What Are Mind Machines? Dangers, Benefits And Tips


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Mind machines have been around for a while now and offer a brilliant way of stimulating your brainwaves. 

If I told you there was a machine that you strap onto your eyes and ears, that could CHANGE your brainwave frequencies, you’d be interested right?

A machine that could thrust you into a DEEP state of relaxation and meditation within MINUTES.. they look like this:

Well, such devices certainly exist and they’re called mind machines.

They’re an incredible breakthrough in technology and offer a way of having MUCH more control over our brains. At last, we can decide the brainwave state we want to be in, so we can literally TUNE our brain to function optimally for whatever we’re doing. Mind machines are also called:

  • Light and sound machines
  • Brainwave entrainment devices
  • Brain machine
  • Pulsing light machine
  • Meditation machine
  • And some other names too

These names all refer to the same type of devices. Devices that include goggles (otherwise known as ganzframes) and audio played through stereo headphones. Much like binaural beats these need to be stereo headphones. 

Of course, there are lots of types of mind machine, and we actually wrote a fairly long post about the BEST mind machines and how they work. If you’re considering buying or learning more about one, that’s the post I’d read first! THIS post is focused on what they are, and how they work. 

Mind machines definition

The definition of a mind machine is a machine or device that uses pulsing light, sound and in some cases magnetic waves to CHANGE or ALTER your brainwaves and the frequency they operate in. 

Now of course, there are lots of types of light and sound machine and some can do more than others. They’re also fairly easy to learn how to use. They often come with detailed instructions and there are always videos online to help you learn how to use them. In fact I made a video unboxing a mind machine a while ago:

The mind machine mentioned in the video above is the Kasina by the way. But you’re probably wondering okay, how do these things actually work, and is there any science behind them? Well, there is: 

How do mind machines work?

Mind machines work in the same way that binaural beats do. They provide a pulsing pattern of light and sound, and over time (usually a few minutes) your brain syncs up to that. 

Binaural beats are able to fairly quickly entrain and change your brainwaves into a certain state. By adding the visual element that mind machines bring, you can achieve this even FASTER. It’s also an interesting effect because your brain gets overwhelmed with the stimuli and is FORCED to tune up to the correct frequency.

Sometimes I play a game with my mind machine where I’ll try NOT to let my brainwaves get tuned and relaxed, but I always fail that game. You can’t fight against it, you just end up feeling deeply relaxed and almost hypnotised (but not quite) in just a few minutes. 

Are there any dangers of mind machines?

To be honest, yes there are. As you can imagine because of the flashing lights and intense sounds, if you are prone to epilepsy, DON’T use them. It goes without saying really but that is a danger. They warn you about this in the instructions, on their website, in the box etc, so it’s hard to miss it. 

But if you THINK you might be prone to it but you’re not sure, get a test done first. You can get tested for that sort of thing with your GP I believe but it’s important to know before trying something like this. Other than that, there aren’t really any dangers for most people.

The only thing to watch out for is something which also applies to binaural beats.

Turn the volume down!

Often you’re listening to these pulsing tones for a while, and it’s easy to forget and not pay attention to the VOLUME because the tone doesn’t change often. This can really damage your hearing, so make sure that right at the start, you turn them down to a safe volume.

Side effects of using mind machines

The only side effects are linked with the dangers, so don’t turn the volume up too much. Also make sure you’re able to use the devices and you don’t have something like epilepsy. It’s also been said that SOME people get headaches and feel strange after or while using the devices.

I think this is largely due to the volume and how tightly the device is fitted but it entirely depends on the person. Like with anything you’re experimenting with, take it slow do your research and don’t do anything that causes pain or discomfort. 

Mind machine benefits

There are several benefits for mind machines, but a lot of them are linked to the benefits of binaural beats which are numerous to say the least. They can help you with lots of things, from sleeping better to studying, focusing more and even feeling better and happier. 

I can’t list all of the benefits here but there are LOTS. I think an easier way of doing this would be to just say imagine all the benefits of meditation, binaural beats and mindfulness, and then amplify those benefits. Here are some for example:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Makes falling asleep easier
  • Can support lucid dreaming
  • Improves/helps memory
  • Helps you focus on things
  • Enhances mood and emotions
  • Helps you be more creative
  • Could reduce pain
  • Helps you meditate
  • Improves cognitive function and flexibility
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Can help you stay motivated

Again I wrote a big post about the benefits and effects of binaural beats, and they’re very similar. Just imagine these benefits but x3. That’s the benefits of mind machines and light and sound devices, they’re the real deal. 

binaural beats,binaural beats for lucid dreaming,

Mind machines price

This is the worst and probably only BAD part about mind machines. They’re pretty damn expensive. For an entry level device you’re looking at about $200 or more, all the way up to a few hundred for a really good machine.

I would argue that it’s worth it.

I actually was very impressed the FIRST time I used a mind machine, and at that moment I understood why they’re so expensive. It’s literally like a control panel for your brain and you can just decide how to feel and what state to operate in. 

The benefit of that is HUGE if you’re trying to learn, study or sleep better. I think it’s worth it but at first glance, people can be put off by the price. That being said there are various options and various prices, for example here are some common mind machines: 

  • Kasina: A mid range mind machine with lots of tracks and extras. This is the first mind machine I ever tried, and it’s amazing. Read my full Kasina review here.
  • Proteus: A slightly cheaper version of the Kasina but still very effective. Main differences are that this one has less tracks and the screen isn’t as big or high quality. I wrote a review of the Proteus as well if you’re interested.
  • David Delight PRO: An interesting alternative to the Kasina with similar numbers of tracks, and features. I wrote a review of this too if you’re interested.
  • Laxman: The Laxman is a great mind device because it can be used on the go. It’s fairly portable! Check out my Laxman review for more information.
  • Procyon: A very interesting device that can be easily transported in a bag. It has lots of tracks BUT the screen is quite small. I prefer the Kasina.
  • MindLighz by Mindgear: A fairly new mind machine that can be used with your phone. Much cheaper than most other devices but not as high quality
  • Limina by Mindplace: This is a brand new mind machine cheaper than most, with ALL the tracks Procyon has plus you can create your OWN binaural beats tracks. Probably the best mind machine on the market right now.