I Want To Experience CRAZY, Unusual, And Spiritual Things

If you want to learn more about unusual, exciting or INTENSE things, there are a few options you have at this point:

BEST option: Learn astral projection

Astral projection is a step ABOVE lucid dreaming and can allow you to unlock your spiritual gifts. There are a couple of things I’d suggest to get started: 

SECOND option: Learn about unusual things

There are several crazy or interesting things you could read about: 

  • Tulpas: Imaginary friends that can help or hurt you depending on how you treat them
  • Twin Flames: The idea that when a soul ascends high enough, it can split into TWO parts, inhabit two bodies and you’re destined to find your OTHER half in this lifetime. Check to see if you have a twin flame!
  • The Tetris effect: A weird thing your brain does
  • DMT and Lucid Dreams: The link between this strange ‘god particle’ and lucid dreaming
  • Lucid transcendence: The most profound and unusual experience I’ve EVER had in lucid dreams
  • Erotic dream sex: A guide to having the most intense lucid dream sex ever