HowToLucid Is The Worlds Leading Lucid Dreaming Portal Teaching you How To Control Your Dreams!

Here’s A Bit More About Me And

I’m Kai, and I share my experiences on this website, HowToLucid.

How To Lucid ( teaches you and talks about Lucid Dreaming, Consciousness, Sleep Hacking, Spirituality, Reality Shifting and Biohacking.

The main theme is to help you feel better, and to take control of your dreams and your reality.

I’ve dedicated over a decade to lucid dreaming, spirituality and consciousness, and my work has helped tens of millions of people. 

This has been done through books, videos, courses, podcasts, and much more.

Some brands or names you may have heard online:

  • HowToLucid
  • How to lucid
  • Kai from howtolucid
  • HowToLucid on YouTube

We help you raise your vibrations or frequency, and experience the life you want to. Sometimes I interview guests, sometimes I share my experiences.

I’ve Been Lucky Enough To Have Achieved/Worked On The Following:


Reached over 10 million lucid dreamers or aspiring conscious seekers around the world.


Published a best selling series of lucid dreaming books on both Kindle and Paperback


My Youtube channel where I teach and share my experiences has over 175K subscribers as of November 2022


I’ve had articles I’ve written featured in places like Huffington Post, Ennora, the Dream Show, and many more (see below)


I created my own lucid dreaming technique called the 90ILD to help beginners


Creator of a free lucid dreaming app to help people remember to do reality checks, write their dreams down and learn lucid dreaming


Online instructor for one of the top lucid dreaming and OBE courses on Udemy


Hosted a ‘viral’ ask me anything on Reddit which hit the front page and gained traction for lucid dreaming all around the world

And I truly love being able to do this sort of work. Has Been Featured On:

Since it’s launch many years ago, the audience for my lucid dreaming work has grown quickly. My videos on YouTube have been watched more than 19 million times, and over 17 million people have read articles on my website.

This site and my work have been featured in many large websites and publications around the world such as:

  • Lucid Dream Society
  • World of Lucid Dreaming
  • Binaural Beats Meditation
  • Huffington Post
  • BlissCoded Sound
  • Mindplace
  • Ennora
  • The Dream Show
  • Unexplainable Store
  • New Thinking Allowed
  • And many more

Thousands of people have taken my popular lucid dreaming course, the Bootcamp (see their stories here) and had their first and second and so on lucid dreams. This has allowed me to constantly refine and tweak the BEST ways of getting a beginner to have their first lucid dream, as quickly as possible.

I’ve been lucky enough to call this my ‘job’ for many years, and my audience on YouTube has now exceeded 189K subscribers as of May 2024.

How Did I Get Started?

My names Kai, and I’m passionate and obsessed with spirituality and consciousness. I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and living this stuff.

I’ve completely changed my life, cured depression, anxiety, shyness, healed chronic acne and a rare knee condition, manifested abundance, owning a house and the love of my life. I’d always loved figuring out how things work, and I took it to the extreme, learning how our brains, bodies, and reality works in detail.

I now spend my time teaching and sharing my experiences on my channel and website, while travelling the world full time.

Who Is HowToLucid On YouTube?

HowToLucid on YouTube is my main channel. It’s run by me, Kai. I teach and share my experiences in the ‘simulation’, to help you raise your frequency and improve your life in a REAL, practical way. I primarily do this through biohacking and lucid dreaming, among other things.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about lucid dreaming, here are the most important and useful articles to get started with:

Beyond that, I created a free, 3 step video training that you can get, which will help you get started. It’s like I’m personally coaching you over email, telling you what to practice on each day. This is the best way to get started for beginners I would say.

You can expect a very personal, direct and ‘no nonsense’ approach to these topics. I like to share directly, as if we were talking to each other 1-1. I like to connect dots from multiple sources and see patterns. I don’t claim to be an expert, as there is SO much we as a species don’t know.

You can also join our private lucid dreaming community or try our lucid dreaming challenge to have your first lucid dream within 7 days!