How to Create Dream Characters Easily (Beginner Tutorial)


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If you’re a fan of lucid dreaming, then you know how important it is to have quality characters in your dreams. The characters in your dreams are important because they actually give your dream depth, meaning and simply make them more fun to enjoy. Here’s how to create them at will!

Lucid dreaming has many benefits as it allows people the opportunity to create their own world within a dreamscape. However, if you’re like some lucid dreamers, it can be difficult to actually create the dream characters that you desire.

If it seems like no matter what you do you can’t create the dream characters to be just to your liking, then there are some things that you can do to finally create the dream characters you desire.


What are Dream Characters?

Dream characters are those people or other things within a dream that essentially add to the dreaming experience.

As the person creating your lucid dream, your dream characters can be made solely to your own liking. You can choose to interact with your dream characters or not. In many ways, dream characters add more depth to your dream because they allow you a more interactive lucid dreaming experience.

Creating dream characters

In some ways, dream characters can be likened to video game characters. In video games, you as the player get to choose the appearance of your specific avatar that will allow you to navigate through the video game. Likewise, there are numbers of other characters within the video game that will be interacting with your previously selected video game character.

This analogy using video game characters is similar to dream characters. Just like the video game character that interacts with other characters within the game, you as the lucid dreamer also have the opportunity to interact with various dream characters as well.

Why Would You Want to Create Dream Characters?

So, why would you want to create dream characters for your lucid dreams? Well, dream characters serve a variety of purposes depending on who you ask. For many, dream characters allow for a more well-rounded lucid dreaming experience.

You as the lucid dreamer can create the characters that are most applicable to the context of your lucid dream. Some others feel that dream characters are a representation of our psyches. Because of this, dream characters have a way of revealing a lot about the subconscious wants and desires of the lucid dreamer.

Just like in Inception, the characters can also act as different parts of your brain:

4 Ways to Create Dream Characters

Some lucid dreamers find it difficult to create dream characters as they envision them within their dream experience. The following are some ways that you can have better success at creating dream characters that are to your liking.

It is important to note that before you even begin creating dream characters, it’s important to have a firm grasp of lucid dreaming. You should be able to regularly take control of your dreams before you even begin the process of trying to create dream characters within a dream environment.

1: Shiftshaping

Shape-shifting is a very interesting way to create the dream characters that you desire. Essentially you’ll be using any object within your dream state. Shape-shifting simply involves willing that particular inanimate object into the dream character that you desire. This may take some practice, but once you’ve achieved shapeshifting an object into a dream character you may find that this method is one of the coolest ways to create dream characters in a lucid dreaming environment.

2: Using Dream Doors

Imagine opening a door in your lucid dream and reaching inside the dark depths of the door and actually pulling out the dream character that you desire. Seems somewhat far-fetched, huh? Well, actually it’s not.

Dream doors or portals are a great way door to create a dream character, you really have to have the expectation that your dream character is behind that door. It’s all based on the power of your expectations and intentions.

The red door in a dream

If doors aren’t really your thing, lucid mirrors work quite well for this method of creating dream characters.

3: Ask the lucid dream itself

If you want a specific type of dream character in a dream, why not just simply ask for it? Yes, you can ask your dream to present you with the dream character of your choice.

Remember, with lucid dreaming you are the one in control. Your lucid dreaming experience is totally up to you. The dreamscape feeds off of your wants and desires. Thus, it is more than possible for you to simply ask your dream to create the characters that you want and know that the characters will appear.

With this method, you as the lucid dreamer have to have a deep knowing and understanding that the dream responds to you in order for this method to work. Dream commands can also be used to do almost anything in a lucid dream.

4: Create the Image with Your Mind’s Eye

Finally, using your mind’s eye while in a lucid dreaming state it’s definitely a great way to create dream characters easily.

Whether you choose to paint an image of the dream character in order to introduce it to a dream environment or perhaps using a collage method of piecing together a character is more your style, the whole point is that the vision of your dream character starts with you. You really have to know specifically what you want your dream character to look and be like in order for you to create that in your dream world reality.

Ultimately, creating dream characters is not as difficult as it may seem. Once you have a firm grasp of lucid dreaming and understand the importance of expectation and intention in the lucid dreaming process, you’ll be on your way to creating dream characters with ease.

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