We’re going to compare the top sleep masks for lucid dreaming (including lucid dreaming devices and machines that you wear) and see which ones are the BEST.

There have been lots of developments in the lucid dreaming technology space lately, and this post will aim to cover and talk about ALL the major lucid dreaming devices, masks, technology, or other things that you can use to help yourself lucid dream MORE.

1: Remee Dreamer (classic)

The Remee Dreamer sleep mask is a fairly well known one in the lucid dreaming community. It’s more pricey than the Dream Essentials masks but also does a lot more. It’s currently priced at $95, which isn’t actually bad for a sleep mask like this. Various sales have seen it reduced to $75 at certain points during the year though, so you can always keep an eye out for a good deal.

Remee lucid dremaing device

It has a simple design, but is comfortable to wear. The material is designed to let air flow through it, so heat and sweat are less likely to irritate you during the night. It’s also soft so no matter how much you roll around in your sleep, you shouldn’t even notice it.

As well as being slim and comfortable, it also involves some clever technology. Lights are displayed to trigger lucidity, they work by reminding you you’re dreaming, as your brain will associate the lights with the waking world. You can also adjust the lights to how you want them, so if they’re too bright or fast flashing and it’s just stopping you from sleeping, simply use either the online tool or app to change them to the brightness and speed you need.

You might think the technology would surely affect comfort, but it can bend to suit the shape of your head, so the mask can actually be personal to you. There’s no rigid discomfort. It’s also lightweight so easy to take travelling, something you want of a sleep mask as they’re particularly good at helping you battle jet lag.

2: REM Dreamer Pro Lucid Dream Induction

Again, this mask has light technology that causes lights to flash when you are in REM sleep, only the lights are also accompanied by an audible beeping, just in case the lights aren’t enough for you. You can also customise the beeps to be louder which is particularly handy for any deep sleepers or the hard of hearing.

REM dreamer pro lucid machineThe REM Dreamer continues to run with the audible theme and has a feature that we haven’t really seen in any other sleep mask, it has the ability to record and play voice messages. The idea is that you can record yourself saying something like ‘I am dreaming’ and set it to play when the mask detects that you are in REM sleep.

If you sleep beside a partner you might be worrying that this would probably be quite annoying for them, but this mask comes with a headphone so that only you can hear the beeps and messages. It’s not a headphone that’s going to fall out either though, it doesn’t actually go in your ear, it’s just attached to the mask near your ear. There’s no risk of it falling off.

This is an impressive mask, and could be especially useful anyone with visual impairment, but it’s price is reflective of it’s unique qualities, costing around $170.

3: Mindfold Relaxation Mask

Although not a direct ‘lucid dreaming mask’ this can be used to get you in the right mindset and help you relax. This is a cheaper mask for those of you looking for something that wont leave a hole in your wallet, is the Mindfold Relaxation Mask. It only costs $15 but again you get what you pay for, and what you pay for here is a simple sleep mask with no in-built technology.


It comes with earplugs to block out sound as well as light, so you’ll be able to eradicate any distractions when trying to get to sleep. Cheaper masks can sometimes be less likely to actually block out light effectively but this mask is actually pretty good, giving you complete darkness.

It’s comfortable to wear and again is built with an eye cavity, with eye sensitivity and make up in mind. This is good if you’re planning on wearing it traveling, no one wants to get off a flight with their mascara smeared across their face.

There isn’t much detail to give about this sleep mask, other than it’s cheap and does exactly what you would expect and want a simple sleep mask to do.

4: Glo to Sleep

This is another more high tech mask, it’s similar to the Neuroon (which I’ll move onto in just a moment) only a third of the price, costing only $100.

Glo to sleep lucid dreaming induction machine

Rather than simple flashing lights, the light technology in this mask is a step up, simulating sunset and sunrise at the beginning and end of your sleep. This allows you to feel as though you’re waking up naturally, with the sun. It’s a lot more gradual and pleasant than a shrill alarm.

If you don’t think that’ll be enough to bring you out of your slumber though, you can set an alarm to play through the mask. There is also an app it can connect to so that you can set your mask to different time zones, so that the sunset and sunrise simulation can be set to suit you.

To help you get to sleep there’s a pulsing light (which can be adjusted). The slow pulsing light calms your mind and sends you to sleep, almost like hypnosis, and once you are asleep and in the REM stage of sleep, can help you become lucid. The Glo to Sleep mask comes with a travel case to make it extra handy to carry around without risk of damage.

The next two masks you could perhaps consider the ultimate sleep masks for lucid dreamers…

5: Neuroon lucid dreaming mask

The Neuroon is one the most impressive masks you’ll come across, it has everything you could possibly need. It has an artificial sunrise to wake you up gradually, which is definitely nicer than a sudden and irritating alarm. This is also good if you’re jet lagged, or travelling, as you can use it to realign your body clock.

Neuroon sleep mask

The mask can be customised by you to make it work around your lifestyle so it’s good for anyone with shift work or anyone that just likes a nap, as the Neuroon can even help you plan the best time and length of a nap.

It analyses your sleep and gives you feedback in the morning, so you can plan how to make the most of your rest in future nights. The Neuroon is one of the only devices that actually gives you an accurate and thorough report of how you slept. Many with sleep disorders have spent hundreds on having similar readings in a medical environment.

As for how it caters to lucid dreamers specifically, there’s a whole app for dreamers that connects to the mask. The Neuroon detects when you are in REM sleep and starts flashing lights that let you know you’re dreaming.

There’s no denying that this is one of the ultimate sleep masks, but it comes at a price. This costs almost $300, which admittedly is a lot to spend on a sleep mask, but then when you consider how much it does, and how much of our lives we spend sleeping, is it really that bad? We also have a detailed review of the Neuroon sleep mask if you’re interested.

6: Aurora by Iwinks

This mask is fairly impressive and comes with several important features that make it a great lucid dreaming mask. The only annoying thing is that at the moment (2018) it’s not available for purchase and you can only preorder it.

7: The Kasina mind machine system

This is a meditation device more than anything, BUT it can be used very effectively to lucid dream and reach a deep sense of relaxation. You can check out my post about light and sound mind machines or just go here to read more about the Kasina.

Kasina machine review

8: The iBand+

The iBand+ is a brand new EEG sensing headband that can detect when you’re in REM sleep and can then play audio visual cues to you in your dream. It’s a great way to get started with lucid dreaming tech, but you should make sure you know how to actually lucid dream before using it!

9: Lucid Dreamer (It’s just called that)

This isn’t a typo, this mask is actually just called the ‘Lucid Dreamer’ clearly marketed at me and you, lucid dreamers. This looked to be a really promising project but didn’t seem to go anywhere, but here’s hoping they’ll revive it soon! (I’ll update this if they do decide to launch!)

10: Sleep Shepherd Blue

The Sleep Shepherd is the best (I saved the best to last) lucid dreaming mask I’ve seen that you can ACTUALLY buy right now. IT detects your brainwaves using an EEG scanner in real time and changes the binaural beats (YES it plays them!) to match your brainwave state, and lulls you into sleep or a lucid dream. Check it out here!

Sleep Shepherd blue headset review

11: NovaDreamer (Old but good)

This is one of the oldest and most basic lucid dreaming masks I’m aware of. Put together by a team lead by Doctor Stephen Laberge (Author of Exploring the world of lucid dreams). It isn’t in production anymore but you can probably find one second hand on Amazon. It’s a simple mask based on detecting REM eye movements and showing you flashing lights.

12: LucidCatcher (Selling dream tokens)

This is another fantastic lucid dreaming mask that you can actually buy, unlike most of the masks on Kickstarter which get funded and then just stop production and give up! LucidCatcher is a really interesting product that not only detects your brainwaves and stimulates your brain but it zaps your brain with tiny electric impulses designed to MOVE it into another state (lucid)

LucidCatcher by Luciding

This is the only mask I’ve seen that can do this and it’s really effective. You can trial it at certain locations but it’s pretty hard to get hold of at the moment, BUT you can still buy it here! The interesting thing about their original pitch on Kickstarter was that when it was released they would sell people bundles of ‘tokens’ that gave people for example 10 guaranteed lucid dreams at a certain price, sort of like the Netflix of lucid dreaming.