Why Lucid Dreaming Is NOT A Sin (Religiously)


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Is Lucid dreaming (being self aware and ‘in control’ of your dreams, WHILE dreaming) a SIN for Christians? Is it against the bible? Let’s explore it.

We’re talking about whether it conflicts with religious ideals here, because in a Lucid Dream you’re able to do anything, so is it a sin to do something that would normally be forbidden, but in a dream?

It’s a tricky subject, because of the nature of Lucid Dreaming. You’re AWARE of the fact you’re doing things and you can decide what to do, so even if it’s not in real life, is it still wrong to ‘cheat’ or to steal/murder etc in a dream?

In terms of my opinion here, (and as an ex-christian) I don’t think there’s a real problem with Lucid Dreaming. Of course, everyone’s opinion will differ with this, as there are varying levels of religion. Some people will be more ‘hardcore’ than others, taking the words of their bible with more ‘weight’ than others.

Instead of thinking of it in terms of ‘Is Lucid Dreaming a sin’ I would suggest you think of it in terms of ‘how can I use Lucid Dreaming to have more intimate experiences with my religion, solidify my beliefs and understand my mind better?’.

Is lucid dreaming EVIL?

Here is a collection of some things that religious sites are saying about Lucid Dreaming, and whether it’s a sin or not. You may find this interesting. Here are some popular Christian websites and their quoted opinions on lucid dreaming, for your information.

Got Questions.org

There is certainly nothing wrong with dreaming, and everyone dreams at one time or another. Some people can remember every detail of their dreams, while some remember nothing, causing them to conclude that they don’t dream at all, which is unlikely. Dreams are little more than the continued functioning of the mind during sleep, sometimes rehearsing recent thoughts and events, and sometimes creating scenarios based on fears, hopes or desires. As such, dreams are a perfectly normal function of the brain’.

Compelling truth.org

‘There is nothing inherently wrong with lucid dreaming. It is not a sin to be able to tell you’re dreaming, or to control that dream. Lucid dreaming can even alert you to sins you indulge in when you’re awake. Often the choices we make while dreaming are less inhibited than those we make while fully awake. If we find ourselves directing the dream into sinful actions, it may be a sign that we are thinking too much about that sin while awake.’

The Christian Depot.com

‘So does sinning during a “lucid” dream constitute a sin? The answer by definition is yes. If you have control over the content of your dream, then you are in fact sinning as the sin begins in the “heart.” This is of course the biblical meaning of “heart” and not your physical heart. The biblical meaning of heart is interchangeably used with the word “mind.”‘

Jimmy Akin.com

‘Though the standard moral theologies don’t address the question of lucid dreams specifically, the basic answer holds: You are not sinning (certainly not more than venially) no matter what you do in a lucid dream. The reason is that you still lack the use of reason and are thus incapable of committing the fully human act needed for mortal sin. You usually lack sufficient use of reason just before you fall asleep and just after you wake up–unless you are jolted back into the waking world for some reason. It normally takes your brain at least a few seconds to spool up your FTL reason drive.’

So, is Lucid Dreaming sinful for Christians?

Well, According to the majority of the christian opinions I’ve quoted on here, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Christian lucid dreaming

It’s one of those things that probably is subjective and you’ll have to make your own mind up, but as far as the general opinion goes, it’s not a sin. You’re not ‘willfully sinning’ and even if you’re lucid and you DECIDE to do something against your better judgment in waking life, your mind is STILL not at full reasoning capacity.

You’re not ABLE to make completely conscious decisions, (unless you’re at a full level of lucidity) and so it isn’t the same.

Also, the fact that you KNOW you’re in a dream, means you know also that anything you do is purely fantasy and won’t have any consequences. You know that if you pick up an ice cream in a dream (which in waking life would be stealing) it’s not that bad. It’s not real.

Can you get possessed through lucid dreaming?

Absolutely not. There are no recorded cases of someone getting possessed by lucid dreaming. This is because lucid dreaming is all in your mind. It’s just you directly accessing your dreams, which are not occult etc..

Think of it as just having normal dreams, but being ‘half awake’ during the dream. This allows you to guide the dream, decide what to dream about and control what your dream character body does in the dream. While it feels very real, and powerful, it’s all in your head, and it’s just a dream.

Using lucid dreaming to strengthen your faith

Christians can actually USE lucid dreaming as a tool to make their faith stronger. It has the ability to let you work on fears in your mind, in real time. You can improve your confidence, and become a better person. It’s the ultimate form of personal development, and you can also use it to understand complicated concepts better.

How to get started with lucid dreaming

If you’re looking for ways to get started, it’s very easy! We’ve covered the fact that it’s not really a sin, (in our opinion, and in the opinion of many other Christians) so if you’re ready to learn how to do it, here’s how:


  • Start writing your dreams down every morning, even if you don’t remember them at first
  • Do reality checks throughout the day, and always question whether or not you’re dreaming or awake
  • Perform a lucid dreaming technique like the WILD or WBTB
  • Go through our beginners guide to lucid dreaming, it will save you LOTS of time and teach you exactly how to get started, right now