5+ Reality Shifting Methods And Tips (Accurate Shifting Guide)


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Are you getting confused with all the different reality shifting methods?

There are so many to choose from but which one actually works?

Or even more specifically, which one is the best?

In this post, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about reality shifting, and why you should probably ignore TikTok for the most part.

I don’t know if you’ve come from TikTok, or if that’s how you learned, but in this post, I will share EVERYTHING you need to know about reality shifting.

I mean everything.

If you just read this one post, you will know, more than 95% of people about reality thing.

What Is Reality Shifting?

Reality shifting or ‘shifting’ is the idea that you can, by using your intention and focusing on a ‘desired reality’ or a DR, you can actually shift your entire consciousness to a different reality or a different timeline.

Anybody can do this as long as you have a focused intention or desire.

You should be trying to do it for a good reason.

You’re not trying to go and ‘manipulate the world’, or use timelines to manipulate yourself into having lots of money or whatever it is.

As long as you have a good intention for the benefit of humanity, you will be able to reality shift. So you might be thinking, okay, this sounds pretty crazy, but is it actually real, and can people REALLY reality shift?

reality shifting methods

Is Reality Shifting Actually Real?

If you’re coming from a skeptical background, I know that you probably won’t believe reality shifting is real, or at least you’ll be kind of skeptical about it. However, I would invite you to consider the possibility that we ALREADY do it.

That’s right.

In every second as we go through our lives, we already reality shifting, by kind of deciding what to do in every given second that creates or collapses a version of waveform reality, which is ‘wave form’ (holographic reality).

How Reality Shifting Really Works

Reality is kind of the infinite potential of all possibilities and timelines, and exists in ‘wave form reality’ as unmanifest or potential.

And then in every second, and we’ve been doing this for our whole lives, by the way, even you have, even if you’re skeptical. You are reality shifting every second.

You then collapsed that waveform, or limitless potential, and random things that COULD happen, into manifest reality, or basically, the experience you had in your life.

Pretty cool, right?

And that is known as ‘reality shifting’, because you were basically taking this kind of potential reality, collapsing it down into something that you can experience with your five senses and the holographic simulation version of the world.

woman staring at the camera

So, you kind of already do it.

What reality shifting really refers to, is being able to change your timeline from one to another, which is also something that you already do. Even if you aren’t doing it consciously.

And this is the real kind of important part here.

Reality shifting is basically bringing something that was subconscious to the conscious part of your mind.

Subconsciously, we already decide our reality based on what we focus on our desired reality, even though we don’t realize it’s our desired reality and it’s to do with wave entanglement.

So when you focus on something, even if it’s something you don’t want, you’re giving it energy and you’re  attracting it.

Have you ever noticed that people who are really fearful and scared of something, will CONSTANTLY be the victim in many situations?

They will constantly attract situations and experiences that MATCH what they’re focusing on…

who is this man


In the same way, somebody who is focused only on positive things… They will be kind of ‘luckier’?

Or at least:

That’s the term that society gives them, right? They’re lucky. They’re not really lucky at all…

They’re just utilizing this rule, that what you focus on you will attract reality. Reality shifting is like a step up from that.

So that’s kind of what it builds on. And it takes that subconscious process, which for most people it’s based on like your programming, the things you see in the media, the things that you are told will happen.

That’s the subconscious part of your mind that attracts those situations and experiences. Reality shifting is taking that and flipping it on its head and saying, hold on a second, I want to decide what I experience.

And I want to decide what my reality is going to be.

So instead of leaving it to my subconscious mind, which is mainly, you know, operating from the programming it’s received from the media, whatever you’re told society, parents, and peers.

woman walking on fence

What you’re doing, is you are taking that, throwing that away, and saying, actually, I’m going to decide what I want and what reality I want.

You make reality shifting a conscious process.


And that’s where the whole idea of ‘scripting’ comes in, where you specifically write and describe your reality or desired reality. Let’s get into the techniques and how reality shifting works, how you can shift, and some shifting tips.

How To Shift Your Reality (Reality Shifting Techniques For Beginners)

So firstly, and I want to make this very clear before I go into the reality shifting techniques, is that your affirmations and mindset and specifically your beliefs, like I said, your subconscious beliefs are incredibly important for reality, shifting.

Before we start, take a deep breath, maybe even close your eyes and just tell yourself ‘I will shift tonight’.

That will help massively.

man hugging a baby

1: The ‘Hug Technique’ For Reality Shifting

Firstly, we’re going to talk about the hug technique for reality shifting. Now this is kind of interesting one, it’s a good one for beginners and it’s not as advanced as some of the other ones like ‘the staircase’ and ‘the elevator’, which we will get onto in another post.

So the hug technique or the hug reality shifting method is actually pretty simple.

So you want to close your eyes and imagine, or visualize the desired reality, what you will see when you open your eyes in your new reality that you want to shift to, right?

And when you do this, try and involve as many senses as you possibly can, your smell, taste, touch, sight, what you can hear, and even what you can feel in your body, like the energetic state and the emotional state that you will be in, in your new desired reality, right?

It’s pretty important to make sure you get as many of those senses as possible because the more senses you are involved, the more likely it is to happen.

And now you need to focus.

If you weren’t already focusing on this before specifically, you need to focus on the emotional state and how you feel in reality as you’re doing that.

Man holding acoustic guitar on couch

You need to go and kind of imagine somebody, it can even be yourself actually, but it can also just be someone, you know, or love like a friend or loved one and you need to go up to them and then hug them.

Hence the name, the hug technique.

Now what you might notice as you kind of do this visualization is you get a warm feeling in your heart center, your heart shack, which is kind of in the center of your body. This is not a coincidence.

And there was actually a LOT to be said about the heart chakra in any form of reality, even the one you’re in now. And that is that your heart chakra is a portal, a kind of gateway for energy to come through other dimensions.

And into this reality, this is why you say things like you should follow your heart.

You know, when you walk into a room, you can feel the electricity or ‘the vibe’.

This is all sensed through your heart chakra. This is really important to be aware that there’s a lot of focus now, especially on getting used to think and perform and act based on your head.

journal on bed

Your head is very easily manipulated, very easily programmed, and taken advantage of, especially by subliminals or subconscious programming, which the media and other entities use, in a huge way.

So the mind is so easily manipulated.

You need to be using your intuition instead of thinking, you need to be knowing. And that comes from your intuition and from the heart. So I’m going off track again.

You will feel this ‘connection’ with the person. It can even be yourself that you were hugging in your visualization.

And then you basically just visualize yourself doing things with them, spending time with them. Maybe you go for a walk, just feel the energy and the connection with them. And it can be you, it can be a loved one, partner, family member, whatever. And then when you’re done with that, you basically hug them goodbye.

And you then go back to either the waiting room or kind of this state between being awake and being asleep, or you just wake up in your bedroom and then get ready to go reality shifting into the desired reality. So that’s the hug reality shifting technique.

woman touching wet window

2: The ‘Lucid Dreaming Technique’ For Shifting

Now we’re going to talk about one, which is kind of a bit special to me. And that’s because this site focuses on this, and that is the lucid dreaming method for reality shifting.

Now through lucid dreaming, if you haven’t already heard lucid dreaming is the idea or the concept of being aware of the fact that you’re dreaming while you’re still asleep.

So this means you can basically control it. You can manipulate the dream.

You can control and create dream characters, manipulate the weather, fly around, and basically experience anything you want. And it’s all going to feel really vivid and real.

I have loads of videos about this on my YouTube channel.

So how do you use lucid dreams for reality shifting? Well, it’s pretty simple. Firstly, you need to GET lucid, and that’s probably the hardest part because if you haven’t lucid dreams before you need to actually learn how to do it, and that’s not something you can learn overnight.

So I’m going to share with you in an incredibly effective way to do that in a second.

But firstly, just for the sake of keeping this short and sweet, you need to get lucid.

And this is the state where, you know, you’re dreaming while you’re still asleep. When you are lucid, you need to make sure that you’re also in control of the dream. They’re not the same. You can be lucid and not be in control.

So being in control, means you can decide where to go.

You can, for example, avoid nightmares.

If something comes up to attack you, you can just use telekinesis to throw them away. You can fly yourself away. You can change the dream scene, change the weather, change everything.

Pretty amazing, right?

So being in control is not the same as being lucid. You need to be in control and lucid. When you have that two kinds of foundations, then you need to create or find a door I’ve spoken to before.

In other videos about lucid, dreams, portals, doors kind of gateways.

It can be really simple. It can literally just be a door in the streets. You walk up to it and while it’s still closed, you tell yourself when I open this door, I will be in my desired reality.

And hence the term, the ‘lucid dreaming reality shifting method’ because that’s how you do it. So then what you do is you open the door or the portal, you walk through it and hopefully, you will see kind of some elements of your desired reality.

But even if you don’t see anything, even if you’ve walked through the door and it’s just an empty room, you keep telling yourself: ‘When I opened this door, I will be in my desired reality’.

And then even if there’s nothing in the room, you then lay down in the room and you can find something, you can create something like a sofa bed. It doesn’t really matter. You can even lay on the floor and then go to sleep in the room. Okay?

So you’ve walked through the door.

You’ve laid down.

You go to sleep in the dream, which then should make you wake up in your current reality. And from there, one of two things will happen either:

  • 1: You will wake up in your desired reality instantly


  • 2: You will wake up in your current reality.

And then the next time you go to sleep will be, you will wake up and your desired reality.

So one of those two things will happen. Now, if you’re new, lucid dreaming is pretty difficult to do. It’s not something you can learn overnight.

That being said, I have created what I believe is the most effective program to teach you how to lucid dreams. And it’s not actually like the other courses and eBooks.

You know, I’ve done a lot of research into this and I’ve put together a video course with a whole bunch of bonuses that are specifically designed for you. If you’ve already tried to lucid dream, and you’ve struggled and you’ve not been able to do it, you’ve read other books…

Or maybe..  you’ve tried courses…

If they haven’t worked, this course is aimed at you to get you to lucid dream as quickly as possible. And so for that reason, even if you haven’t tried those other books and courses, and even if you’re completely new, it makes sense to start with this one because it’s the most effective one.

It’s called the Lucid Breakthrough Program, and I’ve put a LOT of work into it.

It’s very effective.

If you do grab it, thank you so much, I really believe it will help you to lucid dream. So now, I want to go through a few basic tips on reality shifting.

Reality Shifting Tips For Beginners

This is just kind of the basics to make sure this video is as complete as possible. I want to give you these reality shifting tips right now.

1: Never Use ‘Negative Programming’ Or Affirmations

So firstly never use negative affirmations or programming. Okay. There’s enough negative programming out there already. You don’t need to be holding yourself back more from reality shifting.

So what I mean by this is when you’re describing this to your friends, people, you know, or even yourself in your mind, don’t say things like: ‘Reality shifting is hard’, or ‘I’ll never be able to reality shift. It’s just some crazy thing that those lucky few people on TikTok can do’.

By saying those things, you’re literally holding yourself back.

And I want to give a very quick example of how the mind can make what you say about yourself come true.

And that is that there was this one kind of person who was told that they were told by their doctor. They would have six months to live, right?

They were given a terminal diagnosis by a doctor, and because of that, their subconscious mind FIRMLY believed that they would only have six months to live there.

Then after six months, they died.

And it was only when they did the autopsy that they discovered that actually, the doctor was wrong, and there was nothing wrong with them.

Nothing at all.

They literally ‘thought themselves dead’.

And that is how powerful your mind and your beliefs really are.

So that’s an extreme example. But in terms of this, it’s very possible that if you say things like that, like ‘I can’t reality shift, it’s difficult’, or ‘It’s, it’s not working for me’, That’s literally the only thing holding you back.

So you need to make yourself believe that you can do it.

2: Drink LOTS Of Water (Seriously)

The next step is to drink lots of water. There’s a lot of reasons for this. Our bodies are more than 80% water. And for that reason you need to be hydrated, especially your brain.

One of the most important aspects of reality shifting is your brain and your focus.

Your brain is more affected by hydration than any other organ or system in the body. Even a 1 or 2% drop in hydration will cause a 50% kind of reduction in your brain function.

So your brain is going to feel it first, make sure you’re hydrated.

Bonus tip: Make sure you avoid fluoride in water. Don’t use tap water, use a water filter because there is all kinds of crap in our water system, especially if you’re in America.

I’m serious…

It’s really, really bad to be drinking, tap water and unfiltered water. If you can’t find a good filter, then even bottled water is better than nothing.

3: Don’t Focus On The Failures

Don’t keep focusing on the nights that you don’t achieve success. So if you try and realities you have tonight, it doesn’t work. Ignore it completely forget about that failure and move on to the next one with the firm belief that you will do it.

So literally tell yourself, okay, tonight it’s tonight, yesterday was a practice run.

I wasn’t REALLY trying tonight. I’m going to try and reality shift, even if you failed. And even if you’ve been trying for a year, literally your mind will make it true.

If you believe it’s difficult, you will find it to be difficult.

If you believe you’re going to do it tonight, you’re more likely to do it tonight.

4: Avoid The Hype Online

I know TikTok is fun, but try and ignore most of the hype that you find on TikTok and just focus on the basics, that everybody can kind of agree on.

That is that we can decide to create our own reality.

We can raise our vibrations, stay hydrated, and positive, focus on what we want, and then manifest it, in this reality. It’s just a holographic kind of simulation or illusion that we think is real and 3d reality, but really it’s just an illusion.

It’s a, literally like a virtual reality video game and we can decide what to experience in this video game. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now and realizing they have a lot more control over their reality than people or the media want them to think.

5: Keep Trying The Same Technique Long Enough

You should also try to use the same technique or method for a few nights in a row, at least for three or four nights.

If you’re switching up your technique and your method literally every night, you don’t give it a chance to work. You don’t give it time to actually give you the results.

Remember, by learning to lucid dream, you will much more easily be able to reality shift. So I hope you enjoyed this article, make sure to signup to our email list, and check out our YouTube channel if you prefer watching videos.

Questions About Reality Shifting And Quantum Jumping

Here we’ll look at some common questions about reality shifting and quantum jumping. 

If I’ve missed anything let me know. 

How Quantum Jumping Works

Reality shifting is all about changing your current reality through your thoughts by taking control of the state of mind. The easiest way to do this is by using your imagination to visualize what it will look like when you’ve accomplished your goal.

Quantum jumping is the act of stepping into an alternate reality that exists on an infinite number of parallel planes. These planes are always happening at any one time but only the strongest ones will show up to the observer.