Anchor Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique (AILD): Lucid Dream DEEPER


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Today we’re covering the anchor induced lucid dreaming technique, because you’re familiar with things like the wild and the wake back to bed, right

With the anchor induced lucid dreaming technique, you can lucid dream reliably, safely, and in a way that you can control it more, in more detail.

I would consider this the best or if not one of the best techniques, massively underrated and pretty much no one knows about it.

Exciting, right?

How to lucid dream with the AILD technique

So here’s how it works.

You need to find an object, or a object in your room. This is going to be something that you’re going to stare at every single time you trying to lucid dream, and also throughout the day as well.

Now it can be a dream sign that you could use just in a dream, or it could be something that you see in your room all the time. It needs to be something CLEAR that you can ALWAYS see in your bedroom.

Every single night. 

1: Find an object you see every single day

Find something that’s in your room. In my room for example, I always see string lights above my bed, because these are always there in the background.

This becomes easier with time, but here’s what you need to make sure you do:

Pick an object that you always see, even when it’s dark. You need to be able to see or KNOW the object is there, no matter what time of day or morning it is. 

I picked some lights, but you might pick something else like: 

  • A chair in your room
  • An unusual clock
  • A strange ornament

The stranger or more eye-catching the object, the better. You want to be SMACKED in the face with the object, so that you’ll never miss it or forget about it. 

2: Attach a statement to that object

I tell myself ‘I will lucid dream’ or ‘I can control the dream’, every single time I SEE those lights.

And so, what ends up happening is that when I go to sleep, and I see the lights before I go to sleep, I start thinking about it and it anchors or REMINDS me to think about lucid dreaming.

I’ll explain in a minute how you can use this to have reliable lucid dreams.

It’s a very powerful thing.

Consider the implications of this, every single time you go to bed, you are staring at an object and It could be the lights, or it could be an ornament near your bed.

It could be anything.

The point is every time you see this object, you tell yourself ‘I am lucid dreaming’ or ‘I can control the dream’, and then you go to sleep.

Sounds pretty simple right?

To be honest, it is simple. That is literally all you need to do!

3: Remind yourself about lucid dreaming when you see the object

The key is to make sure that you’re attaching the belief of ‘I can lucid dream’ to the object that you see, every single time you enter your bedroom. This becomes a very powerful trigger that sets up your brain for having more lucid dreams. 

How does it work? 

Because you’re reminding yourself about lucid dreaming every single night, before bed, you have lucid dreaming in your mind before sleeping. This is playing on the powerful techniques that you might have heard of before, involving reminding yourself about lucid dreaming.

The goal is to have the DREAM itself trigger a lucid dream

Does the AILD work for everyone?

Does the AILD work for everyone?

Well, no lucid dreaming technique can work for EVERYONE, no matter how effective it should be.

This is because everyone sleeps differently, and their brains and bodies work very differently. This technique is really a building on other techniques like the DILD, but I’ve created this to help you lucid dream more effectively.

The reason that this technique is not very well known, is because this technique can NOT work if you travel very often, if you don’t see the same object in your bedroom every night, in that case, it won’t really work that well.


Because you need to see the same object every night, to anchor it in your mind as being the TRIGGER. Now here’s how you can use a dream sign to do the same thing…

Using dream signs to lucid dream

The only way that you would know what your dream signs are, is if you regularly write them down. So for this reason, you really need to have a dream journal.

To use a dream sign to lucid dream, you just need to know what your dream signs are. It’s very simple. Just start writing your dreams down and look for the things you see most often.

You’ll notice that there are a few regular things that you KEEP dreaming about. 

These are your dream signs.

And they can also become your anchors. Your anchor can be anything really, just like ANYTHING could potentially be your dream sign.

Whatever it is, make sure you KNOW about it, and you know that you regularly see it. Then start telling yourself in the waking world, I WILL LUCID DREAM when I see this thing. It could be a dog, it could be a bag, or anything else.

Just tell yourself constantly throughout the day that you’ll lucid dream when you see that dream sign. The more often you do it, the most likely it is you’ll lucid dream when you see that dream sign.

You can learn your dream signs very quickly, just by writing your dreams down, and highlighting things that you dream about the most often. 

Other lucid dreaming techniques

Here are some other lucid dreaming techniques you might want to try: