3 BEST Reality Shifting Script Templates and How to Use Them


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Do you want to experience reality shifting to its highest levels? Keep reading this guide to find out how!

Reality shifting, also known as quantum jumping, refers to shifting consciousness to a different (better) reality.

This spiritual practice involves scripting and using the power of sleep as a gateway for the subconscious. Once you step through this portal, everything becomes possible. You become in charge of your subconscious mind and control what it manifests during sleep. 

If you want to use a reality shifting script to manifest the life you dreamed of, or simply an imaginary life that you are fascinated about, you came to the right place.

But how to script your dream reality, and what should you put in such a script?

Buckle up because we will dive into three reality shifting script templates and how to use them!

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Top 3 Reality Shifting Script Templates for Optimal Results

Your reality shifting script will be the contour of the alternate reality you want to manifest. It is a form of creative writing or imagery to use as a guided meditation that will allow you to shift your consciousness into an alternate reality or universe. 

Remember that these scripts are different for everyone, and it is entirely up to you what details you choose to add to them.

All templates include some common elements such as your introduction to an alternate reality, description of characters and people, timeline, and a safe word you choose. But these descriptions can get as detailed as you want to create your very own fantasy world.

Here are three best reality shifting script templates that you can use right away to enter any world you want with the power of your mind.

Basic Reality Shifting Template

The basic reality-shifting template is perfect if you have never attempted this practice.

Once you master this template, you can move on to more detailed ones, but we all have to start somewhere.

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Craft a Simple and Clear Vision for Your Alternate Reality 

First, you want to create a macro outline of the desired reality. Keep it simple and clear so your mind can easily assimilate it.

Include the time and location of your alternate reality and who you are in that timeframe.

Describe Yourself in the Alternate Reality

Imagine yourself in this reality. What do you look like? What is your fashion style? What kind of personality and skills do you have?

Write all these answers in your character description section. You can use bullet points or short, descriptive paragraphs.

Explore Key Characters and Relationships in Your Reality-Shifting Scenario

Write about the important characters in your alternate reality that have an impact on your reality shifting scenario.

Talk about your relationships with these people and their main character traits. As this is a basic script, you don’t need to get into too much detail.

Create a Timeline for Your New Reality

Describe the type of activities you would do in this reality as part of your timeline. You can mention your main activity, your hobbies and other things you get involved in.

The Safeword: The Crucial Key to Transition Between Realities

Your safe word is the key between realities. When you think of this word or you hear it, you get out of your alternate reality and back into your daily reality. 

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In-depth Reality Shifting Template

If you feel ready to dive into your alternate reality even deeper, you can try an in-depth reality shifting template.

While the main skeleton of this reality shifting script will be similar to the previous one, now its time to add more substance to your alternate reality. 

Create The Context of Your Alternate Reality

When you create the context of your reality you can take it a step further than just mentioning the time and place.

Describe the location and time in more detail, and try to create the general vibe of the specific era or space you want to enter.

Build a Detailed Alter-Ego

Talk about your features but also include your background, profession, education, and aspirations. Your character should be a detailed alter-ego at this point, so you can relate to it in the smallest details.

The Realm of Surrounding Characters

Besides mentioning the surrounding characters, you can also add how you feel about them and how they treat you.

Describe your interactions and if you have any relevant history together that impacts your new reality.

Picture Your New Reality Timeline

In this script, your timeline should include events you want to be part of, experiences you want to have, and detailed activities you get involved in.

Add the motivation for pursuing such activities and what do you expect to get out of them. 

Embrace Your Daily Routine

Your daily routine will help you shape your character in a way that makes it more real to you. Include your daily activities, morning routine, school or work schedule, evening routine, and mention the characters you interact with daily.

Flesh Out Your Alternate Reality with Vivid Descriptions

Your environment includes the main locations where your alternate reality will take place. These could be your home, school, work, favorite restaurant or place in town, and your best friend’s place. Include as many details as you want so your environment becomes as real as possible.

Choose Your Safeword

Your safe word or phrase has the role of getting you out of your alternate reality and back into your daily life. You can choose a word that has a special meaning to you or simply one that you find it easy to remember.

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Imagery Reality Shifting The Template

This type of reality shifting script involves different creative skills than the previous two. You can look at it more like a vision board of your fantasy world.

If you prefer drawing instead of writing to express your creativity, this template is for you!

Use Sketches to Envision Your Fantasy Reality

While you can use words and descriptive phrases to contour your fantasy realm, you can also draw sketches that give you a visual idea of it.

Keep your drawings macro as you will get in more details in the following sections. 

Sketch Your Virtual Character

When thinking of your virtual character, draw your look, if you want in different outfits. If you have a special skill in your alternate reality, you can illustrate it in a sketch that shows you performing that skill.

You can use images that you find online or in different magazines if you don’t want to draw them yourself.

Capture the Sensations and Experiences You Seek in Your New Reality

The sensory details are very important in this script as it is entirely focused on your creative and sensitive side. Write down the sensations you want to experience in your new reality and how you want to get to them.

According to a 2021 study, reality shifting is a very sensorial experience, which can manifest in “numbness, tingling, heaviness or weightlessness, and floating sensations.”. 

You can choose to experience sensations such as happiness, love, success, adrenaline, peace and serenity, motivation or knowledge and wisdom.

Create Your Visual Timeline

Instead of a written timeline, try to create a storyboard of your life in your new reality by using drawings and images.

Make your board as vivid as possible and try to assimilate and connect with every image you add to it. 

Establish Your Safety Mechanism to Return from the Alternate Reality

Just like for the other templates, you will need a safe word to snap you out of your alternate reality. But you can also use an image or a symbol to make this shift.

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How to Use Your Reality Shifting Script

Once you have your script written down, the practical phase begins. Read your script several times, in the evening, before you go to sleep. If you want to enhance your sleep potential, check out the How to Lucid Dream Tonight article. We also created the best Lucid Dreaming App in 2023, to help you improve your sleep.

Imagine your script and try to enter it visually as you enter the world of dreams. By doing so, you will open the portal to your subconscious mind and find it easier to enter your alternate reality.

Your subconscious mind will also retain your safe word and use it when you need to exit the fantasy life you created.

For your reality shifting to be successful, you will have to work on your sleep quality as well. This article will teach you How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally.

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Why Use Reality Shifting?

Reality shifting can open your mind to new possibilities by giving you access to scenarios you never thought you could be a part of.

You will learn more about yourself and your potential and develop your mental skills in this journey. People have different reasons for using reality shifting practices, and here are the most common ones:

Entertainment And Fun

This practice can be fun and a very interesting way to explore fictional realms and even empathize with your favorite characters. It is very much like being the protagonist of your own movie!

You use the power of your mind to create a new world that feels as real as you want and gives you the opportunity to experience new adventures, feelings and achievements. 

Explore Your Creativity

Creating an entirely alternate reality will help you develop your creative skills and explore the limits of your imagination, if any. 

Practice reality shifts long enough, and you might discover that you have talents you are not aware of, such as acting or writing.

Manifest The Life You Want To Live

On a more serious note, reality shifting can be an important process in manifesting the life of your dreams.

We are what we think and putting positive thoughts into your mind can help you embrace the features of your ideal life.

You will attract the experiences you want to have and the goals you aim to achieve.

Explore Your Identity

Our identities are complex, and parts of them remain mysteries even to us. Reality shifting allows you to know the aspects of your personality that cannot manifest in your current reality.

You might discover new interests and skills and adopt them in your daily life as well.

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As a Stress-Relief Technique

Reality shifting can help you detach from a stressful situation and embrace a new, much better life for the time being.

When you return to your daily life, you will find yourself more relaxed and focused, thanks to the reality shifting script you manifested in your mind.


Can I write my script on my phone?

Yes, you can use your phone, laptop, ipad or any other device to write your script down. Make sure you write it in a place where you can access it easily and use it before you go to sleep.

Do I need a script to be able to shift in a different reality?

Reality shifting scripts help you transcend from your current reality to a new one but they are not mandatory. If you can focus your mind without structuring it in a script beforehand, you should be able to shift.

Is reality shifting a safe practice?

Yes, as long as you control your alternate reality and how much you allow yourself to dive into it.

There is no evidence that reality shifting can cause any damage as it is a practice based on imagination and creativity.

Make sure you are in a safe place when you shift and in full control of your environment.

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Final Thoughts

Reality shifting scripts can help you enter fascinating worlds using the power of your mind. Remember  that this is a recreational, non-scientific practice that you should dive into with a light-hearted mindset. In your fantasy reality, everything becomes possible, and this is its beauty.

You can explore fantastic realms or use this practice to manifest your dream life and envision your future.  Once you master reality shifting scripts, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your mind!