An Actually Honest Review Of Hemisync In 2023


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More and more people are joining the meditation scene. Companies have meditation rooms, schools have meditation classes, all around us, meditating is no longer associated to being a yogi or a hippie.

Meditation WORKS, and it’s something that all high performing athletes, CEOs, or just people in general agree on.

If you are a meditating already, chances are you already heard of Hemi Sync. It’s a powerful meditation audio track which can boost your brainpower and make meditation EASIER. Let’s get into the review of Hemi Sync!

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety and enhances self-Awareness. By gaining awareness of your mind you can improve your emotional health, lengthen your attention span and even fight addictions.

What is Hemi Sync?

Hemi Sync, short for hemispheric synchronization, is home to the largest online collection of content made exclusively to help you meditate, relax, focus, sleep and overall, live a more vibrant life.

The company was first created by Robert Monroe, a pioneer in researching how specific sound patterns have beneficial effects on human capability. During decades of long research, Monroe was able to isolate combinations of frequency that induce sleep, enhance alertness and invoke expanded states of consciousness.

With the help of specialists from various fields, such as psychology, psychiatry, medicine, biochemistry, electrical engineering, physics and education, Monroe created Hemi Sync. It’s a patented audio technology.

It’s pretty exciting stuff, but before we dive into what you can expect, let’s just take a small step back and think about what meditation actually is, and WHY you’d want to practice it. 

How does meditation work?

Meditation works by allowing you to separate yourself from the internal chatter. In our minds, there is this constant state of mind chatter or ‘noise’ which is almost impossible to turn off. We sometimes experience brief gaps in this but most of the time, your subconscious mind is just talking, and making noise in your head.

By meditating, you’re essentially able to remove yourself from that process, and just be back in the body.

This is something you’ve probably heard lots of people talk about in interviews etc, but it’s a really powerful thing to learn how to do.

By going out of your mind and back into your body, you get more in line with your gut feeling, your consciousness and your intuition etc. Call it whatever you like, divine intelligence, higher energy, serenity etc, but it’s a powerful and very important state.

Meditation is really simple but it allows you to take yourself out of the role of a slave to your brain, and actually observe and just ‘watch’ your thoughts as if they were something separate to who you ARE.

Very important state, and getting into this state every day will allow big changes and transformations to happen in your life. 

How does Hemi Sync work? The Research behind it

But how does it work?

During research, Monroe observed that specific SOUNDS create a ‘frequency following response’ in the electrical activity of the brain.

Those observations led to very findings on how human consciousness works, and how sound impacts brain activity. The audio-guidance process works by generating complex, multi-layered audio signals. The signals act together and create a resonance that is reflected in unique forms of brain waves, that are characteristic of specific states of consciousness.

The result is hemispheric synchronization, a focused, whole – brain state.

Different signals can produce different brain states that allow you to focus, relax or pay attention. This coherent mind state is optimal for improving human performance, since it makes both left and right brain hemispheres work together.

The key to obtain peak states of the mind is the symmetry, synchrony, harmony and unity of both brain hemispheres. Brain synchrony happens naturally in daily life, but usually brief and random moments. Hemi Sync recordings do not contain any subliminal messages, so users are in total control.

So what that means in laymans terms, is that through research they found a way of CHANGING and IMPROVING your brainwave state through SOUND or audio. 

This is essentially how binaural beats work in general, but the difference with these ones is that they’re able to MATCH UP the two halves of your brain like nothing else, meaning your state of focus is greater than if you’d just listened to standard binaural beats. 

Does Hemi Sync actually work?

Yes, it does. Hemi Sync works by combining audio signals that are proven to help change your brainwave state. There are thousands of testimonials and reviews, and lots of real people all around the world have been using this for a long time. It’s not new, and it’s not going anywhere.

How to use Hemi Sync (for beginners)

If you are new to meditation, the old advice, of focusing on your breathing, is probably not enough for you to enjoy the meditative state. Hemi Sync provides you with several methods and exercises to activate that power within yourself.

The guided meditation will help focus your mind and transcend limiting thought patterns. All you have to do is follow the path for deep awareness, by listening to the verbal input, provided with beat frequency. The sounds will help you achieve a state of deep inner peace and remain centred.

Hemi Sync for meditation pros

If you consider yourself a professional at meditating, then Hemi Sync has the best audio tracks to help you continue on your path to becoming a master. The binaural beats exercises come with and without verbal guidance.

Metamusic, for example, will help you achieve a deep meditative state faster and keep it for a longer period of time. After achieving such a state, other tracks deeply relax you or help you explore expanded states of awareness.

Hemi Sync will help you take a deeper look into your life and fill it with meaning. Unfold your mind and discover yourself beyond your physical body!

Is Hemi Sync safe?

Hemi Sync is very safe but it’s advised that if you ALREADY have an issue with audio tracks or things that could stimulate your brainwave activities, consult a doctor first just to be sure. But for 99.9% of people who listen to it, there are no issues whatsoever.

Essentially just be warned that if you already have a tendency towards things like seizures or you have auditory disorders, consult your doctor or physician first. That sort of goes without saying, but for most people it’s perfectly safe to use.

Cheapest way to buy Hemi Sync meditation tracks

At the moment, the best place to buy Hemi Sync is indeed on their website here. If you click that link you’ll be able to see all the products they have for sale on their store page, but make sure to dig around a bit! You can find lots of interesting things on the site like free samples, explanations of how each track works and much more.


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