LucidEsc by Vividream: A Complete Honest Review (2024)


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

LucidEsc is a lucid dreaming pill from the fresh company; ‘Vividream’.

It’s intended to provide dream support and help people become lucid in their dreams. It does this very well, but there’s much more to say than just that. Let’s get into it.

How does LucidEsc work?

The way this pill works is by making it more likely that you’ll become lucid in your dreams. It does this using its main active ingredients; Huperzine A and Choline. These work together to make it more likely you’ll lucid dream.

They’re commonly known as some of the most powerful lucid dream inducing supplements and for good reason.

Lucidesc review by vividream

The ingredients in LucidEsc

The Huperzine A improves your memory and specifically your dream recall. This means that when you do lucid dream, you’re more likely to remember it. It also means that dreams will be in general, easier to remember. Research also shows that Huperzine A boots the vividness of dreams and increases vividness during REM sleep.

Alpha GPC helps support learning, and brain function. It has been linked to better and deeper REM sleep,  mental drive, more focus and improved memory. This makes it a perfect addition to the supplement and it goes hand in hand with the other ingredients in LucidEsc.

Choline Bitartrate is another compound found in LucidEsc. Choline is something that is found naturally in our food but over 90% of us don’t get enough of it from our diets alone! Another vividness boosting ingredient.

The good stuff about LucidEsc

There’s lots of good things that can be said about LucidEsc. This review doesn’t cover EVERYTHING but it should give you a pretty good idea. For more information and to read reviews you should check out the Amazon page for LucidEsc.

It provides dream support

LucidEsc provides great dream support and I’ve had many lucid dreams as a result of being on this pill. I use it most commonly combined with the WBTB technique as I find this makes it work the best. I wouldn’t advise people who are BRAND NEW to lucid dreaming to just take this, as all it would probably do is make dreams more vivid.

That being said, when combined with techniques, and even just a little bit of knowledge about what lucid dreams are and how to achieve them, one pill goes a long way.

I got a very restful sleep

Something I found that was a sort of side effect of taking this was that my sleep seemed a little bit more restful for the following few nights. Maybe because I went to sleep sort of more confident in the fact I’d lucid dream? I don’t know, but I certainly felt better sleeping after taking this.

The Bad stuff

There isn’t really anything bad to say about LucidEsc, it’s certainly one of the best lucid supplements out there, for good reason. I think the bottle design is really unique and interesting. It makes it feel different to other supplements which we’re used to seeing in round bottles. It’s a little bit unusual and dreamy just for that reason!

Side effects of LucidEsc

The only side effect I found when using LucidEsc was that I found if I hadn’t eaten during the day, I felt a little nauseous when taking this during the early hours of the morning but to be honest, that was probably just because I ain’t eaten during the day. I normally feel a bit sick when I haven’t eaten anyway so it’s nothing to be concerned about. Just make sure you eat during the day before you take it!

Is LucidEsc dangerous?

There’s no real danger when using LucidEsc. Just make sure you take no more than one pill a night (Ideally only one per 48 hours) and drink plenty of water during the day and just generally lead a healthy lifestyle. There are no really harmful ingredients in this, so there’s nothing to worry about.

How to use LucidEsc for lucid dreams

The best way to use LucidEsc to have lucid dreams is to make sure your basics are IN PLACE before you order a bottle. By basics, I mean the following:

Make sure you’ve got your diary ready to write dreams down, you know what techniques you’re going to try, and you know how to do a reality check. These I would say plus maybe meditation, are the absolute basics for lucid dreaming. Without these, a pill won’t do an awful lot for you other than give you more VIVID non-lucid dreams.

When COMBINED with these things however, LucidEsc and other supplements like it can really boost your dreams and make lucid dreaming a very fun, adventurous and exciting experience for you.

Dosage for safe use

The dosage for LucidEsc is fairly simple to understand. Just don’t take loads in one go thinking it will give you better lcid dreams. One a night is enough, and even then I’d suggest taking one day on, one day off with this supplement. It’s been designed to work effectively with one pill, there’s no need tot are more than that.

Schedule for use

As for a schedule, I’d suggest taking one pill at the START of your REM sleep period. This normally is between 4-6AM for most people and will be when the pill is more likely to be effective. Of course, document this in your lucid journal so you know what worked and when.

Wait 48 hours between uses

I would suggest taking a 48 hour break in between uses of this supplement. This is to avoid building up a tolerance, but it has other benefits too. By waiting in between uses, you become less dependant on it. I’d suggest this for all supplements in fact, to just take small breaks in between using them. You want to build up your natural lucid dreaming ability at the same time as boosting it with pills.

Coupon codes for LucidEsc + Vividream

At this time, we don’t have any coupon codes for LucidEsc but when we do get some in the future, they’ll appear here. Make sure to bookmark this page so that when we find LucidEsc coupon codes, you can use them when you need to re-order a bottle! If you know of any vouchers for LucidEsc, send them in to us!

Summary of my LucidEsc review

A very affordable and effective lucid supplement that will boost your dreams and make you more likely to become lucid in them. When this is combined with well known lucid techniques like the WBTB and MILD, the sky is the limit! Vividream have got it right here. Click here to check latest prices.