HOW TO LUCID DREAM FAST If You’ve Never Done It Before!


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So, this is actually the best way I can think of explaining how to lucid dream to someone who’s never done it before. This guide is NOT how to lucid dream in DETAIL, it’s how to get started and have a lucid dream really fast.

So there will be some details missing here, things that need more explaining for example. There will also be lots of things here that really only make sense if you’re trying to lucid dream fast. Because let’s face it, the chances are you just want to get started, and have a lucid dream tonight.

If that’s the case, then read on because I have a lot of tips to share with you. I get lots of emails from people like you, asking how to lucid dream in one night, and most of the time I have to say it’s not possible.

But that’s not entirely true. It IS possible to lucid dream in one night, and it IS possible to have your first lucid dream fast, even tonight after just reading this article. But there are a few things you’ll need to do, and it won’t work for EVERYONE.

What you’re really doing is just trying to ‘trick’ your brain into staying awake or becoming awake while your body, is still fast asleep.

This usually takes a bit of practice, but we’re going to try and skip the practice for now and just focus on the methods that work.

What you’ll need

Now, those things are pretty much the bog standard things you’ll need to have your first lucid dream.

If you don’t have access to the binaural beats, or you just can’t spend any money on things like that right now, then ignore that step of the process.

How to lucid dream fast

So as we’ve said this is focused on speed. Normally when you learn how to lucid dream you’d focus on building up several habits that will ultimately let you have random lucid dreams. You’re not going to focus on those habits now. This is about just experiencing your first lucid dream as fast as possible.

Now I didn’t say it was going to be fun, and you’ll end up feeling very tired the following day after doing this. That’s because this method if you can even call it that is just the fastest way I know how to lucid dream in one night.

It’s NOT what I’d suggest you do long term, or even more than once or twice. This is going to disrupt and ruin your sleep and for the next day you’ll feel pretty rough as a result.

BUT hopefully, you’ll have had your first lucid dream which if you’ve never had one, you’re in for a shock.

It’s going to feel AMAZING and you’ll be addicted from now on. I’m not saying this will work for everyone, but it’s pretty likely that it’s going to work.

1: Construct a lucid dreaming room

Your actual physical room is really important for lucid dreaming, and you’re going to want to make it a ‘lucid dreaming cave’. This means setting it up in the right way. To start with, get some lavender pillow spray and put it on the inside of your pillows to make them smell nice.

This not only relaxes you but also promotes better sleep, and yes, it really works. I’ve tried pillow sprays, and I was skeptical at first. There are lots of things I’ve tried to help me lucid dream more or better, and pillow sprays are one of the ones that worked.

They’re really cheap as well and the one I usually use is this particular Lavender scented spray. I find it lasts longer than some of the others and relaxes me better.

You might also want to get a nice memory foam pillow like this one, if you have a bit more time to do some shopping!

Now make sure your room has ALL the light blocked out. You don’t want any light to be sing into the room when you’re trying to go to sleep and that includes things like LED lights from chargers or TV screens.

Make sure it’s all blocked out and you can use black electrical tape if you have to. You don’t want to have ANY light sources in your room.

I actually went the extra mile for this one and fully blocked out the light from the door and windows in my room (using a combination of blinds AND blackout curtains) so that it’s a dark lucid dreaming palace.

And now make sure there’s no SOUND in the bedroom. This means turn things like computers or devices OFF. There is a small humming noise that most devices and screens make when they’re use sleeping as opposed to off. You don’t want that humming noise, so turn all of your devices off.

It also helps if your room is soundproof and there’s no sound coming from outside, but you can’t always control that, so we’ll leave it at that for now.

Finally make sure you’ve got a dream journal at the foot of your bed or next to where you can easily reach it. This needs to be a small, easily grabbed notebook or notepad that you can write on with a pen. Keep it by the side of your bed, and if you need to, keep a SMALL dim light by it as well.

You’re going to be writing in it in pitch black potentially, so make sure you’ve got a writing option that means you can see what you’re writing.

For me, I use a dim reading lamp or the light from my kindle or something like that. This means I have control over how bright the light is.

And that’s really key for the techniques later and having your lucid dreams. You really don’t want too much light to enter your eyes at that time of the morning.

The goal here is to be able to write down some dreams and then go BACK to bed and have more lucid dreams. It’s known as dream chaining and it will allow you to have multiple lucid dreams in the same morning.

But you can only do that if you’ve got a dim light for writing in your dream journal, otherwise you’ll just wake yourself up too much by turning the light on. Now, your room’s ready:

2: Embed reality checks in your brain

You know that reality checks are important. For those who don’t know what they are, a reality check is where you test whether you’re dreaming or awake. You can do one right now:

Hold your hands out in front of you. Now push the finger of one hand into the PALM of your other hand. As you do this, EXPECT it to go through your palm. Really push it as if it’s going to go through your hand, and at the same time ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’.

By leveraging your critical thinking at the same time as doing a physical action like that, you trick your brain. Your brain ‘links’ the action with the question in your mind.

This means that later, when you are DREAMING about doing that weird thing with your palms, you’ll actually remember to ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’.

And if you ask yourself that WHILE you’re actually dreaming, you become lucid. It’s going to feel like you’ve just been ‘snapped’ awake in the dream, and suddenly you can do anything you want. It all feels very real and vivid, and there’s really nothing you can’t experience in this lucid state.

It not only feels real, but you’ll have a beautiful memory of it when you wake up as well. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s no wonder lots of people get almost addicted to this lucid dreaming state. I know I did for a while and It was all I could think about!

So that’s an example of a reality check you can do. Do those ‘reality checks’ lots of times during the day, as many as you can remember to do. I actually have a lucid dreaming app that helps you remember to do them if you have an Iphone.

3: Visualise amazing things

This parts a little different to most lucid dreaming techniques. You’re going to try and ‘motivate’ and inspire your dreaming mind. By watching inspiring or awesome things you’ll be more likely to dream about them later.

You want to dream about these awesome things, and then have a lucid dream about them.

Find lots of YouTube videos that REALLY inspire you and make you want to go out and live life to the max.

For me, this means travel videos and clips. I actually have created a lot of travel videos on my other channel, like the one below if you also like travel videos:

So watch things like that and get inspired. Try and imagine what it would be like to travel to those places (or do whatever it is that inspires you) and try and feel it in your minds eye. This will really help you alter because you’ll probably dream about those things you’ve watched.

4: Set alarms to interrupt your sleep many, many times

This is a key part of this whole method. To lucid dream fast you’re going to really need to hack your sleep up. This means interrupting your sleeping pattern several times during the night.

There have been many lucid dreaming devices or masks that can do this, but the real key is just to stick to what works.

Sound and light works to interrupt your sleep, dance why people use those things for alarm clocks and tones. Just set a few alarms on your phone, to go off every 15 minutes from about 4AM until 9AM.

Now that means setting a good 20 or more alarms (spaced 10-20 minutes apart, mix it up a bit). In fact, don’t space them out equally, have some that last longer than others. For example have some alarms that go off every ten minutes, and then the next one goes off after 16 minutes. Mix it up so your brain doesn’t get used to the timings.

What these alarms are going to do, is to interrupt your sleep and wake your up at various sleep stages. The goal is to interrupt your dreaming mind during what’s known as ‘REM’ sleep. This means rapid eye movement sleep, and it’s when you dream (and lucid dream).

By waking your mind up or interrupting it during this time, you’re much more likely to lucid dream. This is why I’ve chosen the interruption method as the best way to lucid dream fast, because it works so reliably.

Using binaural beats (optional bonus step)

Binaural beats are a special type of sound wave that you can listen to while trying to lucid dream. They ONLY work when played through stereo headphones or sleep phones like these. They really do work very well, and I’ve tried lots of binaural beats companies to see what’s the best one.

The best ones I’ve found that work for lucid dreaming are:

  • The Unexplainable Store: Cheap packages of the beats in various arrangements, there’s a sleep package with lucid dreaming tracks
  • Ennora: A classic binaural beats maker for lucid dreamers, cheap and simple
  • iAwake technologies binaural beats: A fairly new binaural beats maker but a great one either way

So, what you’ll need to do is choose a binaural beats package that says something like ‘sleep’ or lucid dreaming. Buy and download it, and then put it on your Ipod or phone.

Make sure your headphones are stereo and then play the track when you hear your FIRST alarm go off in the morning.

As I said you don’t have to do this at all, and you can lucid dream fast without this, but they help. By listening to binaural beats while you’re going back to sleep after hearing your alarm, you train your mind to become lucid. It makes it more likely.

This is because your brainwaves are in one of several ‘brainwave states’ at any given time. By listening to a binaural beat track you can sort of ‘guide’ your brain into certain states more easily.

Combine this with how tired and suggestible you are that early in the morning, and you’re very likely to have a fast lucid dream.

5: Have a lucid dream!

So this is the fun stage. At some point during the alarms (probably after the 3rd or 4th alarm has gone off) you’ll notice that you’re lucid dreaming. You might even remember to do a reality check while you’re in the dream, but maybe not. At the VERY LEAST, you’ll have an intense, vivid dream that you’ll remember.

This is a great starting point so don’t worry if you’re not actually lucid yet. By having more intense dreams, you’re one step closer to becoming lucid. So like I said, at this point you’re likely to have had one or more lucid dreams.

They’ll feel like intense, vivid dreams that you’re AWAKE inside. Sort of like waking up in a new alien world where you’re god and you can decide what to do, where to go and what to experience.

At this point you can do whatever you want. You’re free!

Some people choose to have lucid dream sex, others choose to fly around like a superhero. You can really do anything you want at this point. I would suggest trying to stabilise the dream so it lasts longer.

One of the most annoying things about starting to lucid dream is that it doesn’t tend to last very long. Much like learning any skill, you can improve. There are a few things you can do to increase your dream LENGTH.

Firstly, just try spinning round on the spot, while thinking to yourself ‘increase lucidity’. This is known as a dream command and it can help you work WITH your subconscious mind to increase your lucid dreaming stability.

6: Write your dreams down!

Now when you wake up after your first lucid dream, you’re going to want to write it down! This is really key to your success, so make sure to write down all the details you can remember in your dream journal.

The reason we keep dream journals is because we really need to be able to look back and see what days we were lucid, and why. This helps you work out which techniques worked for you, and which ones didn’t.

Because everyone’s different, certain techniques will work for you, while others will not. You should find out what these are, so you can focus on what works.

A dream journal is a great way of doing that, and you can also look back and see the dreams you’ve had on other nights, and what your dream signs were.

How to have more lucid dreams after that one

After your first lucid dream, the chances are you’re going to want to have MORE lucid dreams. I know when I first started, I was obsessed with this idea. I just wanted more and more lucid dreams, every single night.

You’ll eventually get to a point where you’re not craving as many lucid dreams, but for a beginner, you certainly want more. So there are actually a few things you can do to have more lucid dreams. Here’s a summary:

  • Focus on thinking more about lucid dreaming during the day: This gives your brain more of a chance of becoming lucid more often
  • Meditate once or twice a day: Meditation is important for a huge number of reasons, but one of them is that it makes it more likely that you’ll lucid dream. Meditate once a day at first, first thing in the morning
  • Do more reality checks: As I said I have an app that can help you remember to do reality checks. They’re really important, and they can help you go for beginner to master lucid dreamer pretty fast. A reality check is like your key to lucid dreams, and ONE reality check that shows up in your dreams can make you lucid, so practice them often
  • Eat right, and sleep well: Now at the start of this post I said that you shouldn’t do it often. That’s because by setting so many alarms at such small intervals, you ruin your sleep. Your body needs to be sleeping for 8 hours WITHOUT any interruptions. This means you should focus on sleeping for 8 hours solidly long term. Also eating a plant based diet will help your body sleep better.

Now hopefully all of that worked, and you’re on your way to becoming a master lucid dreamer. If it didn’t work, the chances are you either didn’t do a step right, or you ONLY did one step. For this to work tonight and fast, you really need to follow all of the steps.

The binaural beats as I said are optional, but they’ll really make a difference for you if nothing else is working. what you could also try is some lucid supplements like Claridream PRO (Although that doesn’t induce lucid dreams directly).

There are lots of supplements that can help you lucid dream actually, I’d suggest starting with Dream Leaf.

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