15 Unbelievable Lucid Dreaming STORIES Explained


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Here are some incredible stories about lucid dreaming about love, anger, fighting and much more.

Sometimes, hearing someone else’s experience can make you more motivated to get results for yourself. In a way, it’s like you’re experiencing their dreams yourself. I’m sure you’re aware that when the mind ‘thinks’ about something, it’s more or less the same as ACTUALLY doing it.

Here’s a video of me talking about my latest dream story by the way: 

What do I mean by this?

Well, I’ve used the example before that dreaming about skydiving fires almost the same exact circuits in your brain that doing it waking life does. So by dreaming about it, you’re planting that experience in your brain. The same could be said about hearing someone’s lucid dreaming story.

By hearing others experiences, you sort of make them your own, and it’s a great way to get inspiration for your own dreams, as well as learn what others are doing in their dreams. I loved reading lucid stories when I was first starting out, and I’m sure you’re much the same.

Our lucid dreaming stories

By the way, here’s 5 OTHER lucid dreaming stories which turned out to be pretty scary actually. I read them out with some lovely travel clips in the background: 

1: The Moving Mountains

Now, I’m not entirely sure why I was dreaming about this, but then, we never are, are we? Possibly I’d seen too many action films, or I was just cold the night I went to sleep, either way, here goes.

I’m walking down a street, when I come across a couple of older looking men. They’re talking to each other in some weird language, I can’t really make it out.

I find that quite often in my dreams, other languages poop up fairly often. Maybe it’s because I speak little bits of about 5 languages, and almost understand Italian fluently. (I don’t know if there’s a word for understanding a language fluently, but I don’t speak it fluently, if that makes sense).

Anyway so I’m walking down this street, and these two guys are coming towards me speaking some weird language, I look to my side, and notice that there’s little icicles sort of flying along the sides of the buildings.

Next thing I know?

I’m running towards a large open space. This space is like a clearing in the middle of the city. You know how you get clearings in woodlands, like a small circular space amongst all the trees?

Imagine that, but instead of trees around the clearing, it’s a load of skyscrapers. The clearing is small at first, but as I get nearer to it, it expands. It becomes a large sort of ‘colosseum’. So, as I get into the middle of this clearing, I sense somethings’ wrong. At this point, I look to the distance and see mountains are literally moving from side to side, and that’s my trigger.

Lucid dreaming story about moving mountains

I realise, ‘mountains can’t move’, and therefore conclude that it’s a dream. I haven’t developed any particularly as structured reality check routine or mental reality checks at this point, so it’s a very basic level of lucidity I’m having here.

I decide that because it’s a dream, I can do things without having real life consequences, so I find an axe on the ground and use it to fight off the approaching skeletons. Maybe the skeletons are coming towards me because I’ve watched a few horror/action films. I use the axe to push them backwards, and when I see a gap between them, I run as fast as I can.

Bare in mind that I’m young and so don’t really know what to do in a lucid dream.

I wake up shortly after escaping the skeletons. If I didn’t realise that was a dream, it could have very easily been a scary nightmare.

2: Finding the edge of a dream

This one was inspired and influenced by a video game I was playing at the time called Skyrim.

It is a virtual reality type of game where you can explore the world freely, and you’re not really bound by a particular set of ‘rules’ if you don’t want to be. You can decide where to go, what ‘quests’ to go on and who to interact with. The world in this game is massive, and exploring it is all part of the attraction of such a game.

I was playing Skyrim a LOT at the time, and like many others, I experienced what’s known as a GILD (Game Induced Lucid Dream).

This is basically where you play a video game so much that you start to dream about the contents of the game, and you can sometimes realise you’re dreaming by noticing things that aren’t quite right about the game in your dream.

Skyrim gameplay

So yeah, I was playing this game a lot, and it came through in my dream one night, here’s the story… I’m in a flat in a high rise building, looking out of the window. (Oh this dream I had last year, so I was more than a little bit skilled at lucid dreaming by this point).

I notice that the color of the television set I’m watching is slightly different than normal, so I instantly do a reality check. I pinch my nose (While typing this, I accidentally wrote ‘I punch my nose’ which would have been a funnier yet slightly more painful thing to have done).

I find that I can indeed breath despite pinching my nose, so I become lucid.

I dissolve the wall of the flat and fly outside, looking for something to do. I notice that in the very distance, there are a few long silver poles or towers going from the ground to beyond the clouds. They look close enough, but as I fly towards them, I soon find that instead of being close, they’re far away and HUGE.

I speed up my flight and when I finally get to them, I’m stopped by a  giant invisible wall. I try to move past it, but I can’t.

At this point, I start to lose lucidity, (In real life, I was being slowly woken up by noises coming from outside; I’d left my window open). As I felt myself wake up slowly, I thought to myself, ‘I must be at the end of the dream world’. It’s only after waking that I realised, there WAS no end to the dream world, I’d just become very used to hitting the ‘edge’ of the virtual world in Skyrim and it had seeped into my beliefs about the dream world.

3: Talking to my mind on the phone!

This one’s a little personal, but I’ll leave out the really personal details because the basic idea behind it is very interesting to me and will be to you.

I’ve been experimenting with dream commands, the idea that you can ask the dream itself to do something, and it responds to you, almost as if it’s a separate entity entirely. So, I became Lucid by just talking to someone I hadn’t seen for years. I realised while talking that they’d moved to somewhere nowhere near me, so talking to them was weird, and on further questioning, realised that them being there with me was impossible.

So I’m Lucid, and after having read about dream commands, and had a little success with them before, I used a few simple ones.

I shouted out ‘INCREASE CLARITY NOW!’ And the dream responded a few seconds after, making everything more clear and illuminated. A few minutes later, I asked the dream, ‘What should I do with my life? What do I NEED to do right now?’.

What happened next was very surprising to me. I heard a phone ringing.

Lucid dreaming story about phone booth

I looked behind me and saw a small payphone booth in the middle of a patch of grass on the street. I went over to it, went inside and picked up the phone.

A deep voice said ‘You need to travel, right now’.

What do you mean? I asked. ‘Travel, right now’.

Now at this point, I was so surprised I didn’t really know what to do, so I left the phone booth, and started to lose my lucidity.

Not because I couldn’t control it, but because I was so surprised and shocked by the dream responding in this way that I was unsure what to do with the information. My subconscious had just told me a direct answer to a question I asked it, and it was fascinating. I then woke up a few minutes later and booked a holiday with my (then) girlfriend. While on this holiday, I grew as a person, and came back with more motivation than ever before.

Now, I’m going to several countries and each time I leave the country, I come back slightly stronger, and slightly more driven to succeed in life.

4: Falling in love with the girl in black

I won’t share who this is from because they’re asked me to keep it private but this is a great story about love in a lucid dream. I’ve spoken on my YouTube about falling in love in a dream, and this story only further re-enforces what I’ve said.

Here we go –

I’m walking down a dark, long pathway when I feel like something’s not quite right.

I look behind me and notice that there are newspapers blowing around in the wind. I think ‘that’s strange, it’s not been windy all day and now suddenly the wind is picking up’. I feel an overwhelming sense of passion and happiness even though the weather is dark and miserable.

Strange, I think to myself. As I carry on walking down the path I suddenly realise that I can see a young girl up ahead. It’s like the second I started looking at her, the sun started shining. I can now see her clearly and the sun has lit up the whole scene.

I’ve become lucid at this point as I thought it was strange that there was suddenly a load of sunshine, so I’m walking around looking for something to do when I notice the girl has turned around and is looking straight at me. She’s beautiful.

Really beautiful, and as I look into her eyes, I feel something powerful.

I feel like I’m in love.

I love her! Which is ridiculous cause I know this is a dream but I just know at the same time that I’m totally in love with this girl. Love at first sight. Is that possible? As I notice the darkness fading around my vision (me waking up) I think to myself that I need to find the girl in black next time I’m lucid..

5: My first lucid dream ever

This is the story of my FIRST ever lucid dream

This was about 8 years or more ago now, probably more. I actually can’t remember exactly when this happened, I just know it was a long ass time ago. I was a child basically.

So I used to misbehave pretty often, and one of the things my parents did to get me to calm down as to confine me to my room with no technology. So one day I was messing around, and got confined to my room. I was laying on the top bunk bed, wondering what to do.

I ended up just having a nap, but it was no normal nap…

I didn’t know it at the time but I was about to have a wake induced lucid dream

So I went to sleep and within a few minutes I was walking down a street, looking around at the shops. I instantly knew something was wrong. I vividly remembered being in my bedroom just a few minutes ago, so I started to panic and freak out.

what does a lucid dream feel like,walking down thee street in a dream

I shouted out ‘this isn’t real! I’m dreaming’, and then unsurprisingly, woke up instantly. 

6: Lucid nightmare of spikes

This was a little bit scary. So I’m lucid, but something’s wrong. I don’t feel fully in control like I normally do.

This time, I feel like lucidity is slipping away. Maybe I didn’t ground myself enough, or maybe I’m just close to waking up so I’m starting to wake up. Either way, I’m sort of stuck in the dream at this point. 

I’m lucid but sitting in a shopping mall. The floors brilliant marble, and I try to get up from sitting down to explore the shops.

The shops look intense, and very brightly colored. 

As I try and stand up, I realise there’s something stopping me. I see a long, really thin spike going through my thigh! It REALLY hurts, and I try and remove it. But then just as I touch it, another one appears going through my other thigh. 

There are now dozens of tiny spikes that are thinner than needles going through my lower body. I can’t move, and I feel helpless. This is probably the worst lucid nightmare I’ve ever experienced. 

7: Lucid transcendence

I’ve written a full post about lucid transcendence by the way. This was my most intense lucid dreaming experience. 

Here’s what happened: 

I enter the dream and become lucid.

Over the next few minutes I fly around, explore the dream scene and generally play silly buggers. I start to feel like I want something MORE though. 

More than just flying around or exploring. 

I start to ask the dream itself ‘dissolve’ and turn into pure awareness. I then start floating up in the air, feeling completely blissful and serene. The dream is lifting me up, and at this point I suppose I start to lose ‘control’ of the dream.

I’m still guiding it and I still WANT this to happen though. I notice the dream becoming more and more like a white screen, and I can’t see anything except brilliant white light eventually. 

8: Lucid dreaming superpowers battle

This was a CRAZY lucid dream experience actually.

I like remembering these experiences, because it’s like re-living them in my mind. So I was on the top of a huge skyscraper, completely lucid, but wearing no shirt.

I could feel the breeze gently going over my chest, it felt nice. I remember thinking there’s got to be something else I can try and do here, so I start flying quickly around the top of the skyscraper while levitating objects on the roof with my mind.

I notice someone else flying up to me. 

They start using telekinesis as well! They move objects around just like me. I say ‘what are you doing?’. They reply that I’m not actually IN my own dream, I’m in theirs. I’m in a place where MORE than one person is in control.

I remember trying at that point to exit the dream, because I was scared. Nothing happened, and I spent a good 5 minutes or so just seeing what they were going to do. 

9: Lucid bar in Thailand

This one actually wasn’t a very impressive dream but it’s one of those cool experiences that I WOULD actually have again. 

There’s not much to tell about this one, except this:

I was in a bar in Thailand (I think it was Thailand) and it was POURING with rain outside. I think the entire bare was suspended on stilts, like a floating bar. I could see out of the window how much it was raining, and looking BELOW me I could see the water also.

The whole building was suspended, and the rain noises were all around us. But we were still dry. I was having a little drink with someone sitting at the bar. We were both lucid it seemed.

I asked them what they were doing there, and they just said ‘escaping’. I didn’t ask any more questions. We drank, and continued talking about our lives, and what we were doing now.

It felt really surreal, because to me, that other guy was real. Although they were probably just a dream character, it felt like I was talking to a new, real person. And for those few minute we were in the bar, the entire world just didn’t seem important. 

It was the ultimate form of escapism, and I really liked it. 

It wasn’t the typical sex or flying lucid dream that most people are craving, but it was an escapism experience.

10: Becoming the ant

In one older dream, I BECAME any ant. Here’s what it was like.

So I’ve known for a long time that you can become animals, if you try hard enough. It’s one of the things in my top 100 things to do in dreams list. And for good reason, it’s really intense and trippy. 

To become an animal, you need to EXPECT that you’ll become that animal, and then step forward into their form. It’s very strange to explain how you’re supposed to do it, but that’s the best way I can explain it. 

I stepped forward into the ants body, and started to notice a few new things. 

Firstly, I felt STRONG. 

Very strong in fact, and fast too. It took me a while to realise that although I was running at full speed, I was only moving a few inches on the ground, next to the table which was now as big as a skyscraper.

But I felt good. The next thing I felt was the restriction on my arms. I could move 6 legs or limbs easily, but I couldn’t move them in the same way we move arms. They felt stuck in a sort of groove. They could only move sideways, like a machine. 

Even so, climbing walls was childs play.

Then I started exploring the landscape. I go outside, and I start to see weird puffs of smoke. They’re not smoke though, because I can TASTE them. I start to think about what I knew about ants, and suddenly realised:

They’re pheromone trails! 

Ants navigate using a complex system of scents, that they can not only track but also create. As ants explore a new landscape together, they create a shared network or map of scents. They can then follow this trail back to the nest. And I was SEEING that trail! 

It was so strange, but to my ant body in the dream it felt normal. I felt like I was almost walking towards the direction of the scent without even TRYING to, and sometimes even against my will. 

Scary Lucid Dreaming stories

I know there are a lot of people out there who have scary stories to share, because for some reason, a LOT of lucid dreaming experiences seem to be ‘scary’ or unusual.

Maybe it’s because people are new to exploring their subconscious mind, so when they do, there are a lot of hidden issues and things like that. Who knows. Either way, don’t be scared (ahem) to share your story if it’s scary, I’m sure people will still enjoy reading it.

Submit your Lucid Dreaming Story!

So this is where I’d like to invite you to share your story. I can’t promise it will be shared on the website or Facebook, but I will read all of them. I’ll try and keep up to date with replying to them all as well, but I won’t be offering things like dream interpretation so don’t expect that! (that would be very time consuming and not really helpful).

In order to share your experience, please read the guide for lucid guest posting. It explains a few things I’d like you to try and stick to when writing your story out, but don’t worry if you don’t stick to ALL the rules, they’re more like guidelines, to sort of help me out when editing the articles.

How to lucid dream

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