My Experiences With The Laxman Mind Machine: A Review


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The Laxman mind machine is an audiovisual mental system for a modern type of stress management, an efficient training method in meditation and for sleeping disorders. There is plenty of research that proves combining light and sound effects makes you have a brand new experience and can inspire your inner world.

By the way these things are hard to get hold of, they’re rarely in stock so if you’re interested, go and check if they’re in stock (opens in a new tab) just to make sure you can get one today!

This machine is intended to be used by anyone who has been looking for a contemporary way to manage stress and wants to improve their achievement potential efficiently while simultaneously having a positive experience. The Laxman also offers a possibility of Neuro-Enhancement with no side effects. These types of machines are a great way to help you in visualization and relaxation while slipping into various brainwave states.

What is the Laxman machine?

The machine we are reviewing today is the Laxman light and sound machine, which uses all-color-ganzfeld-goggles and is able to transmit all of the visuals through its goggles even when your eyes are closed.

This means that you will be able to see all the patterns and hear the sounds whenever you are using it. That makes the Laxman the most advanced audiovisual mental system that is currently available on the market.

The effects are also based on various clinically tested principles that guarantee the effects of combining light and sound in order to combat stress, sleeping disorders, or even help you meditate, will be positive. And that’s exactly why the Laxman is the most productive stress management tool you can get.

In addition to having a positive experience with agreeable sensations while relaxing, you can also even improve your learning performance or your sleep due to its special programs. All of the programs that this machine features can promote your mind’s receptiveness when it is acquiring various complex information or when learning a new language.

How it works

The Laxman light and sound machine works on very simple and natural principles. Everyone is aware that they find it relaxing to watch a glittering surface of a lake or a flickering flame, right?

This machine uses those underlying physiological mechanisms, which are also known as the ‘frequency following response’. So, that relaxation that you feel when you are looking into an open fire, is directly caused by a change in the wave pattern of your brain.

And the frequency of the patterns in your brain defines your mood. Both visual and auditory stimuli can influence that frequency from the outside, which can be seen in EEG tests. And over the last few decades, scientists have been extensively studying this principle in various studies. Additionally, the majority of all those scientific tests has shown very positive results.

Some interesting features

The Laxman mind machine has various other features, such as four hours of exclusive ambient sounds, and intuitive menu control, its own editing software, an expandable memory, a USB interface, top quality casing and other technical attributes. This is very similar to the Kasina which has the same features. 

This machine is the only light and sound relaxation system where you can add neurologically effective visual structures to your very own music tracks and it can carry the light and sound in a single device. You can use the MP3 player to create some personal sessions. That way you can enjoy your own music as an auditory as well as a visual and a sensual experience.

Main benefits of using the Laxman

  • Stop burning out, and have more energy: The Laxman light and sound machine is really helpful here. There are sessions that are designed specifically for meditation and relaxation that quickly and effectively help you out. This is especially helpful when you’re short on time to give your body the rest and relaxation it really needs.
  • Better sleep and you’ll feel more relaxed: The main causes of many sleep disorders are job trouble, personal problems, and, most importantly, stress. However, those causes are not so bad, as the consequences are much worse. With a sleep disorder, you are going to be tired, weak or even nervous and irritated, and they can even cause more serious illnesses, such as depression. The Laxman can help you in shutting your body and mind down and it can minimize all your worries and fears that can overwhelm you while you’re trying to fall asleep.
  • Helps with ADHD and learning: Another benefit to the Laxman mind machine is helping children concentrate. It does this with the concept we previously mentioned, called frequency matching. There are specially created sessions just for children. These sessions are combined with a radio player and they are a very nice way to increase your child’s concentration with no additional effort or medication.

My thoughts

The Laxman light and sound machine really is groundbreaking. Their patented glasses have the ability to create all the colors of the light spectrum. And they transmit those lights indirectly into your eyes, whether they are open or closed.

The interference patterns of the glasses then generate kaleidoscopic structures in the colors which are programmed according to the neurophysiological findings of various research. The additional Ganzfeld effect is also generated in order to enhance your experience. You can also use this machine in color and light therapy and to counteract the lack of light during wintertime.

During a session, you can also wear headphones to enjoy the added auditory stimulation. And contrary to the other, traditional systems, this machine’s audio range also has ambient and nature sounds.

The Laxman mind machine can also create the classical impulse frequencies that are known from conventional mental training systems, and even Binaural beats and the Hemicircle sounds. All of these provide you with a very special sound experience. The device also has 22 pre-installed programs and sessions for different situations, and each one is 20 minutes long.

If you’re a professional, you also have the option to set the frequencies and other program characteristics manually. Moreover, the expandable memory card provides you with enough space for even more self-created sessions and even MP3 titles. The entire machine comes with a user-friendly Session Designer software, where you can convert your music into psychoactive audiovisual sessions, all tailored to your tastes.

Where to get it

The Laxman mind machine is quite hard to get hold of because it’s a very niche market/product. If you’re interested in getting one you can either order directly from their website or you can go to Amazon where it’s almost always cheaper, and should arrive faster as well. Other useful links:

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