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Ancient Secrets Reveal ‘Hidden Superpower’ In YOU That Lets You CONTROL Your Dreams And Unlock Your Mind

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The ULTIMATE ‘Mind Hack’ That Helps You Manifest, Sleep Better, Raise Your Frequency And Take Back THOUSANDS Of Hours Of Your Life!


Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

We ALL sleep for almost a THIRD of our entire lives.

Just laying there, doing ‘nothing’. Except it’s not nothing, we all DREAM every night as well. In fact everyone dreams up to 5 times per night but most people can’t even remember them.

What if I told you there was a way to actually ‘wake up’ your mind DURING your dreamsat night? 

It’s called ‘lucid dreaming’ and it’s your hidden superpower.

Unlocking this hidden ability will TRANSFORM your life. 

Here’s how: 

Lucid Dreaming is a real, proven state of consciousness that ANYONE can access… 

It occurs when you ‘wake up’ part of your mind while you’re sleeping. This lets you explore and control your ‘dream world’ as if you were a GOD or SUPERHERO in a virtual relaity world!

It really is that amazing. 

Even if you don’t think you have any dreams, or you can’t remember them, you CAN do this. We’ll come back to that later.

Here are just some of the amazing things you can do when you unlock your hidden superpower: 


CONTROL YOUR DREAMS, and do whatever you like, with no danger or consequences at all! Think of it like ‘god mode’ in a video game. Fly like a superhero, explore alien worlds, talk to your subconscious mind and more


PRACTICE and IMPROVE AT REAL LIFE skills – Studies have shown you can practice real life skills in a lucid dream, and you’ll ACTUALLY improve at them in real life. You have a huge advantage and thousands. ofextra hours to enhance your body/mind and practice skills


​UNLOCK THOUSANDS OF HOURS – Lucid dreaming can help you unlock your mind, experience the impossible, and ultimately have a huge amount of fun. You’ll also add thousands of extra hours onto your life (time that most people just sleep through, doing NOTHING!)


RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY AND MANIFEST – Through lucid dreaming, you can enhance your mind, raise your vibrations/frequency and turbo charge your manifestation by LITERALLY experiencing your ideal life in a dream, and embodying the feeling. To your mind, it’s exactly the same as actually having the real experience. 

Lucid dreaming is the ‘new cool thing’ that people are doing, all around the world.

It’s what CEOs and high level athletes use to get an ‘edge’, but literally ANYONE can learn how to do this.

It’s an incredible feeling!

MILLIONS of people all around the world are learning and practicing it already to get an ‘edge’, and supercharge their personal growth


REAL Dreamers, REAL Results…

The Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp challenge has given thousands of people in dozens of countries EFFORTLESS lucid dreams.

The average Bootcamp Challenge student has their first lucid dream within 1-3 weeks or less*

What You Get In The Lucid BOOTCAMP Challenge!

A PROVEN LUCID DREAMING SYSTEM: Let Me Guide You Through Learning To Control Your Dreams With A Daily Video For 30 Days. Lifetime Access To The Bootcamp Challenge Members Area

VALUE $497


High quality, printable template that you can follow every day. This is the main motivational tool that will LAUNCH you into having regular lucid dreams. ​Follow this template every day for 5-8 minutes. The exercises might seem strange but they work very fast. It’s all based on proven psychological principles and concepts.


Companion ebook explaining exactly what you should do, and going into more detail on the system, daily exercises and more. 


A world class lucid dreaming coach ‘in your pocket’. Get direct one to one tuition from our ‘video a day’ video program, as if I was there personally coaching you to lucid dream

Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers

FREE BONUS: ‘Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers – Shift Your Subconscious Blocks And Remove Limiting Beliefs!


Affirmations have been shown to be highly effective in changing and imprint your belief system and removing limiting beliefs.

By repeating this small collection of powerful conscious affirmations, you’ll be reprogramming your subconscious mind to adopt beliefs that ONLY support and assist you in becoming lucid more often.

FREE BONUS: Lucid Adventure Blueprint (Design Your Own Custom Dream Scenes And Adventures, AMAZING For Manifestation)


The Lucid Adventure Blueprint is a super effective program designed to help you manifest specific dream scenes and develop an advanced CONTROL over the lucid dream scene. This is the ultimate guide to CREATING the exact dream scene and adventure you want to have! ​

This will let you become the creator and builder of your dream scenes, like in Inception. Design dream levels, and then experience the exact dream you want to have, effortlessly!

Lucid Graphics Pack, Wallpapers, Reality Test Reminders (Brainwash yourself to lucid dream more)


‘Hack’ your subconscious and ‘brainwash yourself’ to lucid dream. A beautiful lucid ‘graphics pack’ with phone lockscreens, reality check reminders, desktop and laptop wallpapers and lucid dreaming quotes. ​This will really help keep you motivated and remind you to do reality checks! These are the graphics I made for myself and I still use them. I thought you might be able to use them as well!

Lucid Dreamers ‘Conscious Start’ Morning Routine (Copy my EXACT lucid routine)


COPY my EXACT morning routine to have regular lucid dreams, on autopilot. A beautiful, printable 9 step morning routine for lucid dreamers. Do these things, and you’ll fast track your success! This will help keep you on track and motivated while you learn. You don’t NEED to follow this if you are short on time, but it’s just a nice way to keep you on track!

Meditation For Lucid Dreams Playbook PDF – This MASSIVELY Helps Raise Your Frequency And Improve Your Focus


A detailed ebook showing you how to meditate specifically for lucid dreams. Meditation is practiced by millions of people all around the world including famous personal growth gurus like Tony Robbins.

It’s been shown to reduce stress, reverse ageing and help you build your self awareness. ​Several powerful meditation methods and techniques that will directly help you lucid dream (including things that will save you HOURS of practice) ​

Exactly what meditation is supposed to feel like explained, and why most people get this wrong. Also, how to ACTUALLY meditate with no nonsense ‘weird, spiritual’ stuff

FREE BONUS: Lucid Supplements Blueprint


This book goes into great detail, showing you exactly how to use over 14 common (and uncommon) lucid dreaming supplements to boost your lucid dreams. It explains how to make your dreams longer, more intense, more realistic, better feeling, and more refreshing (you wake up feeling more energetic) ​

You’ll also get an in depth look at how to use specific techniques alongside lucid dream supplements, if you want to take it even further. This is not for beginners but I’ve included it because I know you’ll want to go FURTHER once you have more lucid dreams this month!

FREE BONUS: 100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams


This ebook gives you a detailed description of over 100 exciting things to try and do in your lucid dreams. Think of this like your personal ‘lucid bucket list’ that you can follow, so you’ll always know what to try and DO in your lucid dreams.

Many of these things are not spoken about online, and you’ve not tried before. Alongside each idea is a detailed explanation of how it will feel, and why it’s awesome. Some of them unlock enhanced learning, others expand your creativity. They’ll all leave you wanting more!

Control Your Dreams FAST: Secure Your One Time Discount On Our PROVEN Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Challenge Now! Get It For $800+ Just 17 Dollars!


EASY TO FOLLOW: The Bootcamp Challenge is a step by step printable template showing you EXACTLY what to practice to control your dreams and lucid dream within 20 days or less (and you only need 3-8 minutes per day)


PROVEN TO WORK: Learn why most beginners fail, and follow our step by step plan. Unique, specific exercises to follow every day for at least 30 days. It’s very effective, and has been proven to work! (It’s now helped thousands of dreamers worldwide)


Over 6 FREE BONUSES: As a reward to action takers, if you grab this right NOW, you’ll get free access to all of the amazing bonuses I mentioned above. The PDFs, templates, extra ebooks, and helpful resources.

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$197 $17

Our ‘TRIPLE Moneyback’ Dream Control Guarantee

You might be wondering: How do I KNOW this will work, and what happens if it doesn’t? I’ve got you covered:

This is backed by our ‘triple moneyback’ guarantee meaning…

1: If you don’t get the amazing dreams or results you wanted, you can get all of your money back up to 30 days from today. You can even keep the entire course and all the free bonuses.

2: If you find the exercises annoying, too difficult, or you don’t know EXACTLY what to do to have lucid dreams on autopilot, you can get all of your money back and keep the course. 

3: If you’re having a bad day, you don’t like the sound of my voice, you can get your money back and keep the course. I want this to be an absolute no-brainer for you. 

I believe you’ll love this course SO much that you won’t ever need to use this. See for yourself. 

“Hey Stefan,

Thanks for all the emails! I really appreciate it. I love the book. Actually, I became lucid the very first night I read the book! Probably pretty rare, and it hasn’t happened since then. Probably because I haven’t been keeping up with my reality checks and dream recall; it’s a busy and stressful time right now haha. Thanks again for everything!”

Teven Sherman

“Hi Stefan

I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing your lucid bootcamp is – the videos really make it so easy to follow and to keep up with the course. Absolutely love it. I haven’t had any lucid dreams yet – every time I have realised i’m dreaming, I’ve woken up straight away – but I am so immersed in it all, I’m sure it will come with time – I’m on day 20.

I wanted to give you some feedback that might be useful for you – i live in a rural area so I can go literally weeks without seeing a crowd of 20 people or more, and probably days without seeing 5 or more! So it might be good to have an alternative reality check for those days for others in similar situation.

Also with the day with no phone, which i love, it would be good to have some preparation around this – so at the start of the week prompting people to plan a day with no phone, as it’s quite a tricky thing to do depending on life circumstances and what you have planned for that day, so would prob be easier if i could have planned for it in advance.

Hope this helps. Thanks again for the amazing content.

best wishes”


I learned a lot and even had a full lucid dream. I’d definitely recommend the bootcamp to everyone. Meditation relieves stress like there’s no tomorrow and the experiences in lucid dreams last a life time. Not only that my sleep is generally better, which is important for me as the difference between 7 and 8 hours is night from day. The difference between waking up from an alarm or naturally can break or make my day.”

Robert Nielsen

“I can’t remember a time since I learned about lucid dreaming that I didn’t want to master it myself. As a child I remember staying up all night almost trying a technique I knew nothing about, simply because I absolutely wanted to lucid dream that night. I knew about dream journaling and I did that for a while, without as many results as I would have liked. I eventually stumbled upon howtolucid.com and found the offer of a bootcamp to put me on track to having a solid lucid dreaming practice. I embarked on it, and put in the time necessary. Then the pandemic hit, and I had a LOT more time. I decided to restart the bootcamp from day 1 to be able to focus even more on it. About 20 days in, I had my first intentional lucid dream.

Since then, thanks to this great base of knowledge to get started, I continued to learn about lucid dreaming along with different techniques and habits that would yield even better results. I’m not sure I would have had as much success with it had I not found the bootcamp. It offers very simple instructions that are difficult to mess up given the proper motivation and explanations that allow for a proper understanding of why you’re doing each practice. In my experience, having instructions laid out before me like that makes it very easy to do what is necessary.

In the end, I am very thankful to have had access to the bootcamp:)

Rudy Saal

Got Questions About The Bootcamp?

How FAST Can I Control MY Dreams?

If you follow the exercises, no matter how strange they might be, you WILL train your mind to lucid dream. But you’ll quickly see for yourself within just a few weeks how effective this is, and how it can transform your life. The average Bootcamp Challenge student has their first lucid dream within 2-3 weeks*. Some have their first lucid dream within a few days. It really depends.

Why would I WANT to Control My Dreams?
Lucid dreaming can offer you the chance to experience enhanced learning, increased motivation, and new found confidence. It’s pretty incredible, but it’s hard to imagine how something can be this awesome without actually experiencing it for yourself. Being able to REALLY control your dreams and decide what you dream about, gives you better sleep, more fun experiences, and EXTRA TIME!
Can I STOP lucid dreaming if I want?
Yes, you can. Lucid dreaming requires patience and consistency, which means it’s just as easy to stop lucid dreaming if you want to. You just simply stop TRYING to lucid dream, stop performing the exercises, and intend to stop. I’m not sure why you would want to stop though!
How do I access the Bootcamp Challenge, and what's included?
Once you’ve entered your payment information, you’ll be instantly redirected to the download page, where you can access everything. Don’t worry, it’s a REALLY simple form, with only 1-2 things you’ll need to fill in. Literally just your email (you’ll get sent a download link), and card details to take the payment.
I can't remember my dreams.
If you can’t remember your dreams, the techniques and exercises ALSO help with dream recall. In fact, that’s one of the main effects you’ll get from this Bootcamp. You’ll find that you naturally start remembering more dreams, without really having to try.
How Does The 'Dream Control Guarantee' Work?
I want you to be happy every step of the way here, so: You WILL Control your dreams within two weeks, or it’s FREE. 100%, no questions asked. Just send me an email and I’ll refund your money! I make this offer because as you can see, this has helped thousands of people around the world to control their dreams. It’s very effective!
I think I already know what the Bootcamp will tell me or show me.
I would be very surprised. This Bootcamp combines biohacking, habit formation techniques and neuropsychology to change your subconscious beliefs, and encourage action and change.

The techniques are designed to be ‘pattern interrupts’, and I’ve not seen any of this being taught online or in other lucid dreaming tools, books or courses.

I regularly get emails from people saying how they were unsure about this before getting it, because they’d tried so many other things but when they gave it a shot, it worked for them. This Bootcamp is very effective at getting ‘inside’ your brain and making the change, even when nothing else has worked.

I already have XXX book about lucid dreaming, do I need this?
This Bootcamp is unique because it drives you to take action on specific things. It makes it almost like a fun game or challenge, and keeps you accountable. I don’t know of any book that does that.

MOST of the lucid dreaming books I’ve read have long windy stories or background build up, and then explain a few basic techniques. This will go straight into EXACTLY what to practice, when to practice it, and how to do it.

Is Lucid Dreaming dangerous?

Not at all. There are no side effects, and no dangers. In fact, you’ll improve your sleep quality if you do it right, and you’ll wake up feeling more energetic, motivated and refreshed. The only danger might be that you’ll want to sleep more often, to have more lucid dreams!