iBand+ Review: The Lucid Dreaming EEG Headband Launching 2017


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The iBand+ is a brand new lucid dreaming sleep wearable designed to reach inside your dreams and help you control them.

I say ‘reach inside’ because the way it works is by sowing you a series of lights and playing sounds that play and appear INSIDE your regular dreams, and cause you to become lucid. Let’s get on with the review:

What is the iBand+?

The iBand is a new lucid dreaming wearable device (also called the Iband plus) created by a company in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s a fairly small device and can be comfortable worn by the dreamer:

The device comes with a set of pillow headphones (more on those later) and a smartphone app which links up to the device and talks to it.


Much like other masks such as the Remee and Neuroon, the device shows you a series of lights and colors (reaches inside your dreams) in order to hopefully make you become lucid. This is NOT like the LucidCatcher which actually directly stimulates your brainwaves.

The lucid dreaming iBand plus

How does the iBand+ work

Basically, iBand+ works by detecting through the use of an EEG (brain sensor) whether you’re in REM sleep or not. As you probably know, most if not all lucid dreams happen during REM sleep (Rapid eye movement sleep) and so this is the best time to attempt lucid dreaming.

The iBand+ Uses an app and a set of clever microchips and technology embedded in the device to work out the you’re in your REM sleep, and is then plays audio visual cues.

The cues can be flashing lights, flashing coloured lights, sounds played through the pillow speakers or a combination of all of them, in varying order and duration. You can change settings like this depending on what works best for you.

Using the iBand plus to lucid dream

In order to lucid dream, this device relies on making you aware that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming, like several other lucid dreaming wearables. This is fine, as long as the potential dreamer knows to look out for the cues, and is self aware enough to respond to them.

The biggest danger with audio visual lucid dreaming masks is that the dreamer will not see or NOTICE the cues while they’re in the dream. Much of this is not a fault of the device, but instead, a fault of the DREAMER.

You see, like any device, supplement or method, in order to lucid dream, the PERSON trying to lucid dream needs to have a basic level of understanding and knowledge about lucid dreams.

You can’t just strap on a mask and instantly have a lucid dream, even if you have NEVER done it before (Or can you? the LucidCatcher seems to be the closest to ‘forced’ instant lucid dreams so far).

If you’re thinking of getting the iBand+ to lucid dream, but you’ve never lucid dreamt before, I would HIGHLY suggest getting a course like my 30 day bootcamp and going through it before your device arrives (If you’ve pre-ordered).

This way, while you’re waiting for the device, you can build up your basic level of knowledge and skill about lucid dreaming, and make sure you have the BEST chance of succeeding. You see, for a lucid dreamer, these sorts of masks are great, and they DO work, BUT:

For someone who’s never had a lucid dream before, there’s a fairly slim chance you’ll just instantly have a lucid dream by putting on the mask. Give yourself the best chance and go through the bootcamp while you’re waiting for your iBand+ to arrive!

The iBand+ smart alarm feature

One of the coolest features of the iBand+ is the smart alarm feature! I have spoken several times before about how important it is to wake up at the optimum point in your sleep cycle and to NEVER hit the snooze button, but this is the next level of that:

Simulated natural sunlight and sounds can wake you up at the perfect time in your sleep cycle, so you’ll never wake up feeling tired or groggy. This is really important stuff, and just this feature alone would make the device worth buying.

iBand+ pillow speakers set

The iBand comes with a set of soft, flat, pillow speakers so the app can play relaxing sounds and co-ordinate sounds with the band and the app. This is a great feature as it allows you to have sound effects even if the device should fall off during the night.

One drawback I found with other sleep wearables is that sometimes the device just naturally falls off your head as you roll around, but with the iBand you can still get the smart alarm (from the pillow speakers) which I really liked.

iBand+ price

At the moment (July, 2017), the price for the iBand+ device is about $240 but you might be able to get discounts by going through this link.

iBand+ review summary

All in all, the device is a great start for beginners, but as I said before, make sure you go through a course of some sort so you know how to lucid dream before you try this mask. You’ll get better results, trust me.

Also, check out my list of all the lucid dreaming machines (compared) before buying, you might just see something you like better!