Spinning Round For Dream Stabilization


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Having difficulties with staying in your Lucid Dream? You may want to try this stabilisation technique. Spinning round in your dreams seems to make them more stable and reduce the likelihood of you waking up.

Lots of people find that they just wake up too soon from their Lucid experiences and find it very difficult to get back to their previous mental state. This is going to help those people by prolonging their dreams. When you find yourself fading out of a Lucid Dream, spin around.

Stand on the spot and just spin around. Not too fast, but not too slow either. Just spin at the speed you would in real life and while doing so, ‘will’ yourself to stay in the dream. Tell yourself that you’ll stay in the dream, and more often than not you actually will.

Spinning round in a lucid dream

This works by forcing you to focus on something physical. Many of the dream stabilisation techniques work in this way and even just focusing on something specific like looking at the detail on your hands while in a dream can prolong it. It focuses your mind and relaxes you forcing you to stay under for longer.

Doing things like dropping to the floor in a dream in hopes to stabilise and focus you may have other effects however. It’s been reported that ‘falling down’ just makes you wake up – or THINK you’ve woken up; you have a false awakening. We’ll stick to the spinning technique for now. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 – Focus yourself and Set your intentions

The first stage with this is to set your intentions which are that you want to become a little more focused in the dream and ultimately stop yourself from waking up right now. You don’t want to wake up the second after you’ve become Lucid so you can spin round to make it last longer. That’s the intention here so make sure to really cement this in your mind before you actually spin.

The reason you must cement the intention in your mind first is that people often find that if they just spin without any intention they end up in a random location; they’ve changed dream scenes and don’t know where they are of what just happened. It can have the opposite effect if you spin to try and calm down and stabilise and then when you stop spinning you’re balanced on the top of a skyscrape looking down!

Step 2 – Spin!

This is where you just spin round, while looking at the floor. Try not to close your eyes in the dream as this almost always leads to waking up or to ‘false awakenings’ which are not pleasant. Spin round at a moderate speed looking at the floor.

Step 3 – Reality check/stay calm

Once you’ve stopped spinning you’ll find that you’re more focused and the dream seems to have become clearer. If not, try another stabilisation technique like looking at your hands or rubbing them together etc, but it should be much clearer now. You might want to reality check at this time or relax and go for a gentle walk in the dream.

Some reality checks you could try at this stage are:

  • Pushing your finger through your palm
  • Reading text to see if you can understand it
  • Checking your watch to see if the time changes
  • Looking around to see if anything seems strange to you

Other ways to stabilize a lucid dream

Spinning round in a lucid dream can make it more stable and tends to reduce the number of times you just ‘wake up’ when you don’t want to. It’s a great way to make your experience last longer and allow you to do more in the dream. Here are some other ways to make your dream more stable:


  • Take a supplement like vitamin B6 (proven to improve memory) so that you remember your dreams better, and they’re more stable
  • Tell yourself over and over again before you go to sleep ‘my lucid dream will be stable’ and also ask the dream itself to be more stable when you become lucid
  • Try listening to these soundtracks while you perform a lucid dreaming technique, they’ll make it more stable and last longer