Lucid Dreaming Transcendence: My Most INTENSE Experience So Far


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

The other day I experienced a very intense Lucid Dream. I call this dream ‘Lucid Transcendence’. You’ll see why if you read this whole post.

I’ve been controlling my dreams for a few years now but this was something entirely new to me. I managed to ‘transcend’ the dream state and actually dissolve the dream state into pure awareness.

Before I start explaining this amazing dream I had, I want to make it clear that this is merely my experience and my description of what I experienced. I’m not making definite claims that I’ve achieved enlightenment, reached ‘pure awareness’ or anything like that. I’m merely going to describe the dream that I had, make of it what you will.

It started as a normal dream

It started out as I was having a normal dream. I got into bed and start to relax. I wasn’t trying to induce lucidity, I was just really tired and wanted to sleep. Some nights are like that, you don’t want to TRY and lucid dream, you just sort of ‘let go’ to the bed and just drift into dream world.

I laid there for about 5 minutes and then started to lose consciousness. I wasn’t trying to stay conscious, so this wasn’t a problem. A few hours later (I’m guessing, because I woke up shortly after the entire dream at about 9AM) I started to have a series of long ,complicated dreams.

These dreams were slightly personal, so I won’t share all the details, but they were a mixture of reliving work days, a few conversations with various ex-partners and an adventure to try and drive over some water. Random stuff, I know. After these dreams, I find myself walking down a street in a crowded city. I catch the reflection of myself in one of the windows and notice that something is a bit odd about my shirt.

It’s a small detail, but it makes me think about how I got to where I was. ‘How did I get to this street? I don’t remember walking here’ I asked myself. So then I did a reality check. I tried to push my finger through my palm, (this is my most effective reality check) and instantly became lucid.

Now, at this point, I should mention that it wasn’t just a normal lucid dream. The second I became Lucid, I knew something was different. It felt sharper, more vivid and very real. It felt almost like I couldn’t wake up even if I wanted to.

In most lucid dreams, all the while you’re lucid you have a reasonable grasp on the situation and if you want to wake up, you normally can. That was not the case in this dream. I looked around and start manipulating things. The most fun thing for me lately in lucid dreams is to move objects with my mind. (It’s called Telekinesis, and I have a superpowers guide explaining how to learn and master this and many more superpowers).

I started lifting small objects and moving them around. I had no ‘goal’ at this point, I was just enjoying being lucid and free. I was enjoying just being in my own little world and playing around. Some dreams are like that, you just want to be playful and enjoy yourself.

So the dream went on, and I continued exploring. The longer I stayed in the dream, the clearer it became. I started to get used to the feeling of it and it felt like I’d been there for hours, maybe even days. As I explored more and more I fell in love with the feeling.

It was different to my other lucid dreams. This one just felt ‘right’. I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be at that point.

Manifesting money and controlling dream characters

I tried various things out from this point on. Firstly, I had been trying to make more money the past few weeks so this went through to my dreaming mind and I started manifesting money in my hand. I imagined a stack of £50 notes and they appeared in my hand. I threw them away and started to grow trees from the ground.

I’d look at where I wanted to grow the tree, hold my hand out and push a load of energy through the air into the ground. The tree instantly started to grow and within a few seconds it was towering above me. Pretty cool, but I wanted to do more.

I play around some more and start to control the other dream characters. I decide where they’re going to walk and what they’re going to say. This is fun for a while. After a few minutes of this, I hold my arms out to my sides and look up at the sky. I feel so powerful and yet so free at the same time.

It’s all very clear. I wonder at this point how I’ve not woken up yet, as I’ve done a lot of exciting things and normally I can tell when I’m about to wake up fro the lucid state. Not this time. This time the dream just stayed put. I couldn’t shake it if I wanted to.

I looked back at the sky and started to float gently on my back. At this stage I felt completely relaxed. I felt like a king looking down on his kingdom from his castle.

Trying to find my dream guide

When I came back to a standing position, I was somewhere new. I had a few people walking by me and I decided to try and find my dream guide. The SECOND I had this thought, the scene seemed to instantly change. I noticed the dream characters look at my differently, as if they had woken up or they knew something I didn’t.

I look around  and a few people look back at me. I don’t say anything, but I have the intention of finding my dream guide. Someone to help me through the dream and give me some ideas as to what to do next. After all, this seemed like a solid dream and I didn’t want to waste it any more by throwing cars around.

After a few seconds, a strange man seems to just appear at my side and looks at me as if he’s checking that I’m alive. It’s like he’s trying to work out if I’m really here or not, and it’s very off-putting and unusual for me.

A conversation with my lucid dream guide

I ask him if he’s a dream guide and he says ‘Yes of course I am’. He takes me to a futuristic looking city and we walk to a space where there’s a sort of central ‘square’ or clearing. Skscrapers rise up into the clouds all around us and the city is alive with noises and lots of movement.

We then have a conversation as people (aliens, robots and businessmen) walk around us going about their day..

Me – Where are we?

Dream Guide – ‘This is the ‘entrance’. This is where people enter the dream and connect to do business deals of all sorts’

Me – What do you mean? What sort of business deals?

Dream Guide – (I can’t remember the exact way he said this but I’ll try) ‘Well, people from all over the universe come together here among other places, to do business deals. Some of them have transcended time and they get together here to work on ‘timelines’ and ‘fix things’ in history’

Me – ‘Wow, that’s incredible. Why did you bring me here?’

Dream Guide – (Again at this point he looks into my eyes and appears to be ‘checking’ that I’m really standing there and not just an illusion) ‘I think you’re ready to see this. I’ve been watching you grow back in your lucid dreams and I think you’re ready for the next step’

Me – What do you mean, ‘back in my dreams’?

Dream Guide – ‘If you haven’t noticed, you’re not the only dreamer in this place’

Me – ‘What are you talking about, this is my dream! I’m in control here I’m just letting you show me something’

Dream Guide (At this point he looks at me the way a parent would look at a child learning to walk, a sort of loving, understanding look) – ‘We were in your dream, but I’ve brought you here to learn something’

At this stage, a couple of other people enter our conversation. We’re just standing there in the middle of this space in this futuristic city, and a guy dressed in a suit with another guy wearing a leather trench coat come up to us.

They tell me that they’re dreamers too, and that I should be careful with stating that it’s my dream and I’m in control in this place. It could be dangerous, they tell me. Now, I haven’t prepared for a deep dream like this.

The previous night I had been drinking and I hadn’t done any sort of meditation or prep work for this, so my dreaming mind is a little off. I don’t really think about what I’m doing, so to speak.

I start to talk back and argue that it’s really my dream and I’m in control. With one flick of his hand he lifts me up into the air. He’s using telekinesis on me! That’s my thing! I hang there in the sky, powerless.

I can’t move at all, and I am still completely lucid. I’m not losing focus and I’m still very much aware of what’s going on, and (I thought) in control. He puts me down gently and goes on to explain that it’s not anyone’s dream, but that we’re all here together in this place.

I’m amazed. I don’t know what to say, and so when I get put down on the ground I go walking. I walk out of the city and into a desert area. I don’t have a goal for where I’m going at this point I just want to get back to somewhere ‘normal’ whatever that means.

Dissolving the dream state

At this stage in the dream I’m blown away. I don’t know what’s going on any more and I do a few reality checks to make totally sure that I’m dreaming, and I am of course. I can still fly, I can still grow trees and create money but for some reason back there in the city I was overpowered.

It’s not like I was expecting it either, I was completely in control of my emotions, thoughts and beliefs and yet I just couldn’t do anything. Strange. That’s never happened before, but it was about to get better..

I’m in the desert clearing and I look around me. I suddenly feel humbled, sort of like I’ve just come out of a deep meditation session and I’m feeling ‘in love’ with the world. I feel great! But it’s more than great, and from this point on something that I’ve never experienced before started to happen.

I started to feel EVERYTHING. All at once. But 10 times better, bigger and more powerful

When I say everything, I mean it like this –

  • Imagine for a second the last time you laughed until you cried.
  • Now imagine the last time you orgasmed.
  • Now the last time you were heartbroken or lost a friend/family member.

Now imagine the last time you felt really happy or loved.. The feeling of water against your body when you swim in the sea, the feeling of ice cold water as you drink on a hot summers day, and everything in between.

Now imagine all of those things, all those moments of emotional value ALL AT ONCE. Imagine feeling the intense pleasure, the pain, and it’s all mixed together and amplified by about 10 times. It’s overpowering and I can’t do anything with it, other than just let it happen.

I fall back, powerless and overwhelmed and gently float above the ground, looking up at the sky. The sky is no longer a mixture of blue space and clouds but is simply a white glowing light.

Everywhere I look is white. It’s just white energy, all around me. It’s not the same sort of white light that you’d expect, it’s more like being underwater and SURROUNDED by the light. You can’t look at it or focus on it because it IS your focus. It’s everything you’re aware of and you can’t focus on any one part of it, because it’s only ONE part.

I don’t even try and focus on it and instead focus on the feelings surging through me. Those intense feelings are still rushing through me at a steady rate. They don’t slow down, they just stay there constantly. It doesn’t hurt as such, it just feels incredible. Like I’ve been given an immense, powerful energy and it’s overcoming my entire body.

I’m suddenly aware of everything. I feel my body sleeping in bed, I feel the limitless possibilities of dream adventures around me. I see only white energy but I’m aware of so much more than that. I can just sense everything, and I can see my entire lifes memories laid out in front of me.

It’s like they’re just all being shown to me at the same time, sort of like if you were in a room with 100 TV screens all playing different films at the same time. Normally that would be impossible to focus on, but in this dream I could understand and concentrate on all of them at the same time.

I feel my growth as a person, I see my most beautiful memories. Some that I didn’t even know I had. I feel like I’m crying, but it’s not really crying because of the other feelings and energy surging through me. Whatever this state was, it felt absolutely incredible and I never wanted it to end.

It’s like I’d transcended everything I knew to be real, and I was free. This was the first time I’d dissolved the dream state like this, and I am now going to try it every time I lucid dream. I refer to this dream as ‘lucid transcendence’.

Notes about the dream – The night before I’d had a few drinks with a friend, so it could have been a ‘REM rebound’ lucid dream. I started the dream normally and became lucid by doing the ‘finger through the palm’ reality check. As the dream progressed I built on the stability by grounding myself and breathing deeply.

How to have dreams like this

If you’re interested in learning how to develop lucid superpowers like the flying and growing trees etc I’ve described here, have a little look at my superhero guide that I created for you. It gives step by step techniques for developing superpowers and dream control. Here are some more tips for you: