Mind machines are a fascinating type of meditation/mind and mental state device that can help you relax, visualise things and slip into different brainwave states. There are hundreds of different mind machines and it can be confusing to know which ones are the best.

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I’ve created this post to guide you through the endless pages of mind machine listings on Amazon and other websites. This is the best mind devices/machines on the market in 2018, compared and explained. I won’t include the price of these mind machines, as the vendors sometimes change them from time to time but I will show you where you can buy them!

Best mind machines of 2018

I thought it was about time someone created a really detailed list of mind machines and just honestly reviewed the top meditation machines on the market, so I did!

You’ll find a mixture of light and sound mind machines, microprocessor controller machines and other meditation devices and masks. If this isn’t what you’re after, you could check out my post about lucid dreaming masks.

1: The Laxman mind machine

The Laxman mind machine uses ganzfield goggles (which I believe they patended) and can transmit the visuals through the goggles into even closed eyes.

The laxman mind machine

You can relax with this machine even if your eyes are closed, you’ll still see the patterns and hear the sounds. This is often out of stock on Amazon so go here now and check it it’s available! (Opens in a new tab).

2: The Kasina mind machine

The word ‘Kasina’ refers to an ancient phrase meaning ’to use visualised objects to guide the mind’. It’s great for breaking out of negative states like anger and can be used to help you relax and slip into a profoundly bliss mental state. You can also read my full review of the Kasina device here.

The Kasina light and sound mind machine

3: The Proteus machine

The Proteus by Mindplace is a fantastic product at a very low price compared to the others. It’s a very simple device that lets you easily relax by changing a colour (that you see in the goggles) from red to green.

The Proteus green and red mind machine

The idea is that you’re using a biofeedback loop to change your brainwaves because you can observe them as either red or green (or colours in between). A very effective and low cost way of calming down if you experience anger often, and a great way to just relax and get started with meditation! Check it out here!

4: The Procyon device

This is another device by Mindplace, the Procyon is designed so that you don’t need to keep your eyes open. You can deeply relax with this machine at any time, and it’s very easy to use. Check it out here!

Do mind machines really work?

Yes, they do. There wouldn’t be thousands of reviews and testimonials if they didn’t. It’s much like binaural beats, for the large group of people who have never tried them, they’re skeptical because it SOUNDS like it’s too good to be true but for those who have actually made the leap and tried a mind machine (or indeed binaural beats) they quickly realise how awesome they are!

Laxman vs Kasina: What’s best?

It really depends on what you want the machine to do. The Laxman seems to have slightly better goggles in terms of the design and build, but the device itself is fairly similar. If you have the budget for it, the Kasina is the superior machine but the Laxman is a great alternative as well.

How light and sound mind machines work

Light and sound mind machines or devices work by guiding your brain into certain states. When you listen to something like binaural beats or other forms of brainwave entrainment, it’s very effective but of course it’s missing the visual aspect.

Mind machines take it one step further by showing you perfectly timed visuals through goggles, designed so that all you can see or hear is the brainwave entrainment track you’re listening to and watching. They block out everything else so there are literally no distractions at all.

Mind machines are a powerful way to guide your brain into certain states, and relax deeply. They’re also a great way to meditate and yes, they really do work!

Mind machine comparison chart (From Mindplace)

I’ve found a nice comparison chart showing the various features of the different mind machines offered by Mindplace.

Mindplace mind machines price

What’s the best mind machine on the market

The Kasina is the best mind machine on the market right now (2018), but it really depends on what you’re after. If you’re just looking for something to help you relax and combat anger, then the Proteus would be more suitable. There are plenty of alternatives on Amazon as well.

IMPORTANT: For any mindmachine on Mindplace, you can get a generous discount by clicking this link and then entering the code: HTL10 at the checkout.