I Read The Lucid Immersion Blueprint By Ryan Hurd (Review 2024)


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Ryan Hurd, the author of The Lucid Immersion Blueprint is an independent dream researcher and a life-long lucid dreamer. This is my honest review of his bestselling book, and what it includes.

Ryan also holds international lectures about dreams and consciousness, writes for the website DreamStudies.org and he’s also a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness. He also has an MA in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University.

The Lucid Immersion Blueprint is a well-written manual where Ryan gives instructions on how the readers can attain mindfulness, intention, and purpose in their lucid dreaming attempts.

The entire book is based on the latest research in lucid dreaming and also includes the teachings of ancient cultures. He has designed the eBook in such a way that is helpful for both beginners and advanced lucid dreamers because he has laid out a structured plan – a blueprint – for a safe and quick way to wake up in your dreams. The entire guide is also user-friendly and filled with wit and wisdom. This just might be one of the best lucid dreaming guides.

There is plenty of interesting and new content and Hurd even managed to include some interesting book recommendations about other lucid dreaming books, depth psychology and so on. Even if you’ve already gone through all the other books on lucid dreaming, this one still has information that you may not have known.

The author also gives you a personal feeling by merging the nature-shamanistic and the Western scientific worlds together and brings you a new and a fresh perspective. He has a down to earth style and also includes his personal dream experiences along with his ability to write for the public.

Lucid Immersion Blueprint is objective

Hurd has managed to balance out the spiritual self-inquiry with the objective scientific insight. Throughout his book, he constantly emphasizes the need to take a holistic approach to the world of lucid dreaming and is continuously inspired by the amazing potential of self-growth that can happen via lucid dreaming. However, he does not that he is not a lucid dreaming guru, but we still believe that he is a very inspiring tutor with extensive personal experience that anyone can learn and draw from.

Hurd’s story begins with a month-long trip in Nicaragua. It was there that the conditions of travel ignited his passion for lucid dreaming. And his story has many truths that lucid dreamers can relate to: the changes in sleeping patterns, trying to escape the daily grind and being mindful can trigger many vivid and highly conscious dreams. He manages to paint a picture of personal as well as scientific observations where he picks out important details, while at the same time, allowing you, the reader, to decide which lessons are the best for you.

And although some may be impatient with his different approach as they may be used to the practical instructions that many guides tend to have, there are plenty of others who are going to enjoy seeing this approach play out. Hurd’s reflective tales could make for an all-around more memorable journey into your lucid dream induction.

What’s in Lucid Immersion?

The book includes several important parts that all draw from fresh anthropological, clinical and neurological sources.

The first part is called ‘Building the foundation’ where he teaches you about the essentials such as understanding REM sleep, good sleeping habits, the importance of recording your dreams, improving your dream recall, various dietary tips.

He even includes when you absolutely should not pursue lucid dreaming. Next is his ‘Science of lucid dreaming’. Here he talks about the language of dreams, their possible emotional intensity, how to let go of control, some traits that most lucid dreamers have and how the entire lucid immersion program works.

The next part is called ‘The lucid immersion method’. Here, Hurd explains what exactly makes this immersion method really work, the paradox of trying too hard and the culture of lucid living along with waking awareness.

The dream incubation in the ancient world and the possibility of uniting the body, mind, and soul. Then comes the part called ‘Preparing for the immersion’ which is a relatively short chapter. The author here advises on some external as well as internal preparations, how to create the bedroom sanctuary and how to take lucid dreaming seriously while also maintaining a sense of playfulness.

Next comes ‘Going mental’ where Hurd discusses cognitive techniques for lucid dreaming. These techniques include strengthening the intention, day residue, mindfulness, dreamsigns, video games, binaural beats, advanced journaling, meditation, daydreaming, Dream Yoga and subtle mind programming.

Then is the ‘Getting emotional’ chapter. This part deals with the emotional side of lucid dreaming, how to develop your emotional intelligence, how to eliminate negative expectation and meditation in the lucid void.

The final two parts are called ‘Finding Balance’ and ‘Your immersion plan’. In ‘Finding balance’ Hurd refers to physical health. This is specifically meant for advanced sleep practices, body meditations, the Lucid Diet and safe use of supplements, and active sound entrainment practices.

And finally, in the last chapter, there is a way to put all of this newfound knowledge together. And once your immersion is over, you need to rest for a week. Only then can you start the next phase, which may take various forms such as travel immersion, home alone, wilderness, joining peers or even experimental immersion.

In the end of the book, Hurd also lists all of his recommended practices for lucid dreaming, which really underlines this special and holistic nature that his approach takes. You are not going to find a quick-fire solution or magic pills to help you lucid dream, but you are going to find a great plan on how to achieve lucidity through mental, emotional and physical changes to your lifestyle.

Lucid Immersion book review summary

In closing, Lucid Immersion is a fantastic voyage into the lucid dreaming realm, complete with lots of insights, research based tips and fascinating insights and stories form Ryan Hurd. I’d suggest this to anyone wanting to learn more about lucid dreaming! Check out our other lucid dreaming EBOOK reviews or see the best selling paperbacks!