The Instadreamer: Possibly The Best Lucid Dreaming Device So Far


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Okay so I write a lot of tech reviews on about sleep devices, and lucid dreaming masks. THIS, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The InstaDreamer is a wearable BRACELET that can induce lucid dreams, without disturbing your sleep or waking you up. 

I’ve never seen this before, and this is going to be a very fun review to write. That being said, I’ve not actually tried this yet, as it’s not launched. As I TRY the product, I’ll update this review post and change information as well as put my personal review and unboxing video up too.

For now this is just an inside look and a preview of the InstaDreamer, but there will be more here in the future, I promise. For now, firstly watch this video and get excited with me!

What is the InstaDreamer

The InstaDreamer is a very special lucid dreaming product unlike any other sleep mask or things like that. This uses haptic feedback and works WITH your reality checks. For years I’ve been saying that lucid dreaming products are useless unless you use them WITH your existing reality checks and habits.

This does all of that. You work with it, and when it vibrates during the day, you do reality checks. The difference is that it ALSO vibrates during the night, making you almost guaranteed to lucid dream. If you use this properly, and make sure to reality check every time it vibrates, you’ll have lucid dreams.

I don’t even really need to try it to say that, because the idea is perfect. The ONLY thing that stops reality checks showing up all the time and making you lucid all the time, is that your mind is random and often doesn’t remember to reality check during the dream.

This is technology, and it’s programmed, so it’s always going to vibrate during the night, meaning you’re almost always going to be reminded to do a reality check during the dream. The rest is just a question of practice, and I truly love the idea behind this lucid dreaming device.

Most lucid dreaming kickstarters fail

The big problem with the lucid dreaming market is that there have been lots of lucid dreaming devices on Kickstarter especially, that fail. They sound amazing at the start and everyone pledges money to them, but then they fail and can’t make it work. This is really sad, and I HOPE more than anything that this is different, because I’ve never been this excited about a lucid dreaming product or technology. This is a game changer.

It uses haptic feedback instead of lights and sounds

This is the most important thing to realise here guys, MOST lucid dreaming masks rely on lights and sounds to remind you to reality check. That’s fine but how often do you see lots of flashing lights in the day? Not very often. How often will that make you lucid? Not very often.

This is different because it’s simple. The small vibrations on your wrist trigger you to do a reality check. Then at night, the same vibrations trigger you to reality check during your dream, and you become lucid!

I’m very excited about this but for now, that’s all I can report and I’m working to learn more from the creators. Bookmark this page because I’ll be securing some special offers or discounts for you guys I’m sure of it!

For now, you can check out the list of other lucid dreaming masks, or lucid dreaming pills and get ready to have more lucid dreams!