4+ Uses For Theta Brainwaves Explained In Simple Terms


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The ability to control your own dreams through the art of lucid dreaming is an incredible skill, and one we’re sure you’ll want to learn!

If you’re interested in discovering lucid dreams for yourself, we recommend you start by thinking about your brain waves. Your Theta brain waves, in particular.

Theta brain waves and lucid dreams are intrinsically linked, so let’s first talk about how you can utilise Theta brain waves in everyday life to harness your inner potential and take the first step on your journey to discovering lucid dreaming.

What are Theta Brain Waves?

Theta brain waves typically operate at a frequency range of between 5 and 8 cycles per second.

The best way to describe them is if you imagine that you’ve been given a task but you find your mind wandering into a daydream-like state

Or, if you’ve been driving and you suddenly find that you’ve completely forgotten driving for the past few miles.


We often find this can happen when driving on motorways, as your brain isn’t having to make decisions constantly. A repetitive task like this quite likely to change your brain state to Theta.

Theta brain waves are in complete contrast to the brain waves we operate at while we’re fully functional and alert: Beta waves.

In a Theta state you’ll be in a world of total relaxation, feeling quite separated from what’s going on around you. When you’re in Beta, for example, you’re much more in tune with your surroundings, and less likely to forget or miss something someone’s saying to you.

What are the Benefits of Theta Brain Waves?

Theta brain waves have huge benefits. Lucid dreaming and Theta brainwaves also go hand in hand, for many different reasons. With Theta brain waves, the body and mind can be completely activated and optimised, which is fantastic for us! Here are a few of the main benefits you can enjoy when in a Theta state.

1: Creativity

Detaching yourself from the world around you can have massive potential for your creativity. Even people who don’t think of themselves as particularly creative may find that they are, when they’re not thinking about things too literally.

When you’re in a relaxed, dream-like Theta state you’re much more likely to be creative. Some of the world’s most famous creatives, such as famous writers, artists and musicians have become so successful as they’ve fully harnessed the power of their Theta brain waves. You never know, if you spend more time altering your brain state to a Theta frequency, you might surprise yourself with the creativity of your own subconscious.

2: Self Healing

The body and mind have a natural self healing process which we use every day. This process works best when we’re in a Theta state, as we’ve completely detached from thinking and allowed ourselves to become relaxed.

When the conscious mind begins to relax, Theta healing can really begin. The benefits of this are huge. It all stems from your ability to realise that everything around you is a mental construct.

This realisation enables you to begin the process of self-healing through the use of your Theta brain waves.

You’ll start to harness your inner energy and use it to make the most of your body and mind. When you do this, you’ll find that any feelings of anxiety and tendencies to become overwhelmed, start to dissipate.

3: Stress Relief

Stress is one of the biggest problems in modern life, and when you think about it, it’s easy to see why so many of us are battling stress every day!

With work, family commitments, bills to pay and the fact that there are often just not enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks we’d like to, people are vulnerable to being overcome by the demon of stress.

We’re often advised not to become stressed, but of course this is easier said than done! For some of us, stress is an unavoidable problem. But if you learn how to relieve this stress effectively, you can stop its harmful effects and really get the most out of your life – no matter how busy that life may be!

By relaxing your mind completely you can relieve stress very effectively.

This works well with both physical and mental stress. When your body is relaxed, you’ll be able to focus on any problems you might have, helping you to resolve your own psychological issues and improve your health naturally.

4: Problem Solving

Whilst problem solving might be thought of as the domain of the Alpha and Beta waves, Theta brain waves are also incredibly helpful is achieving the solutions to more complex problems which you might encounter.

The best way to explain this is if you think of a time when you’ve been faced with a huge problem at work, that you simply couldn’t figure out a good solution for.

Say you’ve mulled over this issue for several days, discussed it with colleagues and even slept on it, but you’ve not been able to resolve it.

You might have thought it was simply an impossible task, and begun to forget all about it. And then, several days or weeks later, when you least expect it, the perfect solution just comes to you! It’s likely that you’ve already experienced a situation just like this. It’s the work of those all-important Theta brain waves!

Theta brain waves operate when you’re in your most relaxed state, so you probably won’t be aware of them when you are experiencing them.

That’s why, when the Theta brain waves helped you solve that problem, by detaching yourself from issues you might have thought were important, but were actually pretty insignificant, you wouldn’t have known anything about it. That’s the magic of Theta.

The Link Between Theta Brain Waves and Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to alter your brain state to Theta and start enjoying the amazing benefits of those powerful Theta brain waves.

Uses of theta brainwaves

Scientists have discovered that a person only needs to meditate for 30 minutes before they’ll start experiencing the benefits of Theta brain waves, in turn helping them to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, health and energy levels. (Or plug yourself into a Kasina device for 3 minutes)

Meditation comes in many forms, but the best ways to use meditation to enter a Theta brain state are as follows. First, use the power of visualisation.

A little like daydreaming, this state will help you to empty your mind of any thoughts, focusing on your own hopes and dreams and bettering your understanding of the world around you. Then you need to relax! The deeper your state of relaxation, the greater the benefits will be.

The final thing you need to do is focus on your spirituality. No matter what your religious beliefs, your own spiritual connection is incredibly important. Try to think about your connection to the planet and the world you see around you. Try to focus on achieving that Theta state. You can use chanting, mantras, prayers or just your own will power to work towards this.

Want to create brainwaves?

You can create brainwaves easily by following our guide, or you could try listening to binaural beats. There are lots of binaural beats designed to change your brainwave state to something particular, and they really do work, fast.