Guide To Telekinesis In A Lucid Dream: Move Objects With Your Mind


ūüĆô Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind power alone. You can easily learn this skill and use it in lucid dreams. Here’s how.

You’re in a Lucid Dream and you experience a threat, some monster or creature appears and is trying to harm you. What do you do? Use your mind powers (Telekinesis) to lift it up off the ground, and throw it away like it was a rag doll. Or you could use this skill to build your own city with your mind. The choice is yours..

I love using this sort of mind power in a dream and to be honest, telekinesis dreams are among some of my absolute favourite. They’re just so fun and you feel really powerful when you use this!

What is telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind alone. It means picking up cars just like Magneto in x-Men, or lifting up entire football stadiums just by raising your hand to them. This skill is extremely fun to use in a Lucid Dream, as sadly we haven’t learned how to do it in reality yet.

It is not to be confused with Telepathy, which is the ability to either read or control someones thoughts and feelings. You can do that in a Lucid Dream as well, but we think Telekinesis is much more fun to do! It’s actually pretty easy to learn, the only side effect of using this in a lucid dream is that you’ll try and do it real life, it won’t work and you’ll be sad.

Not all is lost, you can just wait until your next dream and do it again. Want to learn how to lift cars with your mind? (In a dream, sadly we’re not able to do this in real life just yet). It all starts with your attitude and beliefs.

Can I learn Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is one superpower which can be used in a dream to lift objects, people and places into the air, move them around, destroy them, whatever you desire. It’s such a fun ability, but before we learn how to do it, we need to talk a little bit about¬†how to learn telekinesis in your dreams.

As with anything in a Lucid Dream, it’s only limited by your mind, and for almost all of us, we don’t believe we can lift cars with our minds in real life. This belief is then transferred into a dream, making it difficult to unlearn it. It’s possible, but it will take a little bit of work. Because the belief that you can’t do it is so deeply ingrained in your mind, you’ll need a series of affirmations and practice tips in place.

You need to make yourself really believe that you can do it. Not just, ‘Oh I’ll lift my hand up like Magneto and see if the car moves’. No, you need to be better than that. You need to believe that it will certainly lift up. There should be no question about it. Imagine if, in the Matrix, Neo ‘thought he’d see what would happen if he tried to become bulletproof’. He’d die.

What he did instead, is truly believed that he could become that powerful; bulletproof. He believed it so strongly, that the ‘agents’ in the film couldn’t hair him. He was faster, stronger and more powerful than them, simply because he believed he could be. The same thing happens in Lucid Dreaming.

You need to really believe that you can do the thing you’re trying to do, or your mind will fill in the blanks and remind you that you can’t fly, or teleport etc. If you want to be able to do these things and get your dream superpowers, you must change your beliefs.

  • See yourself doing it. Imagine what it feels like, and visualise the object moving, or yourself flying etc.
  • Really believe you have the power.¬†
  • Keep trying. You’ll get there in the end, but often you have to ‘make the leap’ before you can fly.

Now that we’ve covered that aspect of it, and you understand that you must really believe that you can do it, let’s get specific and talk about how to develop¬†telekinesis in a lucid dream. Stay with us!

How to use telekinesis in a lucid dream

To begin this little guide, we’re going to talk about some basic techniques first. In order to use a superpower like this, you must realise that you’ll get excited much faster than if you were, say, walking around a city. Because you’re aware of the fact that it’s a dream, and the fact is that you don’t use superpowers like this in reality, you’ll become excited.

This is why it’s very important to make sure you’re focused and stable in the dream, so you don’t just wake up as soon as you start using your new power. To do this, make sure you’re actually Lucid, and then utilise some stabilisation techniques. Read the following as well:

1: Become lucid and aware

The first step for using¬†telekinesis in a Lucid Dream is to focus on yourself. Make sure you’re stable and aware of yourself, and then look at your hands. Observe the details in your hands, and try to at this stage ‘feel’ the power in them.

It helps to stand with your feet shoulder width apart, in a clear space in the dream. Look at your finger tips, and feel energy rising from the ground, up through your body, feel it pump your blood round faster, and notice how much stronger you feel.

Feel the energy rise and spread through your body, right to your hands. Now lift your hands up, and practice holding the energy. ¬†Channel it into your finger tips, then start again, from the ground see and feel the power rise up and through you, until it gets to your finger tips.¬†Remember, don’t get distracted by the surroundings, and don’t doubt your ability, not even for a second, or it won’t work. Now, onto the next stage of using¬†telekinesis in a Lucid Dream.

2: Focus on the object you want to move

Select an object. It may help to use a small object at first, although if you actually believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter about the size of the object, because it will move regardless. Look at the object you’re trying to move, and try to ‘feel’ the energy inside it. It sounds crazy, but it works, trust us.

Feel the energy laying inside the object, feel it’s weight and size, and then, imagine it lifting into the air. Stretch out your hands, and like you were doing before, feel the energy rising from the ground through to your hands, and now imagine the energy travelling through the air into the object, allowing you to control it. This will work 9 times out of 10, but if not, just keep practicing and really believe that you can do it.

3: Move the object by expecting it to move

By simply looking at the object you’ve chosen, and imagining it move to a certai place, it will move. You might find you need to sort of visualize energy flowing from your hands at first, but in time you’ll just be able to use your mind alone.

A more advanced guide to telekinesis dreams – I’ve written a complete lucid superpowers ebook which covers telekinesis in MUCH more detail, and explains a load of other superpowers¬†and how to perform them as well. It’s well worth a look, even if it’s just to see the awesome ebook cover art.

Get some inspiration from Chronicle

For a little bit of fun, If you’re interested in the art of¬†telekinesis then this film will certainly appeal to you! It’s about a group of young boys who discover a strange object in a field, and then after being exposed to it discover they ave the power of¬†telekinesis.

It’s such a great film, if you’re interested, feel free to watch the trailer and see what you think! There’s a link to grab the film on disk if you haven’t already! Enjoy.


Grab your copy of ‘Chronicle’¬†here!

Tips for learning telekinesis

To learn skills like telekinesis you’ll need to make sure you can actually lucid dream first! Then you’ll need to make sure the dream is stable enough to let you do advanced things like this. Also, you’ll need to make sure you really understand the physics of it and how it works. Here are some helpful things:


  • Learn telekinesis and many more superpowers in our superpowers manual. Here you’ll learn super advanced superpowers such as flying, teleporting, time travel, superhuman strength and speed, shapeshifting, dream hacking and more.
  • Use a good lucid dreaming nootropic or supplement to make the dream deeper and more stable. This will really help you because many people find that when trying an advance skill or superpower, the dream can collapse more easily because you’re more aroused/excited
  • Be patient and don’t forget to write your experiences in your dream journal so you can look back on them
  • Consider using some sleep support (brainwave entrainment) which will help you drift into a deep lucid dream. To use it, simply get a binaural beats pack and then listen to them during the early hours of the morning when you’re performing a WBTB or a WILD lucid dream
  • Enjoy yourself! This is a very fun technique to play around with!