Sleep Shepherd Blue Review: An Honest and Detailed Look


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The Sleep Shepherd is a beautifully designed lucid dreaming induction mask/headset that uses binaural beats to induce lucid dreams.

I’ve had the chance to personally test and review the Sleep Shepherd and I’d like to share what I’ve found with you guys. If you’d like to sort of follow along my review by looking at the product, click here and it will open in a new tab!

What is the Sleep Shepherd Blue?

The Sleep Shepherd is a blue headset designed to play binaural beats to you and detect what brainwave state you’re in. It can change the frequency of the beats in real time as it detects your brainwave state. This means it can effectively lull you to sleep and into a lucid dream.

Sleep Shepherd blue headset review

Here’s a short video I created showing the Sleep Shepherd and how it works. I also demonstrate it working in real life, so make sure you watch this before reading any further!

Does the Sleep Shepherd actually work?

Yes, it does. I’d say that it’s always best to know how to lucid dream before using it, just like with any supplement, device, mask or audio track. That being said it’s very beginner friendly, and it can make lucid dreaming a lot easier to learn for complete beginners.

It works by sensing your brainwave state and playing binaural beats to take you down into lucidity, step by step. This is important because a common myth is that you can instantly induce a lucid dream just by listening to binaural beats. You can’t, it works more like this:

Lucid dreaming is achieved in a certain brainwave state. You can’t easily ‘jump’ from an awake state to a lucid dream state, and that’s why there’s always a huge emphasis put on meditation and relaxation before trying.

The Sleep Shepherd helps with that by moving you into the lucid state step by step, over a period of time. It works best if you’re already relaxed and ready to sleep or dream, but it can work from waking just as effectively.

Sleep Shepherd discount codes and coupons

There are sometimes various coupon codes and discounts for the Sleep Shepherd which I’ll share here. For now, the best price can be found by going here and seeing what offers are available. If you know of any coupon codes or discounts for the Sleep Shepherd Blue, let us know and we’ll post them here.

Tips for using the Sleep Shepherd to lucid dream

Here are a few things I’ve learned and want to share with you guys. These are some tips and ideas I have for using the Sleep Shepherd more effectively to lucid dream, based on my findings.

  • Learn to lucid dream normally first: Just like any lucid dreaming aid, they work better when you can already lucid dream. To learn all you need to know, go through our lucid dreaming bundle (in a new tab) and then use the Sleep Shepherd to boost your experience!
  • Be patient: It wont’ happen overnight (although it might well do if you’re lucky) so be patient. Once you’ve got the device, you have all the time in the world to master lucid dreaming so take it slow and don’t get frustrated if you can’t instantly lucid dream.
  • It works best if you’re already relaxed: Think about it, the device is designed to move you slowly from one state (awake) to another (dreaming/lucid) and it works best if you help it along it’s way. This means meditate and relax BEFORE you put it on, so it has less work to do and you slip into a lucid state faster.
  • Fully charge the device and your phone before bed: It relies on being charged and connected to the app on your phone. Make sure both devices are fully charged to avoid an annoying sudden stop in the middle of the night.
  • Dr. Larsons Sleep Shepherd is effective! It really does work, but don’t expect INSTANT lucid dreams every time you put it on, that’s not realistic. It significantly boosts lucid dreams, but nothing can INSTANTLY induce a lucid dream 100% of the time

Where to get it

The best place to get the Sleep Shepherd is here, at the moment. You might find it useful to get my lucid dreaming package to learn exactly how to lucid dream before you try it though, it will make the whole experience a lot easier, trust me!