How To Have The COOLEST Lucid Dreams (Stop Boring Dreams Fast)


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In todays post I want to explain how you can have the COOLEST and most exciting lucid dreams ever. I’ll also explain why you’re having BORING and pointless dreams, and what to do about it.

Before we get into this post, make sure to get comfortable and just take a moment to do a reality check. I think many people forget to do this often enough, so just take a second to ask yourself if you’re dreaming, right now.


Here’s what we’ll cover in the post, so make sure to read it all: 

  • Why you’re having boring dreams
  • How to start having more exciting dreams
  • How to have better lucid dreams
  • Some inspiration and motivation for you
  • What your dreams might mean
  • How to boost your lucid dreams

Let’s get into it.

Why you’re having BORING dreams

You’re having boring dreams because you’re not consuming enough INTERESTING media.

And that’s the truth, there’s not much else to it.

If you’re constantly watching BORING AF things like reality TV shows, chick flicks and things like that, you won’t have exciting dreams. Or at least, you won’t have as many. 

Now, let me clarify something. 

I LOVE chick flicks, especially snuggled up with my girlfriend under a blanket. But that isn’t ALL I watch.

I also watch exciting superhero movies, fantasy films and surreal abstract things on YouTube as well. So there’s always something exciting and interesting that I’m watching. This makes a HUGE difference to the types of dream I have.

How to start having more exciting dreams

The simple way?

Just start watching more interesting things. Watch cooler films, exciting action movies, fantasy etc. These things are going to make you DREAM about those exciting interesting things. 

Our brains usually create dreams from our memories or from the things we’ve watched like movies. Anything that stimulates your mind is usually going to end up in your dreams. This is why you lucid dream more when you travel to new places. I have some of my most VIVID dreams when I’m traveling and exploring new places.

It doesn’t take a lot either.

Just go somewhere new.

Or watch a new type of film that you’ve never seen before. Maybe watch Avatar, or Inception. watch X-Men or a superhero movie. Something that’s going to FEED your brain the fuel it needs to give you crazy ass dreams. Check out the best lucid dreaming movies for some more inspiration of what to watch.

How to have better lucid dreams

If you’re having SOME lucid dreams, the chances are, you want MORE.

You want more vivid and intense lucid dreams. And there are a few options for you. Firstly, try watching more lucid dreaming movies and interesting content i your free time.

Next, make sure you’re doing the following: 

Beyond that?

There are some things you can do or use to make your dreams more exciting.

The first is a Nootropic called Mind Lab Pro. This contains several really powerful ingredients that have been shown to help you lucid dream, remember more things and experience FLOW STATE during the day. I use this nootropic pretty much every day. 

You can see my review of that here: (Long term use)

Make sure you’re always writing your dreams down, even when you don’t remember anything. Don’t remember your dreams? Just write ‘no dreams recalled’. So it’s super important to stick to those basics, if you want more exciting dreams.

But here’s the thing.

Most people when they have their first or second lucid dream will do basic things. Things like shouting ‘this is a dream’ or walking around the street. Maybe they’ll have lucid sex or something like that

But that’s FAR from the best things you can do in a dream. In fact, there are MANY things much better than that. I spent a while recording a video explaining the things you can do that are MUCH better than the lucid dreaming basics most people do. Watch it below:

Having better dreams on autopilot

Here are some ways you can start having BETTER and more interesting drams without doing much.

Firstly, like I said, consume interesting media in the form of:

  • Films
  • Books
  • YouTube videos
  • And what you think
  • You can also throw in ‘travel to new places’ here as well. If you are unable to travel for whatever reason, you can get inspiration by watching a travel vlogger like me (Yeah, I have another channel). 

Next, try and think outside the box. Think about RANDOM things that you might want to experience. It doesn’t have to be things that everyone’s already done a million times.

  • Be original and think outside the box. 
  • Want to become a dragon? 
  • What about experiencing the ice caps melting? 
  • What about going back in time and seeing the pyramids being built? 

You can create ANY dream scene you want to just by imagining it, so get started! Don’t just stay in the little leagues. 

Some inspiration and motivation for you

I’ve made a few posts which are really good for inspiring you and motivating you to learn more about lucid dreaming.

Here they are: 

What your dreams might mean

There are many MEANINGS your dreams could have.

It’s really hard to say what your dream MEANS, other than this:

The things that appear in your dreams mean something specific to YOU. They mean something that only you can interpret. You can’t interpret them by reading about them. You can get a ROUGH idea about what your dreams mean by reading the most common dream symbols but it won’t tell you the whole story.

Think about the symbols appearing in your dreams. 

Consider what those symbols mean for you, and why they might be showing up. Have you been stressed at work, or arguing with your partner? Maybe you’ve been dreaming about fighting with people. Is there something unresolved in your subconscious?

It can be easy to work out your dream meanings when you consider that.