The Key To Having LOTS Of Lucid Dreams Naturally


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

So lucid dreaming can be elusive for us at the best of times, but this post will hopefully help you to understand how you can lucid dream more, without really putting in THAT much more effort to do it. You’ve got to understand a few things about lucid dreaming first, so let’s start with the basics:

Lucid dreaming in a nutshell

You know that lucid dreaming involves being self aware and realising the fact that you’re dreaming while you’re still asleep, right? So it always surprises me when I learn that people are trying to lucid dream without really focusing on raising their self awareness at all. I mean it’s the entire point of lucid dreaming, to be more aware.

Yet people will still take to the search engines and forums and just search for things like ‘tell me the practical steps to lucid dreaming’ which I get, and it’s important to be practical but a lot of people are missing the point with this stuff. The aim and goal here is not to just learn a robotic set of ations that you perform in order to lucid dream, the point is to make yourself more self aware so that you can lucid dream more naturally over time.

And you can’t raise your self awareness by blindly following a set of instructions, or learning a certain type of meditation. It must be achieved by asking yourself the bigger questions like:

  • What am I doing in life?
  • Where am I gong to be in 5 years time?
  • Am I doing the things I LOVE doing?
  • Am I being AWARE of what Im’ experiencing, or am I just doig things without really thinking about them?

What number of lucid dreams is ‘LOTS’?

The real number here I would ay to aim for is about 3 lucid dreams per week. That’s going to be more than enough for you to experience all the things you want to, and not overload yourself. I find that when you experience too much of something as intense as lucid dreaming, you start to devalue the experience and make it less intense over time.

It’s like eating a really rich chocolate cake. Have it every now and then, and it’s always intense, really rich and a lovely experience, but imagine eating that rich chocolate cake 4 times a day every day for a year? Not so nice now is it.. I know it’s not the same thing but the analogy works, you don’t want to over do it.

So how do you have LOTS of lucid dreams?

So the key to having lots of lucid dreams is of course going to be about focusing on your self awareness. The thing is, we KNOW that the basics are important. Things like meditating, reality checking and writing your dreams down. Those things are the MINIMUM things you should be doing, so go and make sure yo’re doing those, and then come back here.

Now that we’ve covered the absolute basics, it’s important to now think about things like self awareness. All you really need to do is think about your level of awareness and try and concentrate on the things you’re experiencing. It can be as simple as focusing on what you’re eating more, and really tasting it properly instead of just shovelling your food in while you’re watching TV.

Then you can move onto other things like taking 5 minutes per day to be really aware. We’ve spoken before about all day awareness as a technique, and this is similar. You’ve just got to try and be more aware of what you’re doing. It’s not just about one thing like enjoying food more, or paying attention o your commute to work, it’s about the whole bigger picture.

Over time you’re going to have so many natural lucid dreams that it’s going to suddenly click for you and you’ll realise how it all works. But like most things I share with you guys, don’t take my word for it, give it a try and let me know how it goes!