How To Fly In A Lucid Dream: Detailed Beginners Tutorial


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Lucid dreams are incredible because they enable a person to live out any fantasy they wish. In a lucid dream, you’re completely asleep, but unlike in a normal dream where the plot plays out before you, as though you’re simply a bystander, a lucid dream is quite different.

In a lucid dream you’ll find yourself able to understand that you’re dreaming. Not only that, you’ll also realise that you can control what’s happening in the dream, much as you would be able to in real life.

So, the main benefit of lucid dreaming is the fact that you can do absolutely anything you want to. In real life you might only wish you could experience certain things. When you’re in a lucid dream though, you actually can experience anything you’d like to. It’s a time when your fantasies can come true.

Ask a group of people what they’d do if they could have any superhero and see what they say. We bet at least one person will tell you they want to fly. Humans are fascinated by the power of flight, and it’s easy to see why.

How to fly in lucid dreams

It’s a feeling of complete freedom. A feeling of weightlessness. A feeling of being able to do anything you like, go anywhere you please. So, it goes without saying that when people first experience lucid dreaming, one of the most important things people want to be able to do is fly. For many people, flying is the ultimate fantasy!

Of course, in the real world, no human can ever experience the true feeling of flying like a bird. The freedom of soaring over rooftops, looking down on towns and cities beneath them as they explore the world from an amazing new vantage point they could never have experienced with their feet firmly planted on planet Earth.

How to fly in a lucid dream (Steps for beginners)

If you’d like to experience flying in a lucid dream, we’ve got some great tips for you. So, here’s how to do it.


1: Make sure you’re lucid

Begin by making sure you’re in a fully lucid state within your dream. For experienced lucid dreamers, this will be easy. But if you’re new to the world of lucid dreaming, you might want to take a few moments to make sure that you are really experiencing a lucid dream.

You can do this by taking a moment to look around within your dream and saying to yourself “I’m having a lucid dream.” See how that sounds. If it’s all good and you’ve confirmed you’re definitely in a lucid state, you can move on to step two.

2: Prepare for take off

Lucid dreams are of course free of any danger, which is one of the things that makes them so great for living out fantasies that in the real world could get you killed! Even so, if you want to have a good flying experience you need to make sure you’ve got a great place ready to fly from.

Flying dreams

The perfect spot will be free of any obstacles or dangerous objects that might get in the way of your flight path. Of course, you can fly from anywhere in a lucid dream, but finding the perfect place will ensure that your flying experience is really the best that it can be.

3: Now you’re going to fly

Try not to overthink what you’re doing. Trust your ability to fly. Remember that this is a dream, it’s not real life, so you won’t come crashing back down to Earth with a thump when you do try to take off into flight. There’s no gravity in a lucid dream, unless of course you want there to be!

To start off your flight you’ll need to summon plenty of energy and then just run and jump into the air, much like a bird would do. You should be able to fly easily then, in fact it won’t take much more effort than a simple walk would normally do.

Flying will come naturally to you in your lucid dream state. You won’t need to consider how to move your limbs and what to do to change direction, you’ll just know. Trust your instincts and you’ll find that you already know how to fly. It’s just a case of getting started! Remember, the laws of physics definitely do not apply in lucid dreams. So, you can forget your fears and just go for it! Jump into the air and fly!

4: Focus on flying and maintaining it

Now you’re in flight the key thing you need to think about is how to maintain it. It can be an overwhelming feeling, realising that you’re soaring through the air like a bird in flight. You’ve done it, you’ve taken off and now you’re really flying!

However, don’t get too over excited. Commonly people who aren’t very experienced lucid dreamers will find themselves in flight and become so shocked about what’s happening that they just go hurling back to Earth with a massive crash! Confidence is key when you’re flying in a lucid dream.

Don’t let the shock of this amazing experience hold you back. Maintain your composure and focus on controlling your flight so you can really make the most of the experience.

5: Enjoy yourself and explore!

Flying in a lucid dream is such an amazing experience, and it’s one that many humans never even have. So, if you’re one of the lucky people who find themselves able to experience the wonder of flight through your fantastic ability to lucid dream, then you need to first congratulate yourself, and then focus on just enjoying this unique feeling!

Make the most of your flight experience by trying a bit of aerial acrobatics. We love to try out tricks when in flight, so be adventurous!


Dives, rolls and loops are so much fun, and because there’s no real danger element you don’t need to be afraid of what might happen if you mess up your trick! You can also increase your speed and experience flying at amazing velocities, or just soar around exploring the world you’ve conjured up through your own subconscious. Remember, you can do absolutely anything you want to, so make the most of your time and enjoy it.

If you’re intrigued by the world of lucid dreaming but you’ve never thought you’d possibly be able to experience it, we’ve got great news for you. You definitely can try lucid dreaming! Anyone can, in fact. It’s all a case of understanding how.

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