Best Lucid Dreaming Ebooks In 2022 Reviewed

There are lots of ebooks and courses on lucid dreaming available on the internet, so I thought I’d review them all so you know which ones are good and which ones aren’t so good. The links here (if I’ve included any) should open in new tabs so you won’t lose your place.

6 top lucid dreaming Ebooks and courses

These reviews and comments have been published/updated in 2019 so should be the most up to date reviews. The contents of the ebooks may change so always check out the actual website to get the most up to date information about it!

1: The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track by WOLD

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track has always been one of the more popular lucid dreaming courses on lucid dreaming, simply because it’s so concise, and easy to follow. Since they updated it to an online digital course it’s been much better.

The online course gives you step by step lessons and online tests to check your understanding. Highly recommended. If you want to learn more you can read our review as well.

lucid dreaming fast track

2: Lucid Academys’ ‘Lucid Mastery’ whiteboard course

The lucid mastery course is also another big course in this space, because it offers a much more visual approach. Not everyone likes reading ebooks and long chunks of text, and this course is almost entirely videos.

There are lovely, well animated explainer videos there, along with some PDFs and other resources. Very good for visual learners! You can learn more in our review, or just go straight to their site.

3: Lucid Immersion Blueprint by Ryan Hurd

The Lucid Immersion Blueprint is another great ebook about lucid dreaming. The detail Ryan goes into in this ebook is actually really good! It covers many aspects of lucid dreaming and Ryans personal story as well. Unlike many other Ebooks, there are many pictures and useful annotations in this. Read our Lucid Immersion review if you want to learn more.

4: Lucid Dreaming Secrets

Lucid Dreaming Secrets is a fairly full course on lucid dreaming, meaning there are a lot of ‘free bonuses’ and add on ebooks. The problem with this is that not ALL of that information is essential, and for beginners it might be a bit overwhelming.

The quality of the information and product is questionable as a lot of people are unsure about this! Lots of people consider this to be more of a marketing effort than an actual passionate lucid dreamer. That being said, head over and make up your own mind.

5: Lucid Dreaming Made Easy by Benjamin Lime

Again, this seems to be mainly just an over marketed package with not much accurate information about lucid dreaming. The information is in places, just inaccurate and not going to help you lucid dream.

The course is marketed very well and appears to be an amazing offer but further inspection reveals that to be possibly incorrect! You can make up your own mind if you like.

6: The 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

This course is fairly new to the market and appears to be the best course on the internet.

It’s produced by and there are rumours that the creator of it has lovely hair, and a glowing presence. Joking aside, if you want to read testimonials or reviews of our bootcamp course, there are now dozens of them on the page!

Lucid dreaming bootcamp course