Twin Flames Explained: Stages, Dreams, Signs, Reunion And More


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Twin flames or ‘mirror souls’ are a fascinating thing, which I feel needs discussing here on this site. The reason I’m writing this post today is because lots of people were emailing me saying they keep seeing a girl or guy in their dreams. 

And I’m sure you’ve had the same thing happen, right?

Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

  • What are twin flames?
  • What’s the purpose of twin flames
  • The twin 7 flame stages
  • How to know if you’ve got a twin flame
  • How to reunite with your twin flame
  • What to do next

Some people report seeing the SAME girl or guy in their dreams, over and over again.


And it’s confusing. I mean, why would the same person pop up again and again? It’s been noted that we only dream about faces we’ve already seen, so what does this mean?

I suggest that it COULD be that you’re seeing your ‘twin flame’ in your dreams. This post will explain everything you need to know about the twin flame connection, and how it all works.

What are twin flames?

Twin flames are best explained like this: 

When a soul ascends high enough, it’s able to split into two. These two fragments of the SAME soul can incarnate in two separate bodies, and be alive at the same time in physical reality. 

What often happens BEFORE or after you’ve met your twin flame is you’ll see them in your dreams. Our dreams are a gateway to other realms and realities, and messages can often appear in dreams. This is why it’s so important to remember your dreams by the way! 

The universe works in strange ways. When you’re almost ready to meet your twin flame, things will happen to bring you two together, even if it seems to make no sense at all. You might notice that you’re always around them, thinking about them, or seeing them.

More commonly, you’ll just have the FEELING that someone out there is your ‘perfect match’.

The one.

You may feel like you’re always missing something, even when you’re WITH other people who aren’t your twin flame. Before I found my twin, I felt like something was missing all the time, like I hadn’t found the right person yet.

And this feeling remained there, right up until the point when I looked into her eyes for the first time.

And since then, we’ve been happily together and it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before. But before we met physically, I had seen the same girl in my dreams for months before and KNEW something was different about this one.

It wasn’t just a random dream girl. This was special. 

What’s the purpose of twin flames?

So you’re probably wondering okay, what’s the REASON for twin flames? What’s the purpose of this type of connection? Well, be open-minded here because it’s a bit out there. It’s a very exciting and important purpose that you’ll either resonate with, or you won’t.

The purpose of twin flames is to physically MEET and REUNITE in the physical world, in order to support each-other, grow, and make each-other stronger. This is to propel you both towards your life mission or purpose which was arranged before you were born. 

Also, twin flames are very different to your soul mates.

Your twin flame will bring out flaws and insecurities you may have, and open them up. This is to deal with them, grow from them and get stronger. Soul mates are less likely to do this, and more likely to just remain in the ‘comfortable relationship’ area.

Twin flames force you to grow, improve and change for the better. 

A pretty tall order, especially if you just thought you were having casual dream sex with someone you thought was hot. But that’s the truth. A twin flame connection is very important, and you can only have ONE twin flame in your entire lifetime. 

Soul mates, on the other hand, you can have several and might have even met or been with one or two soul mates already. But twin flames are once in a lifetime. That’s why you see them so often in your dreams, and it feels so different from normal people and dreams.

Twin flame stages

The twin flame relationship isn’t as simple as other relationships. It’s not even similar to soul mates either. There are several stages to the relationship that most twin flame couples typically go through but at different levels of intensity.

Here are the twin flame stages:

1: Preparation (yearning for the one)

This stage is where you prepare to meet them. In this stage, you might feel like you’re getting yourself ready for something. It might be that you have no idea about twin flames or that you want to meet the one, but your body and ‘being’ know something important is happening.

You might get the unexplainable urge to work on yourself, improve yourself, learn things, or go to new places. This feeling is the universe sending you signals that it’s showtime. 

2: Meeting them (could be in a dream)

Now you’ll be introduced to your twin flame. This could be in dreams, but more commonly, you’ll meet them in physical reality and THEN dream about them. But it could be the other way around too. It really depends, but most people don’t remember their dreams that well, so they can’t tell.

3: Falling in love (HARD)

Once you’ve met them, you’ll usually fall in love, pretty hard. This attraction and feeling will be so intense and vivid that it can even make you uncomfortable. If you feel this way, don’t panic, and know that the best is yet to come.

4: Turmoil or conflict (the test)

Now something bad usually happens. Maybe you’ll have an argument, or maybe something will come between you, for example, one or both of you moving away or being pulled in different directions. This is all a test, and you should proceed ONLY acting through love and light.

Don’t let fear play ANY part in this twin flame stage. For example, maybe the test is that your twin flame is offered a job in another country, meaning there will be physical distance between you two. Don’t let fear play any part in this. Just let things happen and act only through love.

Maybe you’ll feel enough for them to move to the new country together, or maybe you have to just let them move and stay in contact, trusting that things will work themselves out. Maybe you’ll develop a desire to work for yourself and become ‘location independent’ meaning you can work from anywhere.

5: The chase (one or both of you run away)

This stage is the commonly known twin flame running and chasing stage. One or both of you will run away, and the other will usually chase or be left behind wondering what happened. 

Know that this isn’t either your fault.

It’s a common stage and doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that you won’t be together in the end. It’s just a part of the journey and it means usually that you’re not ready to be together.

It might mean that one or both of you need to do some work on yourselves before you can unite. Remember, the purpose of twin flames is to help each other grow. So if you’re the chaser, left behind wondering how you’ll ever meet your twin again, WORK ON YOURSELF!

Know that the more work you do on yourself, the more likely you’ll attract your twin flame and get them to come back to you. But you can’t just remain desperate lacking energy, waiting for them. You have to get off your ass and put in work in order to attract them.

6: Surrender to the love

At a certain point, BOTH of you will ultimately realize that you’re just helplessly and completely in love with each other. The runner only runs because they’re not ready for the reunion and they feel scared by how INTENSE the connection is.

So it’s only a matter of time before you both fall helplessly into each other’s arms and reunite. If you were twin flames in the first place. If they’re not then you won’t reunite. And that’s why working on yourself is so important because it ensures that you attract your true twin flame.

7: Reunion with your twin flame

And finally, you’ll reunite with your twin flame!

This is the final stage, and the best one. Now it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows after this point, but you’re past the worst stages. You’re now happily together and often after this stage, you’ll be together for life.

This was all planned, and now that you’ve reunited, nothing can break you apart.

This is a beautiful thing to experience, and not everyone gets to do this. Not everyone has a twin flame, so if you think you do, follow the signs and look deeper into it, because it’s very special.

How to know if you’ve got a twin flame

Well the first sign is that you keep seeing the same person in your dreams. 

You might see a person you’ve never met before. Or maybe you have met them, but just ONCE in a really random situation. For example, maybe you were on holiday or walking through a city and you noticed ONE person looking at you. It was just for a split second but you’ve remembered their face since that point.

And THEY’VE been showing up in your dreams more than any other person. That would be a sign that they’re your twin flame. Now I’m not saying that anyone you repeatedly dream about is your twin flame, but it’s likely. If you keep dreaming about the same person despite maybe only seeing them once or twice that’s a big sign.

There are a bunch of other twin flame signs that I link you to at the end of this post, but for now, just think back to dreams you may have had about the person. Write them down and never forget to write in your dream journal in the morning. It’s so important, especially now that you’ve noticed you’re dreaming about the same person often.

How to reunite with your twin flame

I won’t put too much detail into this section because I have a free Ebook which I link to at the very bottom of this post, but here goes:

To reunite with your twin flame, you need to do TWO things mainly:

1: Raise your vibrations and frequency

2: Work on yourself (self-love)

Within those two things are everything else, but that’s what it comes down to. Your vibrations can be thought of as your energetic level or frequency. This is the message you’re sending out to the universe, and it needs to be high, pure, and full of love. There can’t be any negative energy in this message.

Then you should work on yourself. 

This can be done by writing down your goals and learning to LOVE yourself. Loving yourself is something that scares most people because it forces you to really accept yourself for who you are, including your flaws.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore and never WORK on your flaws, but it just means you should be happy with who you are now. From this point, you can learn to grow and improve yourself, as you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Okay, I’m seeing someone in my dreams; now what?

So if you have realized that you are seeing the same person in your dreams over and over again, it could be that they’re your twin flame. If this is true, it’s very important to not ignore these signs and dive deeper into exploring this.

Just stay calm and don’t go shouting it at them (if you know them and have their contact information).

This could make things even more difficult. The best thing to do is just to see if there’s a way you could casually meet them. Maybe go for coffee or something and see what happens.

This person might be someone you know, someone you work with, or someone you’ve not met yet. The chances are you’ll be brought together by the universe in one way or another. The dreams are just a way of the universe prompting and preparing you to meet them.

So, if it’s someone you know and the opportunity comes up to meet them or do something with them, go for it! It might be in the form of a work meeting, or outing, or a special event. Whatever it is, embrace it and be open-minded.

I’ve created an E-book on my other site ‘Twin Flame Guides’ showing you how to raise your vibrations in order to find your twin flame and attract them. Your vibrations are what attracts your twin flame TO you, so they need to be high. In order to raise them, there are some simple things you can do that make it easier. 

Does My Twin Flame Dream About Me Too

Of course, if your relationship is that close, it would not escape your thoughts to ask yourself whether this person also thinks of you, even when sleeping.

Shared Dreams and Connection

twin flames have a bond that transcends the realm of bodily existence. This is what they believe can spill over into their dreams.

It means that your twin flame can dream about you as well.

This joint dream might imply an indication of how emotionally connected you are with your twin soul in both the emotional sense and the spiritual one.

Interpreting Dream Experiences

It is essential to underline that the content of dreams remains individual, i.e., their meanings vary greatly.

Not everyone thinks, feels, and dreams the same way. More often than not, dreams are a reflection of our individual thoughts, feelings, and memories.

The Mystery of Dreams

Understanding the essence of dreams is difficult enough in and of itself; what’s more, dreams are surrounded by an air of mystery.

Dreams are products of our own minds which means their interpretations can have multiple perceptions even when we expect our twin flames to think about us just like we do about them.

Seeking Reassurance

If at all you feel deeply curious about this talk to your twin flame on this, you can learn how each other thinks, feels, or what has happened to them by talking openly.

Remember that the authentic soul tie, in which we have common dreams is subjective.

Check out the free raise your vibrations Ebook here! Or go and read the post about the top Twin Flame signs to see if you have a twin flame, or if it sounds likely.