Making A Lucid Dream Pillow To Have More Vivid Dreams


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

A dream pillow can be used to relax more, and have more lucid dream, in theory. Chances are, you use a pillow when you sleep. If you didn’t, you’d have a very uncomfortable nights sleep, but there are special TYPES of pillows that can help you lucid dream.

Not only can they help with that but they can also make it more likely you’ll have more VIVID dreams as well. How does this work? Well, it’s to do with how the brain interprets aromas and how this then affects dreaming.

Special cushion infused with scents for lucid dreaming

Essentially a dream pillow is a special cushion or pillow infused with various aromas, smells and scents designed to make you more relaxed. Some aromas can induce more vivid dreams, and some just make it more comfortable and easy to fall asleep at night.

What is a dream pillow for?

A dream pillow can literally just be to help you fall asleep better. OR you could create one like I’m going to explain in this post, which will be more focused on getting you to have more lucid dreams. The dream pillow itself is just a cushion or pillow infused with scents but the effect it can have on dreams is amazing.

How to make a lucid dream pillow

To make a pillow for lucid dreaming you’ll need to get your hands on some things. These things are in no particular order:

1: A bag of some sort (Or just a pillowcase)

2: Some string (or you could sew it shut)

3: Herbs and aromatherapy

That’s it really. It’s very simple to make a dream pillow and it won’t really take that long. It will probably take you around 20 minutes to make this pillow. Easy! So let’s get started.

Step 1: Collect your materials

You’ll need things to make this as explained above. Specifically, you’ll need a small cushion or pillow that you don’t mind turning into a dreaming pillow. It’s going to pretty much permanently smell like flowers and other various scents after you do this, so don’t use a really expensive one.

Next, collect the aromatherapy materials. This can be whatever you think would help you relax the easiest, but some great examples are outlined below:


This is a great one for making it easier to fall asleep. I’ve mentioned that you can actually get this in the form of a ‘pillow spray’ which turns any pillow into a dream pillow. You’ll need this to make your dream cushion. This spray makes it easy to get Lavender in your dream cushion.


This has been historically brewed into tea that is said to help with Insomnia and anxiety. The aromas are said to be very relaxing and soothing to the mind. Oils made from passionflower are great for this pillow, and also for anxiety.

Clary Sage

Not much to say about this, except it’s widely used in aromatherapy. It’s most commonly used in oil form. It gets it’s name from the latin word ‘clarus’ which means ‘clear’. This is of course a great addition to your dream pillow as we want our dreams to be vivid, lucid and clear.


Mugwort is a lovely herb that can make your dreams more likely to be lucid. It’s cheap, easily available to buy and easy to put into your dream pillow. Just please DON’T add this if you’re pregnant as it’s dangerous for pregnant women to be around this herb.

Other things you could add to the dream cushion

If you know of something else which smells nice and will possibly relax you as you’re going to sleep, by all means use that! The idea of this is just to make it easier to fall asleep. Also, by having nice scents around you as you’re already asleep, your dreams are likely to be more vivid and memorable.

Step 2: Infuse the pillow with the scents

Don’t go overboard, and sometimes less is more. Just infuse the pillow or cushion with the dream inducing scents. You can spray the pillow spray, or put the lavender leaves in the pillow itself. You can experiment with this and maybe even make several dream pillows. Try different aromas and combinations out, and see what works best!

Make sure that if yo do put leaves like Lavender in the pillow, the pillow is then sealed shut so nothing can escape. You don’t want to be woken up by rolling over onto some sharp and crunchy lavender leaves!

Don’t put it in the microwave!

A little note on microwaves. I’ve heard of people trying to heat up their dream pillows by putting them in the microwave. The idea is that by doing this, the pillow would be warm and nicer to lay your head on. This is a nice idea but please DON’T do this, as most of the ingredients of normal pillows are NOT microwaveable.

Also, the aromas and scents you’re putting into this pillow are probably not microwave safe either, so you could end up burning your pillow or making the scent sprays sort of ‘scorch’ onto the pillow fabric. Best to just keep the pillow in a warm place before you go to bed. A much better idea would be to store it in an airing cupboard so it’s really warm.

Use your dream pillow!

The last step is to just use your dream pillow. You don’t have to always lay your head on it, as the scents coming from it will still improve your sleep quality. You can just have it near your head as you go to sleep. I find that I just put it somewhere near my head or next to me and the scents make it more relaxing as I go to sleep. Enjoy!

It’s a great way to get better and more relaxing sleep and the scents really do make your dreams more vivid. Dream pillows are one of the really easy ways to have better dreams, and they’re so cheap to make that it’s almost silly NOT to make them! Good luck!