Lucid Dreaming Fast Track: An HONEST Review (For 2023)

I’ll be reviewing Rebecca Turners Lucid Fast Track course, an online course showing you how to lucid dream from the very beginning. It includes a lot of information and illustrations, so I’ll go through exactly what’s included and who it’s for.lucid dreaming resources,lucid dreaming ebook,lucid dream course,lucid dreaming fast track review


UPDATE 2021: the Lucid Fast Track has now become part of the World of Lucid Dreaming Academy, an online social network for lucid dreamers. You can now only get the fast track that way! Check it out here!

The course is a great introduction to Lucid Dreaming but it also takes you through the advanced stages as well. It’s a great all rounder, and it’s the only Lucid Dreaming course I honestly recommend to people on this site. There are other good ones out there but this one seems to be the easiest to understand and offers the most value.

Who’s it for?

The course is for pretty much anyone wanting to learn how to lucid dream, at ALL levels of skill.

Chances are if you’re interested in the topic, you’ve seen the fast track course and typed in something like ‘lucid dreaming fast track review’ to see what’s included, and we’ll cover that in a second, (along with screenshots).

First, I just want to explain that it’s for people of all levels, as it takes you by the hand from the very beginning. You get a wide selection of techniques and information covering all aspects of Lucid Dreaming. Here’s the contents page or ‘index’ of the course.

lucid fast track review,lucid fast track screenshots,lucid fast track indexYou’ll notice the sections are designed to take you from the start (priming) through to the end (exploration) which includes the more advanced techniques. Let’s look at the structure of the fast track course and what you can expect.

What’s included in the Lucid Fast Track?

You get access to all of the lessons in the 3 sections, which is an enormous amount of information. See the picture above for a summary of what’s included. As well as that, you get a special tools section to help you boost your success. The tools included are:

  • Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis
  • Bliss coded Meditation
  • Subliminal videos

These tools are here as an aid to the course and will boost your results a little bit. A really great thing about the course is that you have a small test at the end of each ‘lesson’ which asks you questions to test your understanding.

The answers are shown after you click the answer you think it is, which really helps to cement what you’ve learned in your mind.

lucid dreaming test,lucid dreaming lessons,lucid dreaming fast track reviewThen when you click on your answer it highlights the correct answer in a lovely green..

lucid fast track review,rebecca turners reviewEach section is laid out with a nice graphic image at the top and arrows to navigate between lessons. Also, the ‘index’ button can be found at the top of the page to go back to the main menu. It makes moving between lessons very easy.

Lucid dreaming fast track levels of lucidityThere are a lot of lessons to go through and each one is pretty long, so it’s something that takes time to read through. The good part is that you really feel like you’ve learned something at the end of each lesson, and when you add in the ‘test yourself’ section, you really feel confident to try the technique out for yourself and get results.

You also get a huge level of detail in these lessons.. Each lesson goes in depth on the subject, and most contain images or illustrations to help you understand what’s being discussed, like this:

Levels of lucidity

Does the lucid dreaming fast track work?

It certainly does. While there are many courses on the internet today teaching lucid dreaming, this is by far one of the best we’ve seen. It’s similar in quality to the lucid academy whiteboard course. Online courses like these are a powerful way to learn lucid dreaming skills, because they feel like a class you’re taking.

With books, there’s a tendency that you’ll put it down and not read it all, but courses feel more interactive, and including a multiple choice quiz at the end of each module like Rebecca has done with the fast track just makes it even MORE interactive and effective. Overall, this is a very effective way to learn how to lucid dream.

Honest review of the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track course

To sum up, the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track course is the best course on the market and it is delivered in a format that makes it easy to read on mobile devices, laptops, and other devices like Ipads.. You can take it anywhere with you and learn on the go.

A full money back guarantee is offered, as Rebecca is so certain that you’ll get results that she is offering to refund the price if you don’t get results for whatever reason. You can get a great discount by using this link.