How to Easily Create Brainwaves: Complete Tutorial


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Every moment of every day, our brains are producing brain waves on a whole range of different frequencies. We call these brain waves Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta.

Each of these brain waves operates at a different frequency, and has a specific purpose which we utilise in everyday life. But, did you know you could create your own brain waves and alter your brain state? Here’s how.

What are Alpha Brain Waves?

Alpha brain waves are best described as the brain waves associated with relaxation. Different from the deeper state of relaxation we experience with Theta brain waves, Alpha brain waves are used when we are conscious, but totally calm. Alpha brain waves help you to be able to think outside of the box, so they’re intrinsically linked to our creativity. If you’re feeling creative, it’s likely that your brain will be in a calm, serene state governed by Alpha brain waves.

How to create brainwaves

How to Create Alpha Brain Waves

It’s easy to see why a person might want to put their brain into an Alpha state. Think about those who need to use their creativity to excel in their jobs, such as those working in marketing, architecture or advertising. Not to mention those whose very careers rely on their ability to create, such as artists, writers and musicians.

To create alpha brain waves, you need to first relax. Shutting your eyes immediately puts you in a more relaxed state and stats producing alpha brain waves. That’s why we often find ourselves shutting our eyes when faced with a particularly complex problem. And it works!

What are Beta Brain Waves?

Beta brain waves are the ones we use most in day to day life. So, if you’re going about your business, having a conversation with a friend or just running to the shops, you’ll likely be in a Beta state. Beta brain waves are responsible for maintaining a normal mental function, controlling our mental capacity, concentration and alertness.

How to Create Beta Brain Waves

There are times where you’ll find yourself in a chilled out, Alpha state – but you really need to be in Beta. To change your brain waves, you can try a few different methods. Firstly taking up a new skill, such as learning a language or trying a new instrument can produce Beta waves in your brain.

You could also try mental games like puzzles and crosswords to get those brain cogs turning! Reading is another option which will enable your brain to focus. It’s best to try with something you’ve not read before, though.

Meditation is a powerful tool in changing your brain state, and can be used to operate Beta brain waves effectively. The key is to maintain focus on a single object or activity and not let your mind wander!

What are Delta Brain Waves?

Delta brain waves are the brain waves which control our sleep and the state of recovery. They aid in characterising the depth of our sleep and are generated in deep meditation and dreamless sleep. They’re also not very well known, because of course we’re fast asleep when they occur.

How to Create Delta Brain Waves

Of course falling asleep in itself generates Delta brain waves, but if you want to alter your brain into this state whilst you’re still conscious, meditation in the way to go. Meditation is a powerful tool in helping you to calm your mind and find focus, so try this to take your brain into a Delta state.

Learning how to meditate is quite simple, so this really is open to all. Breathe deeply and prepare yourself for a period of relaxation, and let your mind wander as you reach a totally relaxed, meditative state.

What are Gamma Waves?

Gamma brain waves are the brain waves which operate at the very highest frequency. Gamma brain waves are responsible for a wide range of activities which we undertake whilst fully conscious and alert. If you’re hoping to improve your creativity, verbal communication, ability to learn a new skill or overall concentration and alertness, you’ll want to move your brain into a gamma state.

How to Create Gamma Brain Waves

Gamma brain waves can be created in a number of different ways. Some ideas might include learning or speaking in a new language, as this really helps your brain to focus and concentrate on the task in hand. Using your imagination is another useful tool to help you to produce gamma rays.

If you’re taking a trip down memory lane, you might be surprised to hear that you’re boosting your brain’s gamma waves too! The simple act of recalling a memory or reliving something from your past is important as not only does it produce gamma brain waves, it also improves your memory itself.

What are Theta Brain Waves?

Theta brain waves have become known as “super waves” because of their ability to influence a wide range of different states of mind. These brain waves are present during states of total relaxation and deep sleep.

They’re also the ones we use when experiencing lucid dreams, enabling us to take control of our dreams and giving us an awareness of the fact that we’re dreaming, and can live out any fantasies we might wish to.

How to Create Theta Brain Waves

The creation of theta brain waves can have huge benefits for a person, as it helps all aspects of your mind from your memory and emotions to your ability to create, or to truly relax and banish stress. You can produce Theta brain waves by meditating, freeing your mind of any thoughts at all and accessing your zen state.

Recall and recognition games such as charades, puzzles and scrabble are incredibly helpful in changing your brain to a Theta state, as are relaxing pursuits which encourage you to use your brain, such as completing a Sudoku puzzle or taking part in strategy games.

Binaural beats: induce different brainwaves instantly

For those of you wanting to INSTANTLY change your brainwaves, there are special types of sound you can listen to that guide your mind into a different state. They’re called binaural beats and you can find some great free samples and packages here.

Want to learn more?

A human brain is an incredibly powerful and complex organ, which we still do not fully understand. But we do know that the key to maximising our potential is the ability to both understand and harness the power of the different brain waves we’re producing all the time.

No matter what you’re doing, your brain will be creating a wide range of brain waves at different frequencies. Once you start learning about these frequencies and focusing on which activities create which brain states, you’ll be on your way to boosting your potential and ability to create, understand and recall information.

Not only that, you’ll also be on the road to experiencing lucid dreams, and incredibly powerful tool which will enable you to experience and live out your wildest fantasies, all through your dreams.

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