your mind already knows what music sounds like and how certain instruments should sound, you can just ‘remember’ these sounds and you’ll have the ability to play any instrument. You can also use this to be creative and write songs in a dream.

5: Exploring alien planets

You can explore other worlds in a dream and use these other worlds to get inspired to write a story, or just for fun! I’ve had many exciting dreams where I’ve explored other worlds, planets and even universes. It’s a really exciting thing to do and it will inspire you to do so much more.

Alien world in a dream

It’s a pretty advanced idea but you can explore and discover alien planets in a dream by traveling to them. See more about alien worlds.

  • Become lucid somehow (using whichever technique you prefer)
  • Look around you and decide where you want to go, (an alien planet for example)
  • Either fly to it (by jumping in the air an expecting yourself to keep rising up into the air) or teleport using a dream portal
  • Once you’re there, enjoy it and look around!

6: Moving objects with your mind

Telekinesis is an advanced lucid dreaming technique involving you moving objects with your mind. It’s not for beginners but if you want to learn more, I cover this in my superpowers book. When you master this advanced technique you’ll be able to move anything out of your way in a dream.

It feels incredible as well, and you’ll be able to easily deal with nightmares or things in a lucid dream which might get in the way of you doing what you want.

7: Dissolving the dream scene

This is something you can in a lucid dream when you’re fully aware and focused. You can dissolve the dream scene to make yourself experience ‘pure awareness’ or ‘white bliss’. I’ve done this once or twice now and it’s the most incredible feeling in the world.

  • Before you go to sleep, spend all day visualizing being completely ‘aware’ and relaxed, floating in a sea of white space, being completely aware. (read the post I just linked to to see what it feels like)
  • Become lucid and make sure you’re about to enter a deep REM sleep period (in the early morning)
  • Do as many techniques as you can to stabilize the dream (maths, rubbing your hands together etc)
  • Ask the dream to show you transcendence. The experience will be slightly different for everyone, but you’re aiming for the dream to break down, and almost dissolve.
  • What happens next is you’ll experience all the emotions you can imagine, all at once. It’s overwhelming, and NOT for beginners.

Using nootropics and supplements to boost the dream

There are some great ways you can make your dream more vivid, longer, and more interesting. There are certain supplements that you can take which increase your chance of becoming lucid AND make it more vivid, deeper, and realistic.

Here’s a great way to expereince deeper dreams, take any of the following supplements after sleeping for 6 hours (so you’ll have ALREADY slept most of the night, set your alarm, woken up and then you’re going to take one of these and go BACK to sleep):

Once you’ve taken the pill, use the toilet, have a quick drink of water if you need to, and go straight back to bed. You’re now going to perform a wake back to bed dream MIXED with the WILD (wake induced lucid dream), which essentially is this:

  • Lay down, close your eyes and relax all your muscles. Focus particularly on relaxing your neck, shoulders and jaw
  • Pretty quickly you’ll stat to drift back to sleep. Focus on keeping your mind awake, by visualizing patterns, shapes, colors etc
  • You might also hear noises. Don’t let your mind go to sleep, but concentrate on not moving your muscles at all
  • After a few minutes you’ll be in a dream. The dream should be more vivid, and feel much more real as a result of the supplements
  • Whenever you wake up after this, write down QUICK notes in your dream diary then go back to sleep and do it again. This is called ‘dream chaining’

Set yourself targets!

Before going to sleep at night, set yourself small targets and goals. This can be things you want to do in the lucid dream. It can be really simple, but setting targets is the fastest way to grow your skills as a lucid dreamer. Here are some examples of things you could try and do in the dream:

  • Find a mirror, and look into it
  • Ask the dream to show you something incredible
  • Find your clone in the dream world and talk to him/her
  • Go into the future and find yourself, living your future life
  • Find a red door
  • Become the president of your country

Next steps for advanced dreamers

Aside from using lucid supplements, nootropics and vitamins for advanced lucid dreaming, you might find our superpowers guide useful. The superpowers guide takes you through exactly how to practice and experience specific superpowers. Here are some more things you could try: