The Link Between Theta Brainwaves and Lucid Dreaming


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Are you interested in learning the art of lucid dreaming? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to talk about the powerful link between brain waves and a person’s ability to lucid dream.

The Five Types of Brain Waves

Becoming in tune with your brain waves is key to unlocking and harnessing the power of lucid dreams. Many people don’t know much about brain waves, despite experiencing them 24 hours a day!

There are five different types of frequency brain waves, called Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma.

Theta brainwaves and lucid dreams

Here’s the deal:

These five brain waves are always in action. Every moment of every day, our brains are producing brain waves at all five frequencies.

So, for example, if you’re feeling active and alert, perhaps you’re deep in conversation with someone, your brain will be producing Beta brain waves, at a frequency of 14-28 cycles every second.

Alpha brain waves have a frequency of 7-14 cycles every second. This state is more similar to Theta brain waves, the very waves you need to know about.

Imagine Alpha brain waves as a bridge between the active brain waves of Beta and the Theta brain waves you’ll experience when in deep relaxation. They’re the brain waves responsible for daydreams, fantasies and a detached, relaxed state.

You’ll still be fully conscious in this state, but you might find yourself feeling much less tense or anxious. The Alpha brain waves are just one step away from Theta brain waves. Let’s talk about those now.

What are Theta Brain Waves?

Theta brain waves are best described as a state of true relaxation.

These are the brain waves a person will experience when they’re in the REM state of sleep, or they are deep in hypnosis.

In this state, a person’s brain waves will be very slow – only 4-7 cycles per second. People looking to reach this state of utter relaxation will often meditate for several hours at a time.

You might refer to Theta brain waves as your ‘subconscious’. They are the brain waves responsible for determining our retention of memories, feelings and emotions. They explain what we believe in and how we act in everyday life, particularly towards others.

The Theta brain waves are spiritual. They’re the brain waves that we experience when we’re dreaming, or when we’re totally absorbed by the world around us.

They are powerful, and can put you in a complete trance – think of it as a similar state to when you’re completely absorbed by a game you’re playing, or a film you’re watching at the cinema.

The Benefits of Theta Brain Waves

Theta brain waves have some powerful benefits, so they’re well worth learning about if you’re interested in maximising your potential and harnessing the inner strength of your own brain.

When your brain is in a Theta state, you’ll be able to relieve stress much more effectively, helping to keep your body in calm state that promotes healing and leaves you feeling rested and relaxed. Binaural beats help MASSIVELY with doing this by the way.

Not only that, people whose brains operate at a Theta frequency more regularly have a much better ability to communicate with others, thanks to their higher verbal ability and an increased IQ.

This is because Theta brain waves enable a person to unite both hemispheres of their brain, making maximum use of the power your brain already possesses.

Don’t forget, most of us only use a tiny part of what our brain is truly capable of, so the more you can utilise, the stronger you’ll become.

Mental clarity is key to making the most of what we’re truly capable of. With Theta brain waves, your brain operates at its true potential, allowing you to keep a clear head. This helps you to focus on any complex problems and overcome obstacles which might otherwise have seemed insurmountable.

Theta brain waves can even be used to reduce the impact of pain. If you think about it, pain is just information reaching your brain. So, by controlling your brain, you can also control pain.

This is particularly useful to those of us with chronic pain conditions.

Endorphins are hugely important in ensuring a happy, healthy life. Theta brain waves can promote these too, stimulating the release of endorphins in our brains. If you can harness the power of Theta brain waves you can promote a state of euphoria using nothing but your own brain.

It really is miraculous!

Finally, if you think about the people we might describe as ‘creative geniuses’, such as the world’s most famous artists, musicians and designers, you’ll likely find that they experienced huge bursts of Theta brain waves when creating the works we know and love today.

When Theta brain waves are produced, our ability to think in a creative way are massively boosted – so we create brilliant work we might otherwise only have dreamed of.

How Theta Brain Waves and Lucid Dreaming are Linked

Lucid dreaming, put simply, is a person’s ability to control their own dreams.

So, while you’re in the midst of a dream you’ll be fully aware that you’re dreaming, giving you the power to control what happens in the dream and the experiences you have whilst you’re asleep. This is an incredibly powerful state to be in, it gives you limitless possibilities and allows you to live out your fantasies.

If you want to learn how to lucid dream, the key to it is becoming more mindful. So, it’ll come as no surprise that Theta brain waves are hugely important here.

Theta brain waves and lucid dreaming go hand in hand.

A Theta state can be achieved through meditation and deep relaxation. You can also use tools to help you become more mindful, such as binaural beats and meditation machines.

These are machines that help guide you into a deeper brainwave staate. (The Kasina is a good meditation machine to try, and it’s very beginner friendly)

Through higher frequency brain waves, you can access an alternative dimension of your own reality. Little is understood about the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, but scientists agree that lucid dreaming allow us to create our own reality, using brain waves at a specific frequency.

Studies done on monks, who are known for their capacity to meditate effectively, have shown that those who are experienced in the art in meditation are able to utilise high frequency brain waves, the very brain waves which are used during lucid dreaming.

So it’s clear that the art of mindfulness contributes to a person’s ability to operate theta brain waves and thus, to experience lucid dreaming.

Our understanding of the phenomenon of lucid dreaming and its link with theta brain waves remains in its infancy, but from what we already know, it’s clear that the power of these brain waves and our potential to be able to utilise them more effectively could be the key to really pushing the potential of the human race.

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The future is full of possibilities, and it all revolves around the art of lucid dreaming.

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