Lucid Academy By Sean Kelly: Whiteboard Course Review 2023


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Lucid dreaming mastery is a beautifully illustrated whiteboard video course in lucidity from Lucid Academy. This is a GREAT product, I just have to say right off the bat. The course was created by Sean Kelly, the owner of Lucid Academy. This is my honest review of the course, the good, bad and cool stuff!

What’s good about Lucid dreaming mastery (Lucid Academy)

The course is very affordable as you can see, easy to follow and very effective. It teaches you what you need to know, and it cuts through all the nonsense that lots of other people teach about lucid dreams. It explains in simple terms how and why things work, and how yo can practice and experience them.

While this course might be slightly more expensive than similar ones, I believe it’s worth it as this is one of the most detailed. For the price, it’s one of the best in terms of value for money, and each lesson comes with a video, bonuses, and downloadable content as well.

Lucid whiteboard course

Don’t forget also, that you have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if at any time up to 2 months you’re not happy with this course, you can get your money back. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the lucid mastery whiteboard course.

You actually get a fair amount in this course. More than I thought there would be. Let’s look at what’s included in lucid dreaming mastery.

What you get with the lucid dreaming mastery course

The video course dashboard is structured so that you can work through the lessons and videos in your own time. There is lots of content but it’s laid out so that you can just work through it naturally and it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You can also see your ‘lucid rank’ on the sidebar. This is your score based on how many lessons you’ve completed and how well you’ve done with various exercises etc.

This is a neat way to keep you motivated as you can see leaderboards and other people taking the same course as you. It’s a nice way also to track your progression through the course. Each module is laid out on the side, and has additional sub-modules that appear when you click on them.

Lucid dreaming mastery review

I won’t share ALL of the section titles as there are a few special surprises that you’ll want to check out for yourself but the MAIN topic headings are as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Goals and motivation
  • Module 3: The foundational structure
  • Module 4: The ‘master’ technique
  • Module 5: the first months schedule
  • Module 6: Bonuses

Lucid mastery shortcut: This is an optional extra you can add after you’ve purchased the first product. I won’t go into detail on this one, as it’s explained when you need it to be on the sales page. It’s a great addition to the whiteboard course, but it is optional as well.

As you click on a module, it drops down into the different lessons in that module. There’s actually a surprising amount of content in this, far more than I expected there to be. It’s very detailed, and EACH lesson has a beautiful animated whiteboard video (where it draws the pictures at the same time as the narration so you can learn it faster). Each lesson also has several PDF downloads and sort of exercises and work books that go along with it.

Lucid academy honest review

What’s bad about lucid academy?

I can’t think of anything bad to say about lucid dreaming mastery, and I think lucid academy have done a great job with this one. I found myself very interested in the content, and it’s very easy to consume.

How to use this whiteboard course

The way I’d suggest to actually USE lucid dreaming mastery is to go through it systematically if you’re a beginner. If you’re already a lucid dreamer or you know a little bit about it, then you can skip to the bits you find the most interesting or use the bonuses and shortcuts at the end.

Structure your lessons and time block

For beginners, I’d suggest setting a time of day where you go through a lesson. It could be half an hour a day or more or even just 10 minutes a day but set a TIME to go through it. This will ensure you don’t miss anything and you get used to the idea of learning to lucid dream. It’s great for your motivation and it will become a habit.

Combine it with supplements

There are lots of dream inducing pills and supplements that will help you with this and make it easier to get results. I’d have a look at those as there are a few really cheap ones that work really well. This is a good way to get faster results. This is of course optional, however.

Get a GOOD dream journal

You’ll NEED a lucid dreaming journal to get started and write down your dreams. Get a good one from the start so you’re not wasting time looking for one later. The one I just shared with you is my custom one which makes it easy to see which techniques worked for you and why. You can of course get any notebook or diary for this.

Summary of my lucid academy review

Lucid academy and ‘lucid dreaming mastery’ is a really good product for people with any level of lucid dreaming skill. It’s great for beginners as it shows you how to get started, and it’s perfect for those who can already lucid dream as it shows you what to do next, and how to KEEP having lucid dreams.

Click here to learn more about lucid dreaming mastery and read lots of peoples testimonials (Click the link and scroll right down the page to read reviews from people). I’ve personally gone through this course, and used the videos to learn more about lucidity. I DID learn a lot even though I’ve studied lucid dreams for several years so I can say with certainty that you’ll learn a lot.