Introducing 5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Expert Finally Reveals: The ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ For Lucid Dreaming (Most Effective Things You Can Do That Give The FASTEST And Easiest Results) Finally Presents: The Simple 5 Step Blueprint For ANYONE To Lucid Dream More With The LEAST Amount Of Effort (Low Hanging Fruit)

You’re Wasting Your Time

It’s almost the WORST thing you could hear.

The only thing worse would be ‘you’ve ALREADY wasted your time’.

But, that’s exactly what lots of beginner lucid dreamers do (Maybe you’re one of them?).

They WASTE their time.


By practicing and focusing on completely the wrong things, the wrong methods, techniques and the wrong timings.

In short:

They don’t know what they’re doing, or why they’re doing it.

And that’s fine,

Everyone was a beginner at one point!

I still VIVIDLY remember my first lucid dream.

I looked down at my hands and suddenly realised, ‘this is NOT my bedroom’! I was absolutely shocked. How can there be en entire world in my head?

Review And Testimonials

Although I’ve read a lot of books and blog posts on lucid dreaming, I learned a few things from this book. I would say it’s all you really need– if you dedicate yourself to learning how to lucid dream and actually do the exercises outlined in the book, you’re very likely to be successful!

Ivanda, English Teacher

Oh yeah it helped me to lucid dream after struggling for a month, thanks your Ebook is prolific please try to send more if you have them.


I like your book, it Is well written and it Is clear. And Last night I Had my first lucid dream in years! So thank you very much!


This book is succinct, straight to the point and very well written, with a breakdown of key Lucid Dreaming principles in each chapter. The smaller sections within chapters describe the many characteristics of lucid dreaming, the how to’s, the do’s & the don’ts, as well as many need to know tips.

There are many descriptions and meanings throughout and the comparisons between meditation and lucid dreaming (especially regarding to ageing), are completely mind blowing. Explanations on lucidity within dreams and its list of techniques are extremely handy, pardon the pun – and if followed, you will surely become more aware of your surroundings and be able to build up the ability to control your dream life.

This is one of many books about lucid dreaming that I have read, but the ONLY one to deliver on its promise. It has guided me into having many lucid dreams and is the only book, which I can enjoyably keep coming back to, to scrub up on techniques, whilst feeling like I am having a conversation with an old friend. The Perfect companion!


My Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Secret Revealed

If I could look back at what I practiced when I started out, I’d stop.

I wouldn’t do 80% of the things I tried, back in the day.

Like you, I was SUPER excited to be able to lucid dream, and I wanted to put as much effort into it as possible. I thought that would help me get there faster.

But do you know what I learned, after 10 years of learning, studying and helping millions of people to lucid dream?

If you practice the wrong things and put too much effort in, you’ll actually make it even more difficult for yourself.

Imagine that:

The MORE effort you put in, the harder it becomes! It’s very demotivating,


Imagine If You Held The KEY To Lucid Dreaming

You might be familiar with the ‘Pareto principle’.

It’s the idea that only about 20% of the ACTIONS you take produce about 80% of your RESULTS.

And you could actually STOP doing 80% of the things you’re doing, and STILL get 80% of the results.

Sounds insane, right?

But it works and applies to almost every area of life.

It’s kinda like if you ran a cafe, and you noticed that 80% of your profits came from just selling cheese toasties. As soon as you REALISED that, you could literally focus on ONLY selling cheese toasties…

And you’d be able to make pretty much the same amount of profit, WITH 80% LESS WORK!

Same applies to lucid dreaming.

If you KNEW the small 20% of actions that would give you 80% of your lucid dreams, you could ONLY focus on that 20%, and save yourself time.

Not only would you save time, but you’d make it more likely that you’d lucid dream! With less effort, frustration, time invested and pain!

It Can Be Difficult To Actually Have A Lucid Dream

Here’s the deal:

There are a LOT of articles, ebooks, courses and ‘guides’ online telling you how to lucid dream.

If you’ve tried some of them, the chances are that they’ve not worked for you.

Chances are you’ve not had that ‘breakthrough moment’ where you’re flying high above the city, battling a huge dragon every night (I enjoy that sort of dream a lot).

Thing is, most of these guides miss out key bits of information, and don’t tell you what’s REALLY important.

They don’t teach you how to OVERCOME the problems you’re going to face.

Problems like these:


The ‘lucid beginners problem’ where you just can’t seem to get your first lucid dream, no matter how hard you try or read about induction techniques


Reality checks (don’t worry if you don’t know what these are yet) simply NOT showing up in dreams, and when they do, they don’t make you lucid!

When you DO eventually lucid dream it’s so fuzzy that you can’t really see anything and it’s not fun at all, and then you just can’t lucid dream again for weeks on end

You’ll have the memory of doing these things and it will feel so real to you. The power you’ll feel in a lucid dream is absolutely breathtaking.

Many people spend weeks and sometimes even months or years trying to lucid dream and never really mastering it!


It’s because there are some stumbling blocks that just AREN’T dealt with, in most lucid dreaming books or guides.

Does This Sound Like You?


You’ve tried to have a lucid dream many times, but you’ve not had much luck. You don’t know WHY it’s not working!


You’ve learned that you need to do ‘reality checks’, but you can’t get them to SHOW UP in your dreams and make you lucid?

You’ve been trying to MASTER Lucid Dreaming for weeks, months, even a year but not really got there?

You’ve even learned techniques such as the WILD, WBTB and the MILD But they just don’t seem to WORK regularly?


You don’t know ANYTHING about Lucid Dreaming, other than the fact that it means to control your dreams, but you want to learn the RIGHT way?

I spent a long time learning the best ways to teach this.

I used to struggle as well, and didn’t know what to practice or focus on.

I’ve been there.

Now however, I can experience beautiful vivid lucid dreams almost at will, I don’t get nightmares, and I wake up feeling refreshed with the stunning dream memories.


Imagine you’re walking down the street of your local town, and there are lots of people bustling around you.. They’re hurrying to wherever they’re going but you’re just peaceful and calm. All of a sudden, a ‘light bulb’ comes on in your mind.
You are struck with a thought – ‘I’m dreaming’.

Imagine this:


You have just woken up in a world where you can do anything you want. It feels like you’ve just been given SUPERPOWERS, and you’re in a world with no rules other than the ones you make.


Want to fly? All you have to do is look where you want to fly to, and believe you can do it, and you’ll be able to. It will feel absolutely mind blowing, and you’ll want to do it EVERY night


You can soar across the sky with such incredible speed, you’ll never forget it!


You’ll have the memory of doing these things and it will feel so real to you. The power you’ll feel in a lucid dream is absolutely breathtaking.


Who Am I? (The HowToLucid Story)

I’m Kai Riverstone, the man behind HowToLucid, and lucid dreaming is my PASSION.

I love learning and teaching this, and I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now. My work has been featured in some pretty big sites (see below), and my articles on lucid dreaming have reached well over 5 million readers.


My YouTube channel has now over 12 million views and every day I get emails and messages from people just like you, thanking me for helping them have their first lucid dream.

I’ve spent 10+ years learning about, practicing and teaching lucid dreaming.

My approach combines several of my passions, including biohacking, habit formation, neuropsychology, neuro linguistic programming and personal growth. I like to combine these things together to give my work and methods a unique spin, that gets results fast.

I’ve always been obsessed with figuring out how things ‘tick’.

As a kid I would take apart my toys just to learn how to build them again, or to figure out what makes them work. This obsession evolved into a passion for personal growth and improving my body and mind.

As I grew and learned, I also developed a more spiritual and philosophical side, which led me to question things like ‘why are we here’ and ‘what happens after death’. That’s a topic for another day.

Through lucid dreaming, I believe we can access and unlock parts of ourselves that are otherwise hidden…

Introducing 5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming – Your Personal 5 Step BLUEPRINT To Lucid Dreaming Faster With LESS Effort (Low Hanging Fruits)

Over 10+ years of teaching people all round the world to lucid dream, I came to a realisation:

It’s really the SAME group of simple things that ACTUALLY gets people to lucid dream.

But these are not the things most people focus on, and it’s not what you’ll hear on youTube or on articles ABOUT lucid dreaming.

In fact:

The things that REALLY make the difference are kinda surprising, and you wouldn’t expect them!

What Will You Learn In This 5 Step Lucid Dreaming Guide?


LUCID DREAMING MADE SIMPLE: a 5 Step ‘foolproof’ blueprint to lucid dreaming, focusing on the ‘low hanging fruits’ that give you the fastest results for the least amount of time and effort


Detailed description of my first lucid dream so you know exactly what to expect, and you can get motivated to learn by setting your motivation and expectation right


REALITY CHECKS UNLOCKED: How to use reality checks to test your reality and lucid dream ‘effortlessly’ all the time (some people can naturally do this every single night!)


FOOLPROOF DREAM RECALL: How to remember all of your dreams in VIVID sparklingly clear detail, even if you can’t remember any of them right now


BEDROOM OPTIMISATION: Several unusual things you can do in your BEDROOM to set it up ready for lucid dreaming and BETTER sleep quality (boundless energy in the mornings!)


The TRUTH about caffeine and lucid dreaming revealed

How to make a ‘lucid pillow’ infused with powerful herbs and aromas to help you fall asleep instantly (this simple trick can actually make your dreams more ‘adventurous’)

LUCID LIVING techniques and how you can feel happier in day to day life

A potent lucid dreaming induction technique that you can use whenever you want

BEYOND LUCID DREAMS: How to stabilise lucid dreams, stay lucid for longer and dive deeper into the dream world (preparing you for more advanced ideas and experiences)

The most COMMON crippling beginners mistakes, and how to avoid them

How to create dream scenes from your fave films and video games so you can literally experience anything, including your wildest fantasies or movie/game scenes

What Will You Get?


5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming PDF Program


Get instant access to my blueprint for lucid dreaming, 5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming. This is a PERFECT way to get started with lucid dreaming, if you’ve not seriously tried to learn yet. I share my personal story, guidelines, techniques, warnings and a step by step blueprint to help you lucid dream in the shortest possible time.


Free Bonus Ebook: 100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams


I know you’re ready to get started, so I’ve added this FREE bonus Ebook to make this a no brainer for you. This brand new book is over 60 pages full of inspiring and motivational ideas to try out in your lucid dreams.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:


Over 100 super exciting and unique ideas to try in your lucid dreams, most of which you’ll have never thought about or even knew were possible to experience

Hand picked lucid dreaming adventure experiences from long time lucid dreamer of 7 years (Me, Kai Riverstone)

The experiences and ideas are separated into categories like Science, Fun, mind altering, Sexual, and many more. This is so you can choose which type of adventure you want to have each night!


Each idea has an explanation of how it will feel, (except the ones that are more fun to discover on your own!) and a little bit about how it works, and why it matters


You can’t find these ideas anywhere else, they’re hand picked and created by me using my 7 years of lucid dreaming experience. You’re in for a hell of a ride!


FREE BONUS: Lucid Dreaming Binaural Beats Theta Waves Audio Track


Binaural Beats Mastery explains in DETAIL how to use binaural beats to get the maximum effect. How to lucid dream using soundwaves, and how to MASTER them. You’ll learn how to double your focus using these soundwaves, and even how to create your OWN.

Start Reading 5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming – Your Personal 5 Step BLUEPRINT To Lucid Dreaming Faster With LESS Effort (Low Hanging Fruits) Now For $191 Todays Price: 7 Dollars!


PROVEN SYSTEM, BACKED BY SCIENCE: Simple 5 Step Blueprint to lucid dreaming FAST, backed up by scientifically proven techniques, concepts and ideas. Learn the exact techniques and methods you need to have your first lucid dream within 30 days or less, and start doing ‘impossible’ things in your sleep every night!


CREATED BY A LUCID DREAMER: This 5 Step program was created by an expert lucid dreamer (me), and contains only the most powerful techniques you can use, to start controlling your dreams fast!


IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP AND LUCID DREAM: Let me show you how you can improve your sleep, boost confidence, reunite with lost loved ones, or just have fun flying around a city! Lucid dreaming can improve your life, sleep, energy and speed up your personal growth!


RISK FREE INSTANT ACCESS: Get instant access to the PDF download/s and start controlling your dreams tonight. There’s also a 60 day money-back guarantee on everything here, so you have nothing to lose!


FREE BONUS: 100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams (Value $47) 


FREE BONUS: Lucid Dreaming Binaural Beats Theta Waves Audio Track (Value $47) 


I enjoyed reading this book, it as the right things in it, now I don’t have troubles with lucid dreaming. If you’re having troubles with lucid dreaming then this tremendous book is all you need.


Got Questions?

Is Lucid Dreaming Safe?
Yes! In fact, it’s very good for your health. Lucid dreaming helps you sleep better, think faster (during the day) and wake up with lovely memories. It’s very good for you and there is no danger at all. You’ll actually wake up feeing more refreshed and energetic
How Do I Access The Ebook?
Once you’ve completed your payment (which is processed through ‘Clickbank’ when you click the buy button, and there are options for Credit cards, Debit cards or Paypal) you’ll be instantly directed to the download page, and you’ll be emailed a download link for your digital product/s
What If It Doesn’t Work?
This Ebook has helped thousands of people like you lucid dream. It’s based ONLY on methods that work and specifically are effective for beginners who’ve never practiced this before. That being said if for whatever reason you’re not having any luck with it, you can claim a full moneyback refund up to two months after you’ve bought it! (And you can keep all the ebooks)
What Will I Be Taught?
Various mind hacks, detailed techniques, tips, sleep hacking methods and lots more. You’ll be taught about sleep science, how it works, why we lucid dream and how you can have your first lucid dream within just a few days
I Can Already Lucid Dream
If you can already lucid dream, this might be a bit too basic for you and you’d probably prefer the Lucid Superpowers guide or the Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp package
What If I Don’t Have Any Dreams?

Believe it or not everybody actually dreams every single night. The trouble is most of us can’t remember those dreams, and one of the first things I teach in the book is how to start remembering the MANY dreams you’re already having.

Review And Testimonials

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You’ll learn the exact techniques and methods you need to have your first lucid dream within 30 days or less, and start doing ‘impossible’ things in your sleep

Let me show you how you can improve your sleep, boost confidence, reunite with lost loved ones, or just have fun flying around a city!
This program was created by an expert lucid dreamer (me) and contains only the most powerful techniques you can use to start controlling your dreams fast, with the LEAST amount of effort

Get instant access to the PDF download and start controlling your dreams tonight. There’s also a 60 day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose

Why Is This So Cheap?

You might be thinking ‘if this is so incredible, why am I offering it for just 7 dollars?’.

There’s a simple reason:

This 5 Step system will literally show you how to lucid dream.

But my MAIN passion is in teaching people how to do advanced things in lucid dreams. Superpowers, dream enhancement, raising your frequency, ‘turbo charged’ personal growth etc.

I can’t teach you that if you can’t lucid dream.

So I am giving away my most effective lucid dreaming systems because I hope that if you enjoy it, and see how EPIC lucid dreaming is, you might come back and buy my more advanced systems to go DEEPER.

So that’s why it’s so cheap.

I want LOTS of people to learn lucid dreaming!

Are you ready?