How We ALL Create Our Own Reality (Holographic Shifting Layer)


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So there’s actually an important reason that you really need to shift, now. And I don’t just mean, whenever you feel like, I mean right now today, ideally, or this week in 2021, even if you’re watching this kind of early 2022, you need to be reality shifting now.

And I’ll explain why.

So the idea of reality shifting is taking off, it’s trending.

But the reason it’s trending is because it’s underlying a basic truth that we all know to be true. It would just kind of forgotten about over time.

And that is that we create our own reality.

Everything that you’re experiencing is a RESULT of something you have created.

And that might be hard to hear.

It’s not hard to hear for people who are, I guess you could say ‘successful’, or happy with their current life/experience.

I don’t really like using that term, because ‘success’ in a material sense, is kind of meaningless. Here’s a better way of explaining it.

If you’re living an experience or life that you enjoy, then you will know this to be true. You create that experience.

The people that are living a life that they don’t necessarily enjoy, are not going to be as quick to admit that THEY create that experience, because no one likes admitting that they made a mistake.

They are the reason that they’re not having a good experience, but the truth is that everyone’s life is self created, self manifested, and people realizing this in enormous numbers, all around the world.

And especially in the last kind of six months, it’s been absolutely unprecedented.

The amount of people realizing this is huge.

If you want to know more about kind of how and why this is the case, then I would highly encourage you to check out some books, which I, some of them I can’t mention here, but if you go to my telegram channel, I can actually give you direct links to these books.

They’re all available online.

One of the best ones I would say is the holographic universe, which is an enormous shift literally to your mind, which will explain how the universe, everything that we think is physical reality now is basically a hologram. And that might become, that might come as a shock to you, but that’s good news because that means you can change what’s projected on the hologram screen.

So you can decide what you want to experience.

And this is kind of how reality shifting works.

It’s also how things like lucid dreaming works is also how you in this reality, I guess you could say can create things. You can manifest things and you hear these incredible stories of people using things like the law of attraction, which is really just kind of like a popular way of saying that holographic reality theory, where you form reality.

And they do these incredible things.

I’ve heard of people just deciding on a specific amount of money they want to manifest. And then like a few days later, some random, completely unrelated thing will happen. And just out of the blue, they will get that.

They’ll get that money.

You know, maybe it’s like, some random person just calls them up and says, Hey, there’s this opportunity. Or I want to buy your whatever for a higher price, or they get a job opportunity or it could be anything right.

Completely random.

Or, they find money on the street. Someone sends them completely random opportunities and ideas that come in to their life seemingly randomly, but it’s not random of course, because they decided to manifest it.

And then the universe or holographic waveform reality ‘unfolded’. I speak about this a lot; the ‘enfolded’ and ‘unfolded’ realities.

So what happened?

The holographic reality ‘unfolded’ into the reality that the person WANTED.

And people who don’t understand this would call it ‘luck’ or ‘fate’.

I have to say, this is quite a rabbit hole.

If you dive into this stuff, for example, in quantum mechanics, the further you zoom into a specific thing, right? You zoom far enough down and then they’ve discovered that actually there’s nothing there.

Like, it’s a vibrating illusion.

There’s nothing there.

There’s no specific thing that you can point to and say, that is what makes up this molecule or this particle or this whatever.

More interestingly, they actually have no space and no time, if you zoom in far enough, there’s no like there’s non-locality, which is exactly how quantum entanglement works.

The ‘Quantum Entanglement’ Problem

If you ‘affect’ one particle, that’s entangled with another particle, the effect that you produce on the first particle will affect the other one, no matter how far away they are from each other.

So, you can affect this particle here.

The other particle that’s linked with that one can be in Australia and instantly, you know, faster than speed of light, they will have the same change. How can that possibly be true?

If things are physical, as we thought they were?

Well, of course it can’t.

So that’s, that begins to explain how the universe acts more like a hologram.

So going back on track here, the there’s a kind of a battle going on at the moment for the direction of the planet. And you might have noticed this already. It’s kind of hard to avoid at this point and the dark side or the dark force wants things to go in a fearful, more specific, strict control direction.

I don’t want to say too much more.

And then the ‘light side’ wants things to go more towards freedom, creativity, love, and enjoying things.

Right? Good experiences.

And so what happens is these realities are these different paths are diverging at the moment, the good or the bad, the light or the dark, these parts become more and more likely, the more people focus on them.

So if you focus your emotional energy on something positive, even just for a few minutes, a day, that has an enormous impact on the collective consciousness of the world and the direction we go in as a planet.

You Need To DECIDE What To Experience

So this is why YOU need to decide to shift, right now.

You need to start specifically thinking about WHAT do you want to experience your desired reality? However, crazy, however, seemingly unrealistic. It seems okay. What do you want to experience?

And then just shift to that, to that reality shift, to that experience.

And hopefully the experience you want to have is a positive one, right?

Hopefully you don’t want to go and live in some dystopian horror reality, because that’s not what you should be doing, but if you want to experience something positive, then do it!

So by focusing on the positive, you will positively impact the collective humanity.

And like I said, it’s more important now than ever before.

In 2021, maybe early 2022, this is really important. You need to be doing this. So if you haven’t already decided what you want to shift to now is the time. If you haven’t watched my other videos about shifting, or if you’re just purely interested in lucid dreaming.

Now it’s the time, honestly, try and try it out for yourself.

Like if you’d like lucid dreaming, you’re going to love shifting because it’s real, like it’s physical reality that your physical reality that you’re experiencing.

So the main aspect, if you take away one thing from this article, and this applies to shifting, lucid dreaming, and what you might consider to be real reality right now, physical reality, here’s the key:

Generate within yourself, the emotion of love and positivity.

Feel it within you.

If you hold that emotion at the same time, as thinking about visualizing or concentrating on something you want, or even something you don’t want, you know, whatever you focus your attention on, you will get MORE of it.

It’s such a universal rule.

You might know people who just seem to always be negative and complaining about things and then seemingly randomly, right? They seem to always attract and get those negative experiences.

Someone who says that, you know that they’re so unlucky.

You’ve always heard about that person. They say, ‘oh, I’m just so unlucky. I always attract these bad situations’. Well that’s because they tell themselves that story, that they’re unlucky.

And so what happens is they literally ATTRACT these negative situations to themselves, and then they experienced them and they wonder why it’s random.

And this is the same reason that you can have these people who are just enormously successful. It almost seems ‘effortless’.

They seem to get things handed to them and they seem to be so lucky, but it’s not really luck. It’s just that they’ve decided what they want to experience. And then the experiences they want can’t help, but being drawn to them.

So just bear that in mind where attention goes, energy will flow.

Stop Creating Negative Realities!

So if you WANT an experience, think about it, focus on it, give it your emotional energy.

If you don’t want an experience… and I’m specifically talking about, you know, what’s going on right now, the control mechanisms, the restrictions, the tyranny, etc.

If you don’t WANT those things, don’t focus on them!

Don’t even give them your attention or your energy, because that’s how they become reality. So by ignoring them by, you know, just laughing at them essentially, cause it is silly or just laughing at these things, laughing at the experiences you don’t want to have…

And instead, focusing on what you do want to have, you literally create that reality.

I can’t stress this enough. If you want to learn more, check out the holographic reality book, check out my other videos on shifting and just this side more than anything else, just decide what you want to experience. And then have that experience.

It’s literally that simple.

And people are now realising, all around the world, this simple truth.

That pretty much everything that’s been going on, we’ve allowed to happen. Through our collective, unconscious (and conscious) thoughts, emotions, intentions, actions and beliefs.

The good news is that it’s LITERALLY that easy, to ‘fix’ the problem.

Simply start from now only thinking about or giving your ‘thought energy’ to experiences that you actually want. Everything else, if ignored, will dissolve and fall away like dominos.