BlissCoded Sound Review: Meditation Based On Sacred Geometry


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Bliss coded sound is one of the most interesting products/brainwave entrainment I’ve seen in a long time. This review will explain a bit more about how it works, and why it blows other binaural beats and soundtracks out of the water.

To start with, click here to open their website in a new tab so you can follow along and refer back and forth as I explain various things.

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So if you’re familiar with meditation (and/or lucid dreaming) you’ll know that getting into the right brainwave state is very important. To meditate, you’re aiming to enter a deep, relaxed state but this takes you beyond that.

How Blisscoded sound works

The soundtracks work by inducing a deep meditative state in minutes. This happens because the soundtracks are based on what’s called ‘sacred geometry’. They can also make things like lucid dreaming more likely, as well as improve your thinking.

They can also:

  • Release negative emotions
  • Increase your inner vision (third eye)
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve holistic thinking
  • Make you happier!
  • Make you feel better during the day
  • And more.

They can balance misaligned chakras, induce inner visions, slow down your thoughts and let you get inside your own head. This all sounds too goo to be true, I know but I can assure you that I’m not joking.

Blisscoded sound review 2017

If you don’t believe me, go to their website and listen to the free sample they give you. It’s really quite fascinating.

The thing with most (all other) meditation tracks based on binaural beats is that they can be created using some software. There is only ONE person making Blisscoded sound in this way using this formula, and that’s Marcus Knudson (creator of Blisscoded sound).

They work using a formula (closely guarded formula) based on sacred geometry. You may be familiar with the golden ratio, if not it’s essentially the idea that there’s a pattern or formula running through all living things.

It’s the formula that determines how a snails shell grows, how a galaxy forms, and how the retina of the human eye forms. It’s supposedly in all things, and it can also be used in sound as well! The exact science behind it is of course a secret, but this is truly unique.

What may surprise you however, is just how many high quality, detailed testimonials there are for this stuff. A quick look on their website and you can read dozens and dozens of honest testimonials from people who’ve tried it!

Bliss coded subliminal messaging

There are a number of soundtracks on Marcus’s site which have subliminal messaging embedded in them. If you’ve read my other content you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of subliminal stuff, and this is no exception.

These tracks are based on the idea that you can embed thoughts, ideas and beliefs in your subconscious mind by getting inside your own head. you can easily do this with lucid dreaming as I’ve said before but this is a way of doing it faster.

Based on an official patent called the ‘Silent Subliminal Presentation System’ these soundtracks feed thoughts and ideas into your subconscious mind. You can’t consciously hear these messages, but they’re going into your mind.

This means something very important, they can’t be FILTERED by your beliefs and thought processes. The ideas just sink straight into your mind and allow you to REALLY change your life and your thoughts/beliefs. It’s powerful stuff.

How to use Blisscoded sound

To use these tracks, you simply need to download them and then play them when you go to sleep. Because they’re not based on binaural beats, you don’t need headphones if you don’t want. You can play them through your iPhone speaker!

They’re most effective when used while you’re asleep, so just download your track/s and then play them as you go to sleep. It’s best to have them on loop so they’re playing all night, as this gives them a higher chance of seeping into your mind.

The best results come when you use them EVERY night and all night. This just gives them more time to work. That being said, you can feel the effects of Blisscoded sound in just a few minutes while you’re awake.

Here’s a small sample video of Blisscoded sound:

Using BlissCoded sound for lucid dreaming

To use bliss coded sound to lucid dream better/faster, download any of the tracks and just listen to them when you go to sleep.

Because one of the side effects of these is that you’ll sleep better, you’ll notice yourself lucid dreaming more often, especially if you’re following something like my bootcamp and practicing various lucid dreaming techniques.

Bliss coded sound side effects and warnings

I’ve used these tracks for a number of weeks/months now and I can’t think of a single side effect. The only thing I would say is that if you’re listening to these through headphones, make sure you get some comfortable sleep headphones as it can hurt to lie on headphones all night.

Bliss coded sound review summary

To wrap things up, these soundtracks by Blisscoded sound are incredible. I have used them for weeks, and I’ve noticed an immediate increase in my productivity, focus and happiness. It’s great because you can try them for free on their site as well!

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